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Wednesday, Jul 03, 2002

July 4, 2002

Happy Independence Day!

John Lewis and Jermaine Andre
Independence Day Shake-ups
with the World Fighting Alliance

By Jim Genia

Kimo Leopoldo
      (July 4, Las Vegas) Keeping a card together for a mixed martial arts show can be next to impossible — just ask the World Fighting Alliance’s John Lewis [pictured above on the left, with Jermaine Andre]. Prior to the press conference today at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, he scrambled more than a few times to replace fighters. Gilbert Yvel, Yves Edwards, and Paul Cahoon were slated to compete at various times, but as per Murphy’s Law (everything that can go wrong will go wrong), two more names had to be taken off the roster last night. Shonie Carter, scheduled to meet up with Frank Trigg in a highly anticipated match, failed his eye exam, and Marvin Eastman’s latest opponent — Golden Glory representative Chalid Arrab — fell and injured his arm in a stairwell of the hotel. Compared to his career as a promoter, with these Independence Day shake-ups, Lewis’ life in the cage must’ve been a vacation!

      "I worked all night until about four or five in the morning calling people," says Lewis from behind the podium. Flanked by his remaining competitors, he announces the substitutes that are on the way. For Trigg, there’s Jason Medina — a Miletich-trained fighter with a 10-2 record, a background in boxing and wrestling, and wins over the likes of Brian Dunn and Justin Ellison.

Valentijn Overeem
      "I trained to fight, I came to fight, so I’m going to fight whoever it is," says Trigg. "It doesn’t make a difference who gets thrown in front of me." Adds Trigg jokingly, "unless it’s John Lewis, we’ll be okay."

For Eastman, there’s Tom Sauer — another Team Extreme representative with a 10-6 record, knockout hands and newly acquired submission skills courtesy of the American Top Team, with wins over the likes of Andrei Kopylov and Valentijn Overeem. Applauded for his quick work this late in the game (and for the caliber of replacement, as Sauer has the tools and experience to give Eastman a war), Lewis is all smiles. Aside from these last minute changes, the WFA Level 2 show tomorrow night is approaching smoothly.

      The weigh-ins go off without a hitch. Lightweights Shaolin and Joe Hurley both come in at 155 pounds, middleweights Tiki and Kit Cope are 183.5 and 176 pounds respectively, and Trigg weighs 178 pounds. Medina, who is still en route from Iowa, will step on the scale tonight with representatives from both camps present — but all parties have agreed to have this bout in the middleweight division.
Aaron Brink
Light-heavyweights Eastman and Sauer are 204 and 206 pounds (the Nevada State Athletic Commission allows a one pound grace). In the heavyweight division, Overeem and Brink are 223 and 217, while Kimo and Tim Lajcik are 234 and 230. And rounding out the card, middleweight champion hopefuls Andre and Villasenor are 183.5 and 184.

      As the fighters wander about the Hard Rock, their attention is occasionally drawn to the women prancing about in skimpy underwear — this week the hotel is also hosting the "Trashy Lingerie" clothing line convention (thank you, God!). But these distractions take nothing away from the anticipation of the coming battle. Tomorrow night, the "fight club meets the night club" once again.

Tommy Sauer Steps Up To The Plate
By Loretta Hunt

Tom Sauer
In the true spirit of mixed martial arts competition, Team Extreme fighter Tom Sauer is not one to shy away from a challenge. With only two days left till the WFA’s second event in Las Vegas, Sauer got the call that some fighters only dream about early July 4th morning. Golden Glory member Chalid Arrab was out of the show due to a freak injury, and John Lewis was hunting for a seasoned light-heavyweight to fill the void — and fast. Leaner and trimmer after a year’s revitalization and a with recent title win in the WEF, Sauer fit the bill. No stranger to competition, Tom Sauer’s 10-6 record boasts wins over the likes of Valentijn Overeem and Jeff Monson. Jumping on a plane in Florida this morning and arriving at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino just in time to hop on the scales for the official weigh-ins, Tom Sauer will spend his holiday weekend as the newest member of the WFA family.

FCF:   Welcome to Vegas, Tom. You took this fight on about 36 hours notice. How did this all come about?
TS:     Me and Monte [Cox] talked about coming out here a couple of months ago and we tried to match some opponents with John [Lewis]. It didn’t pan out, so I did the WEF and I won the light-heavyweight belt there. I was hoping to come out here last month, but it fell through. I was real disappointed but was training hard anyway for two other fights I have coming up this month — which I guess will now be pending since I’m fighting here. We’ll just play it by ear. But with those fights only two weeks away, I was ready to go. Monte gave me the call and I was on a plane.

FCF:   What were you doing when you got the call?
TS:     Monte caught me at about 3:30 am this morning. I was getting packed up to leave for a triathlon I was competing in at 6:30. Monte told me that "triathlons don’t pay, so you’re coming to Vegas." I jumped in the car and got to an airport.

FCF:   You’ve lost some weight since the last time I saw you. Did you drop down a weight class to light-heavy as well?
TS:     Yea, the last time I saw you at the Meadowlands for UFC 32 I was about 230 pounds. Now, I’m at 205. I’ve been doing triathlons along with my training in jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai. I started training with American Top Team as well down in Florida.

