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Friday, Oct 28, 2011

Jorge Gurgel Blasts Critics Of Wife Zoila’s Request For Fans Assistance With Medical Bills

By Michael Steczkowski

Zoila Gurgel was quite a hot topic of conversation this week. The result of the up and coming female MMA star’s online request for assistance with her medical expenses stemming from a torn ACL sustained in training was nothing short of a major backlash from fans who responded with their outrage online.

The thread on MMA.tv’s “Underground” message forum titled “Zoila Gurgel needs help w/Medical Bills“ created quite an uproar. Her request was received similarly on Twitter.
The wide range of insults have included suggestions that she should find a husband who can provide better for her, to accusations claiming that she and her husband, Strikeforce competitor Jorge Gurgel, are looking for a handout to continue living some kind of extravagant lifestyle.

The online discourse has not surprisingly drawn her husband into the line of fire. Jorge explained to Full Contact Fighter that he was not aware of Zoila’s initial decision to go public with a request for assistance, only about her troubles with insurance coverage.

Bellator star Zoila Gurgel, wife of Strikeforce and UFC veteran Jorge Gurgel, sparked a massive uproar online this week after requesting financial assistance from her fans to pay medical bills

“Since we have been married, I have tried to help her get coverage, but she keeps getting denied,” he said. “Zoila has had outstanding medical bills from California, Florida and Illinois.”

Gurgel stated that his attorney advised him not to answer questions regarding the extent to which the situation has put a financial strain on the couple.  Gurgel, whose professional career began in 2009, has competed in 22 bouts. He also owns JG MMA and Fitness Academy, which is home to over 700 students in Ohio.

“I don’t care what kind of fighter you are or how much you make,” Jorge said. “You just can’t shit out 54,000 dollars, without insurance.”

Jorge offered a breakdown of the total outstanding balance, stating that there is an emergency room bill in the amount of 1,300 dollars plus additional doctor visit charges. He stated that there was a 2,500 dollar deductible, despite the couple’s claim that Zoila does not have insurance. Add the anesthesiologist, the surgical procedure, physical therapy and rehabilitation, and the total cost tops 50,000 dollars.

Jorge stated that Zoila doesn’t regret asking for financial help, and is very upset at the negativity from fans.

“I should know better than to let these keyboard warrior attacks get to me,” he said. “It would be different, if I was in Brazil. I would challenge each and every one of them that insulted me and my wife to a fight.“

Jorge said he advised Zoila to close her Twitter account.

“Twitter is too much, it’s ruining people’s social skills,” he said. “Everyone has their faces buried in their phone nowadays. I’d rather be riding a wave, or running and seeing the pavement beneath me with the sun shining down on my face.”

Jorge said that his character should never be in question. He said that he does everything he can to help his wife as well as her sister, who lives with the couple, and two fighters who train at his gym and also reside with them.

Zoila’s knee surgery has been scheduled with Dr. Timothy McConnel, who has worked on Jorge. According to Jorge, the doctor has worked out a payment plan with the Gurgels.
“My wife and I do not blame Bellator or expect them to pay for her training injuries. We are aware they are not covered.”

Jorge pointed out that Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney expressed the promotion’s willingness to assist with their troubles. Only fighters under the umbrella of Zuffa, LLC, the parent company of the UFC and Strikeforce, are insured for training. This policy was enacted just a few months ago.

Jorge said this experience is indeed a lesson learned. While we don’t know whether or not he will fight any of the keyboard warriors, Jorge made clear that he will return to action early next year.

posted by FCF Staff @ 11:40 pm
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3 responses to “Jorge Gurgel Blasts Critics Of Wife Zoila’s Request For Fans Assistance With Medical Bills”

  1. trollirl says:

    lmao shit the fuck up jg…all he is gonna be is stand and bang with me anyways lol

  2. kinsey3745 says:

    I feel Zoila was abusing her position by asking fans for help. She’s probably scared to lose everything she has and does not know how to get out of it. If she is truly in need she could set up a fund raising event. Maybe sell autographed fight worn items. There are many things she could have done that would have saved her’s and Jorge reputation.

    Jorge has laid it out and said he’s in a financial strain because his wife inability to attain insurance and pay medical bills. Everybody goes through hard times. I understand that he’s embarrassed and probably doesnt know how to handle it. But its how you handle it and come out the other side that will make you greatful for what you have.

    I would not donate a dollar to help the Gurgels out. But what I would do is provide them with the necessary training and ideas that would help get them out of predicament they are in.

  3. Damon says:

    Jorge, it’s not like you have some complicated standup and its a fucking puzzle to touch your chin kid. You’re a disgrace.