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Sunday, Jan 13, 2002

January 14, 2002

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  • A UFC Classic Match: Tito Ortiz and Evan Tanner from UFC 30.
  • A profile of Canadian MMA Star Joe Doerkson who’s getting ready to fight in UCC 7.

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From Josh Hedges of Zuffa/UFC:

UFC Throwdown logo
UFC: Throw Down Results & Replay Schedule

  • Jens Pulver defeated BJ Penn by majority decision after five rounds, Retains Lightweight Title
  • Murilo Bustamante defeated Dave Menne by KO at :43 seconds of round 2, New Middleweight Champion
  • Ricco Rodriguez defeated Jeff Monson by TKO (ref stoppage) at 3:00 of round 3
  • Chuck Liddell defeated Amar Suloev by unanimous decision after three rounds
  • Andrei Semenov defeated Ricardo Almeida by KO at 2:01 of round 2
  • Kevin Randleman defeated Renato Sobral by unanimous decision after three rounds.
  • Gil Castillo defeated Chris Brennan by unanimous decision after three rounds
  • Eugene Jackson defeated Keith Rockel by choke (guillotine) at 3:46 of round 2

Replay Dates & Times

Mon, Jan 14 8:00P ET (iN2)
Tues, Jan 15 10:00P ET (iN1)

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DIRECTV Direct Ticket Replays: Channel 101

Tues, Jan 15 (Direct ticket)
Thur, Jan 17 (Direct ticket)
Fri, Jan 25 (Direct ticket)
Sun, Jan 27 (Direct ticket)
Tues, Jan 29 (Direct ticket)
Thur, Jan 31 (Direct ticket)

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Bell ExpressVu Replays

Tues, Jan 14 @ 9:30pm & 1:00am ET

We have a winnaah!

Aaron and a few of his special friends

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The latest FCF contest winner, Harry Smith from Astoria, NY – USA, supplied the following caption for the picture above…The Full Monty hits Japan
Harry wins a long-sleeve NHB shirt and FCF beanie hat.

Here are some other interesting captions that were submitted…

  • From Michael A. Palacay…
    Now presenting the Antonio Inoki Bom-ba-ye dancers

  • From Jim McLoughlin…
    FCF presents "The Good, the Bad, and the Constipated"

  • From Jason Hessler…
    Hi, my name is Aaron and these are my brothers Darryl, Darryl, and Darryl!

  • From Richard Shopp…
    Is constipation bothering you? Get a dose of fcfighter for relief.

  • From Mark Atherton…
    Corky and the Flying Exlax Brothers

We will have a new contest up tomorrow…the next winner could be YOU!

2001 Fighter Of The Year

Full Contact Fighter
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Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, Tito Ortiz, BJ Penn, Jens Pulver, or Vanderlei Silva

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Full Contact Fighter 2001 Fighter of the Year

We want your thoughts on who you think should win. Bear in mind that this should be based on their performance and accomplishments in the combat arena between the dates January 1 and December 31 during the year 2001 ONLY.

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Parting of the Blood Red Sea:
The Splitting of the Jesus is Lord Team

By Michael Onzuka – Mike@onzuka.com

Ron Jhun vs. Jermaine Andre
The Jesus is Lord team made waves from the beginning. They started fighting and started their quest of spreading the word of Jesus Christ while spreading their opponents’ faces across the squared circle. The JIL team made people talk in the beginning mainly because people questioned their mixture of religion with fighting. As MMA evolved to the public as a legitimate sport, people could make the connection of the Jesus is Lord team to a competitor like Evander Holyfield, a fighter who is also strongly religious. Another reason people were talking was that the Jesus is Lord fighters, mainly Ray "Bradda" Cooper and Ron "The Machine Gun" Jhun, were exciting to watch with their hard-hitting, straight-punching, and initial ground-and-pound style. The team quickly added submissions to their arsenal and improved their standing skills to keep up with the top fighters in MMA. Ray Cooper gained immediate notoriety with the Shooto organization, ranking as high as number one in the welterweight class. Ron Jhun has been spreading the wealth fighting in SuperBrawl, Warrior’s Quest, IFC, Shooto, and recently in the WFA, gaining an impressive record. Like many teams, the Jesus is Lord team has had some internal problems which caused the team to split. Ray Cooper, who is the founder and leader of the Jesus is Lord team continues to lead the team, while Ron Jhun and has left. I caught up with Ron after his win at Warrior’s Quest in December to talk about his fight, his controversial WFA fight with Jermaine Andre, and the break up of the JIL team.

FCF:   First, what did you think about your opponent Shannon Ritch, knowing that he’s had about 80 fights?
Ron Jhun:   I knew he was going to be tough. In the fight game nowadays, you can’t underestimate anybody. I was thinking that Shannon was a credible fighter. He fought Frank Shamrock recently, he stepped in the ring with [Kazushi] Sakuraba, so he’s fought some named fighters and did his best. I took it in the way that he’s been around the block, so just another stepping stone.

FCF:   Did you think he was going to come out throwing those high kicks like he did?
RJ:     Yeah. I kind of knew he was going to do something crazy like kicks and flying back kicks and all of that stuff. I kind of had the feeling that he wanted to get it over with. Either he’s going to catch me or I’m going to catch him, so he seemed like he just wanted to go all out.

