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Sunday, Oct 24, 2004

Jungle Fight 3 Quick Results:

Jungle Fight 3 Quick Results:
Babalu prevails over Pele and De Souza wins again!
By Eduardo Alonso

The third edition of Jungle Fight took place in the city of Manaus, capital of the state of Amazonas in Brazil this past Saturday October 23rd, going into the early hours of October 24th in Brazil. The show counted with good fights and famous athletes, such as Pride veterans Assuerio Silva, Jorge Macaco Patino, Pele Landi, Fabio Mello and UFC veterans like Renato Babalu, Bobby Hoffman and Tony de Souza. The stand outs for the 3rd edition of the event promoted by Wallid Ismail and Antonio Inoki were Tony de Souza, who kept impressing the Brazilian fans with his ground skills, with a submission win over Meca veteran Carlinhos Lima, and seasoned veteran Renato Babalu Sobral, who used control and strategy to take Pele out of his game and ride the fight into a judges’ decision. Assuerio Silva was also on a good night in a winning effort over Alessio Sakara. FCF will have more on Jungle Fight 3 soon, check out the results!

  • Fredson Paixao def. Fabio Mello by unanimous judges’ decision
  • Masahito Kakihara def. Rocky Romero by choke in R1
  • Bibiano Fernandes def. Luis Figueroa by rear naked choke in R1
  • Tony de Souza def. Carlinhos Lima by katagatame choke in R2
  • Leopoldo Montenegro def. Bobby Hoffman by triangle choke in R1
  • Masayuki Naruse def. Tony Williams by armbar in R1
  • Jorge Patino Macaco def. Boris Johnstomp by katagatame choke in R2
  • Assuerio Silva def. Alessio Sakara by unanimous judges’ decision
  • Renato Babalu Sobral def. Pele Landy by unanimous judges’ decision

From the event’s promoter:

Sportfight 7: Frightnight
Complete Card

Otis Petit def Adam Davis, Submission/ Arm bar (Round 2)

Austin Ward draws John Hooley

Sebastian Rodriguez def Donovan Evan, TKO due to strikes (2:45 of Round 1)

JD Stanley def Eddie Blackburn, Tap out due to strikes (2:40 Round 2)

Ian Loveland def JT Horner, Verbal Submission/ Knee bar (2:59 Round 2)

Chad Nelson def Paul Morris, KO/ kick (00:6 Round 1)
This fight should have broken some records as perhaps the fastest fight in history. Both men sprinted to center and Nelson immediately caught Morris with a high kick flush. Morris slumped to the canvas, and Nelson jumped on him, pounding away. The official time was 6 seconds, but I don’t think it took more than 2 seconds for the kick and Morris to hit the mat.

Cam Ward def Dave Cochran, Submission/ Rear naked choke (4:30 Round 1)
Cochran is the first guy who’s been able to force Ward into some standup, but Ward seemed to hold his own. They traded heavy shots for a short while in mid round, but eventually they went to the mat and stayed there. Ward is always going for subs and this fight was no different. He was able to get Cochran’s back and securing the rear naked choke, bringing his record to a very impressive 7-0.
Nelson and Ward will now meet up at next Sportfight to determine the #1 contender at 155.

Dennis Davis def Trevor Burnell, Submission/ Guillotine (0:26 Round 3)
This was an absolute war, definitely fight of the night! Burnell impressed the hell out of me, even in defeat. Burnell got the early edge, even getting Davis’ back on a couple occassions, but Davis was able to escape. Davis spent a lot of time standing over Burnell who was flat on his back, trying for upkicks. Davis kept lunging in and throwing big bombs from there, occassionally landing. But Burnell landed a big upkick at one point! Davis continued to land some bombs from here.
Round 2 looked much like the first, both guys having their moments. Again Burnell got Davis’ back at one point, again Davis spent some time hovering over Burnell and dropping bombs. I beleive Davis also began really doing some GNP.
Round 3, Davis came out swinging. He hurt Burnell early, and tried to finish him off. Burnell shot in, and Davis grabbed him in a guillotine choke.

Art Santore def Justin Davis, Tapout/ Due to strikes (3:35 Round 1)
Seconds into the fight Santore ran into a big punch that dropped him, but he followed up with a takedown. Santore’s nose was most likely broken by the punch, as it was pouring blood immediately. They stopped the fight to check him out, and after a long debate decided to let the fight continue. Santore picked up where he left off, landing some heavy shots from the top. Wasn’t long before they stopped it again, this time BOTH men were bleeding heavily! It was quite a scene. But again they restarted, and this time Santore’s attack was relentless, and before long Davis tapped out.
Santore showed lots of personality on the mic, he said he let Davis bust him up good so that he could make a dramatic comeback that the fans could enjoy. I hope we get a chance to see him again in Sportfight.

Dennis Hallman def Landon Showalter, Submission/ Triangle choke (2:04 Round 1)
Hallman shot in immediately and took Showalter down. Somehow Showalter managed to land a knee to Hallman’s head with both men on the ground. Hallman clearly didn’t like it. I beleive Hallman then did some sort of foul, because the fight was stood up and it appeared Hallman was being warned, and he was trying to complain to the ref about the knee. Again Hallman immediately took Showalter down, this time he wasted no time in securing a triangle from the top, and then he rolled over to sink it in and finish it.

Joe Doerksen def Ed Herman, Submission/ Triangle choke (2:12 Round 3)
Both these guys came to fight! The first round was extremely close, with Doerksen having the early edge with a couple very near submissions. He had Herman’s back and really seemed to get the rear naked sunk in, but somehow Herman battled out. Eventually Herman got the top position and controlled the 2nd half of the round with GNP.
Round 2 was again very close, but I’d have to give Doerksen the slight edge. They took turns landing on top, again Doerksen with subs, both guys with a little GNP. At one point Herman tried a wild flying knee so high that he nearly hit his head on the ceiling. With about 5 seconds left in the round, Herman achieved mount but didn’t have time to capitalize.
In the final round Herman came out looking for the takedown, and got it. He was trying to GNP, but Doerksen defended well from the bottom. Herman kept working mainly with elbows, but Doerksen was able to get the legs up and secure a triangle choke. Rather than tap out, Herman went to sleep.

From Antonio Guzman:

Held Oct. 24, 2004 – Chihuahua, Mexico

LUIS ORTEGA def. ANTONIO GARCIA by guillotine choke 0:51 Rd 1


CARLOS SANTOS def. RAMIRO GOMEZ by decision 5:00 Rd 3

FELIX MENDEZ def. ROBERTO DE JESUS by arm bar 4:18 Rd 2

EMILIO SANTIAGO def. PAUL SANCHEZ by rear naked choke 3:02 Rd 3


GIL REYES def. JUAN JAVIER by KO 2:42 Rd 1

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