FCF:   You will be facing Marvin Eastman tomorrow night. What do you know about him?
TS:     Marvin Eastman is a great opponent. We’ll match up really well. I’ve seen a bunch of his fights and I’m really excited to take him on. I’m here to win.

FCF:   Off the top of your head, what will be your plan of attack?
TS:     I know he’s a good Muay Thai guy. I’ve seen all of his King Of The Cage fights, but I haven’t seen him let go real well. He fought one of my teammates Rich Franklin before [at WFA 1], so I’m pretty familiar with Marvin Eastman. The funny thing is you watch fight tapes, and you think, "Hey, that guy could be in my weight-class someday." He likes the takedowns, but I know he likes to strike. I’m planning on mixing it up with him, maybe going to the ground and getting the submission. I know he’s real strong and sometimes he overcompensates with that.

FCF:   A submission? You have a pretty good string of knockouts.
TS:     I left off in Japan with [Hiromitsu] Kanehara where I schooled him in RINGS, but you know how weird that show is sometimes. [Sauer lost via a TKO] I took last year off with an ACL injury and now that’s 150%, but being forced to spend a year on your back makes your jiu-jitsu a lot better. I don’t like to "ground and pound" anymore. I’ve got a few submissions in the bag.

FCF:   What are your thoughts on fighting for the WFA?
TS:     This will definitely open the door for me. This is a one fight deal here, but depending upon my performance tomorrow, which will hopefully go well, Monte will be able to get things going. This will get my foot in the door. I’m just happy to be here and I’m so grateful that John [Lewis] and Paula [Romero] flew me out here to be involved.

From Joseph Cunliffe:

WEFC Quick Results

SOSA Promotions, LLC presented World Extreme Fighting Championship 1 on Saturday, June 29, 2002, at the Cobb County Civic Center in Marietta, GA. The card featured 10 matches, including the Lightweight Championship match.

185 Franz Mendez vs Eugene Stoupine
Round 2 win to Mendez when corner threw in towel

155 Charles Bennett vs Rick Davis
Round 4 (OT) win to Davis by Unanimous Decision

170 Marcus Aurelio vs Walter McCall
Round 2 win to Aurelio by tap from triangle choke

155 Shawn Porter vs Adam Copenhaver
Round 1 win to Copenhaver by TKO at 3:14

225 Mike Shepard vs Kevin Brooks
Round 1 win to Sheppard by tap strikes at 3:50

170 Mike Nelson vs Shawn Gay
Round 1 win to Nelson by TKO at 1:21

205 Wilson Gouveia vs Ahern Davis
Round 1 win to Gouveia by KO at 0:22

205 Dustin Denes vs Rory Singer
Round 2 win to Denes by tap at 1:42

225 Jeff Monson vs Forrest Griffin
Round 4 (OT) win to Griffin by Unanimous Decision

170 Patrick Assalone vs Cam McHargue
Round 1 win to McHargue by TKO at 0:41 to earn the WEFC Lightweight Championship

From the event’s promoter:

RCF 18

RCF poster
Reality Combat Fighting 18 is taking place on Friday, July 12 in New Orleans, LA. Where else to have a fight in Louisiana than at Swamp Island Nightclub. New Orleans own Warren Donley 169lbs, a local high school wrestling coach, will facing off against Alfredo Hernandez 165lbs for the Main event of the night. Hernandez is an accomplished golden gloves boxer with a wrestling background as well.

In the Light Heavyweight division Jason Autery from Illinois will be competing against Dan Covel from New York. These two pro fights will be accompanied by an exciting under card of amateur fighters from Texas, Louisiana, and Illinois. Look for a night of getting all banged up at the SWAMP.

For more fight information go to http://www.realitycombatfighting.com/

From the event’s promoter:


USMMA Nuri Shakir
RING of FURY 2 is here! At the Tsongas Arena September 21!

USMMA to Host Ring of Fury 2 Championships in Lowell, Mass on September 21, 2002

PIC: Nuri Shakir is all smiles being congratulated by fans after his victory at RING of FURY. Shakir returns for ROF 2.

The United States Mixed Martial Arts organization will be hosting the Ring of Fury 2 Championships, the largest mixed martial arts event in New England. This event will be hosted at the state of the art, 8000 seat, Tsongas Arena in Lowell, Massachusetts on Saturday September 21, 2002 at 8:30pm. Doors open at 7:30pm.

The USMMA, the first organization to bring Massachusetts closed fist fighting, is very excited about the event and promises to deliver another very exciting show.

Well-known fighters from all over the country have committed to this landmark event and include Local favorite and USMMA Light Heavyweight Champion, Jorge Rivera, as well as the very popular crowd pleaser, Nuri Shakir. Many more exciting matches will be announced.

The event is being heavily promoted by WAAF radio, one of the largest radio stations in Massachusetts. Former Boston Bruin, Lyndon Byers, who will serve as Master of Ceremonies, will host the event.

For further information or sponsorship opportunities contact:
Tom Hafers 508-889-3158
E-mail thafers@usmma.org.

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