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Wednesday, Mar 16, 2016

Jason Saggo Reports he Told Joe Rogan to “Keep Your Eyes Out” Prior to UFC 196 Win

Jason Saggo (photo via Twitter / Getty)

By Kelsey Mowatt

Jason Saggo’s victory at UFC 196 wasn’t his first under the promotion’s banner, but it seems like the win raised the lightweight’s profile into a new, higher tier.

Saggo took on Justin Salas at the March 5th event, and proceed to stop the accomplished wrestler in the opening round. Since Saggo hit a beautifully timed sweep during the fight, and controlled Salas from the top, UFC commentator Joe Rogan heaped praise on the Canadian’s jiu-jitsu. It turns out that the BJJ black belt spoke with Rogan briefly before the contest.

“It’s funny. I had a little talk with Rogan, right before, the day of the weigh-ins, the day before the fight,” Saggo said on Full Contact Fighter Radio recently. “I just told him, you know, keep your eyes out, watch out. So I guess he was watching my fight, and he’s also a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.”

“I didn’t hear his commentary at the time but afterwards I saw, and I watched the video, and what he was saying, and I heard him, I think he said I had exceptional jiu-jitsu, and that’s a big compliment coming from a guy who has been in the fight industry as long as Joe Rogan. That was very nice of him to say.”

Not only was it an impressive win, but it took place on one of the biggest cards in UFC history. So, although Saggo’s fight took place on Fight Pass, it was high visibility win for the 30 year-old.

“The fans have been awesome. Even on the plane ride back, I had people coming up to me, lots of Canadians, just saying hi, what’s up, asking for photos, just very supportive,” the Prince Edward Island fighter reported. “Back home with the media, CBC, the local paper, everyone’s been very supportive.”

“I think it’s getting more attention because it was. It was a bigger card. ” Saggo said, while referring to the fact that UFC 196 was such a massive event. “It was also the third highest grossing card in UFC history, so it was definitely a bigger card. Conor (McGregor) is going to put a lot more attention on any card he’s on. So it was great to be involved in a card that Conor was on. I got to be in his locker room, which was phenomenal, so I think that’s why it’s getting more attention. Mostly because of Conor McGregor.”

With the win, Saggo moved his record to 11-2.

posted by FCF Staff @ 8:00 am
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