FCF:   Once you got him to the ground, did you feel that you took him out of the fight?
RJ:     Yeah, it was just a matter of time. I could hear him breathing kind of hard on the ground so I just didn’t want to rush the punches before he goes for a leg lock or something. I just wanted to hold my position and hit the body and hit the head and move every time. It was kind of practicing what I did back at the gym and I just didn’t want to go all out and explode. I wanted to take my time and work some of the stuff that I have been working on.

Click here to continue with the interview

From the event’s promoter:

Action-packed, "no-holds-barred" competition
Saturday, February 9, 2002
7:00pm Soboba Casino
San Jacinto, California

Hosted by Eddie Bravo and Richard Norton, "King of the Cage 12" will start your new year off with a BANG!

See 13 total matches all together including hard-hitting 350-pound Dan Bobish versus 340-pound wrecking machine, "Big" Eric Pele as both giants battle it out for the vacant KOTC Heavyweight Championship Belt. See Jiu-Jitsu superstar Dean Lister versus stud fighter Jacen Flynn in the long awaited rematch from KOTC "Wet n’ Wild." There’s also the "little giants" as Charlie Valencia takes on David Velasques for the newly formed KOTC Featherweight Championship Belt.

Also scheduled on the card—Combat Grappling’s big man Jason Lambert, "King of the Cage" veteran Betiss "Super" Mansouri, fan-favorite Mike "The Rhino" Bourke, wrestling phenom Joe Stevenson, Pride/KOTC veteran Shannon "The Cannon" Ritch, and the ever entertaining Charles "Krazy Horse" Bennet.

There is no better way to start your year than with some hardcore mixed martial arts action! This is the year of "King of the Cage"!
From: Team King of the Cage

For ticket info call Soboba Casino at 909-654-2883


UNL. KOTC Heavy Wt. Championship Match
Eric Pele
Skip Kelp / Lewis JJ
Dan Bobish
Danger Zone
205 lbs. Dean Lister
Fabio Santos / City Boxing
Jacen Flynn
Pat Miletich NHB
140 lbs. KOTC Feather Wt. Championship Match
Charlie Valencia
Submission Factory
Dave Valasques
Extreme Sports
UNL. Jason Lambert
William’s Combat Grappling
Jason Jones
RAW / Machado Jiu-Jitsu
UNL. Mike Bourke
Mollen Kramer Judo
Aaron Brink
Team Machine
180 lbs. Shannon Ritch
Betiss Mansouri
Mansouri Combat Grappling
175 lbs. John Alessio
Bad Seed Inc.
John Chrisostomo
Kamaka / Jhun
165 lbs. Joe Stevenson
William’s Combat Grappling
Jerry Gummo
Team Bulldog
175 lbs. Fernando Vasconcelos
Naassor Lewis
Kamaka / Jhun
200 lbs. Paul Zilicius
Combat Grappling
John Hosegood
Team Cordeiro
170 lbs. Thomas Denny
Wildman NHB
Ray Porales
Primal Tribe
160 lbs. Brian Warren
Shark Tank
Tracy Hess
Next Generation
160 lbs. Charles Bennet
Team Cordeiro
Randy Velarde
Millennia Jiu Jitsu

From the event’s promoter:


JAN. 13, 2002 – FT. WAYNE, IN.

Fourteen fights including 2 amateur tournaments, one pro bout and 7 single bouts.

The most action packed fight show in the midwest made it’s impact for the fans in Ft. Wayne!
This was a great night for the fights and fans of mixed martial arts. West Virginia’s Adam Rivera recorded the fasted KO ever in a DZ event. A 4-second KO! Jody Poff became a two time Amateur HWT. tournament Champion. Sam Wells of MI. took out Jerry Hackney from WV. with a triangle choke at 2:14 of round two in a sensational pro bout. This was a great fight for the fans and to end the show on. Be sure to keep your eye on these two guys in the future.
We would like to thank the fighters and fans for a successful DZ event. Look for us back in Ft. Wayne April 7, 2002.

HWT. Tournament
John Spears vs. Jody Poff winner Poff at :38 choke
Chris Herring vs. Jody Poff winner Poff 1:20 ref stoppage knee strikes to head
Chad Hickey vs. Adam Rivera winner Rivera :04 KO

Adam Rivera vs. Jody Poff winner Poff DQ kick to head of downed fighter
(There will be a future single bout rematch of this bout!)

Lightweight Tournament
Leif Stenberg vs. Chris Melvin winner Melvin :35 choke
Craig Williamson vs. Chris Melvin winner Melvin 3:13 choke

Kurt Ileman Canada vs. James Maloney NY.
winner McCabe :56 TKO

Steve Neal WV. vs. Jay Luce IN.
winner Neal 3:18 Guillotine Choke

Joe Negli MI. vs. Eric Phelps KY.
winner Negli 3:41 ref stop due to strikes

Dave Morris OH. vs. David Bailey
winner Morris :15 choke

Forrest Petz OH. vs. Chad Roarke

winner Petz 1:44 ref stop due to strikes

John Vitta FL. vs. Dan Swift PA.
winner Swift 2:53 Towel thrown in

Jason Scouten OH. vs. Dave Dillon IN.
Scouten decision

Sam Wells MI. vs. Jerry Hackney WV.
winner Wells 2:14 of second round triangle choke

An ISCF Sanctioned Event

Dan Severn-Becky Levi
The Danger Zone Inc.

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