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Monday, Apr 28, 2003

Kaos Fighting Championships 2

Ron Jhun passes James Meals' guard
KAOS Fighting Championships 2
Dole Cannery Ballroom, Honolulu, Hawaii
April 26, 2003
Report by Chris Onzuka
Photos by Lester Gantan

Mike Bauer on Raymond Ursua's back
Bauer on Ursua’s back

KAOS put on its second show and mixed up some amateur and professional MMA matches and even slipped in a kickboxing match. The show started off with a little production problems, but once it got rolling the crowd enjoyed the action and seesaw battles. The first fight set the stage as an aggressive Mike Bauer went after a tough Raymond Ursua. After the first round, Ursua was bleeding from the nose and went on to fight the second round, but Bauer was too much for him. The Woo-George fight showed a technical grappling game can take a lot of punishment from an aggressive striker, but still pull out the victory. Ostovich returned to the ring after almost a year to fight a tough Yuhuva. However once it got to the ground, Ostovich methodically worked his way into the mount, Yuhuva surprisingly tapped out. The Naole-Laga fight was the most explosive and shortest fight of the night. Laga rushed toward Naole and Naole landed a solid straight right hand that KO’d Laga on the spot. Laga was okay after the fight and look for him to make a strong comeback. McCall brought in a superior ground game against Kekumu and peppered him from just about every position on the ground, but a game Kekumu took everything McCall had to offer and left it up to the judges to decide the match. Two muscle bound kickboxers squared off in a kickboxing match that reminded me of the Kimo Leopoldo vs. Masaake Satake fight, where both guys played the part of Kimo and rushed, pushed and pounded each other, trying to assert their authority in the ring. It became apparent that Redoble’s clean and straight punches started to take over the match, although Liua got in a few nice combinations. Serdyukov’s long body proved too much for Sariento, who landed a nice body kick, clinched and took Serdyukov down. Sariento made one mistake and Serdyukov capitalized, taking the top, securing a reverse crucifix position and locking in his teacher, Chris Brennan’s, favorite technique, the Kimura key lock. Stanford came into the fight with knock out power and pressured Dez Miner early. Stanford looked to keep Miner off balance, but once Miner clinched Stanford, it was all Miner. He performed a beautiful pick up and slammed Stanford to the ground, worked his way from the guard to the mount, punching along the way and ending the first round almost finalizing an arm lock. After the bell rung, Stanford had enough and did not come out for the second. Kauai Kupihea made his return to Hawaii and took on a tough striker in Vai Togia. They had a few nice exchanges with Togia landing the harder thigh kicks and Kupihea landing stiff jabs. Kupihea shot in to take the fight to the ground and then it was all Kupihea. He punched Togia from the mount, and as Togia rolled, he secured Togia in the turtle position and pounded him until the referee saw enough. The main event saw Ron Jhun totally dominate a tough James Meals. Jhun controlled the match and left the machine guns at home and brought out the bazookas for huge power punches to the head and body of Meals. Meals too a lot of hard punches and finally decided that was enough and tapped.

Amateur MMA (2 Rounds – 3 minutes):
Mike Bauer (HMC) def. Raymond Ursua (808 Fight Factory)
Unanimous decision [(20-17, (20-16), (20-17)]

Amateur MMA (2 Rounds – 3 minutes):
Tommy Woo (808 Fight Factory) def. Ben George (Bulls Pen)
Unanimous decision [(29-24), 29-24), (29-24)]

Professional MMA (2 Rounds – 5 minutes):
Bob Ostovich (Jesus Is Lord) def. Shimone Yuhuva (Team Rukus)
Submission due to exhaustion and bad position in Round 1.

Professional MMA (2 Rounds – 5 minutes):
John Naole (HMC) def. Paul Laga (Bulls Pen)
KO via straight right at 7 seconds in Round 1.

Professional MMA (2 Rounds – 5 minutes):
Brad McCall (Next Generation) def. Jerome Kekumu (Hard Knocks)
Unanimous decision [(20-17-20-16), (20-17)]

Kickboxing: (3 rounds – 1.5 minute)
Scott Redoble (Hawaiian Self-Defense) def. Lenny Liua (Bulls Pen)
Unanimous decision [(29-24), (29-24), (29-24)]

Professional MMA (3 rounds – 5 minutes):
Alex Serdyukov (Next Generation) def. Harris Sariento (808 Fight Factory)
Submission due to Kimura key lock in Round 1.

Professional MMA (3 rounds – 5 minutes):
Dez Miner (808 Fight Factory) def. James Stanford (Hard Knocks)
Submission, fighter did not want to come out after the end of the first round.

Professional MMA (3 rounds – 5 minutes):
Kauai Kupihea (Brausa) def. Vai Togia (Hard Knocks)
TKO via referee stoppage in Round 1.

Professional MMA (3 rounds – 5 minutes):
Ron Jhun (808 Fight Factory) def. James Meals (Team Pain)
Submission due to strikes to the body.

From Koichi "Booker K" Kawasaki:


GCM logo
Here are the match-ups for GCM DEMOLITION, which will be held on May 1st.

Event name: GCM DEMOLITION 030505

DATE: MAY 1st, 2003 (Thu)
OPEN: 18:00 START: 18:30
PLACE: Shimokitazawa Town Hall , Tokyo

Yushin Okami (Wajutu Keishukai)
2003 ADCC Japan Trial Victory, PRE-PRIDE 4 Victory
Hidehiko Hasegawa (SK Absolute)
Pancrase middle weight Rank 6

Katsuya Inoue (RJW/Central)
PRE-PRIDE 5 Victory , 2002 Combat Wrestling 3rd place
Ichiro Kanai (Pancrse ism)

Naoki Seki (Free)
2002 JTC open tournament Champion
Yusuke Endo (Kiguchi Work out Studio)

Takahiro Sanehara (Team Shinagawa)
Seiji Otsuka (PUREBRED Omiya)

Koji Gyatovichian (Chojin Club)
Michio Hosono (Kiguchi Work out Studio)

Shinya Sato (P’s LAB Tokyo)
Tomoya Miyashita (Battlarts B-Club)

From Koichi "Booker K" Kawasaki:


K-1 has announced all match-ups for ARUSE K-1 WORLD GP 2003 in Las Vegas .

ARUSE K-1 WORLD GP 2003 in Las Vegas

Date: May 2nd
Place; Mirage Hotel and Casino , Las Vegas, Nevada

1st match (3m 3R) Tournament
Michael McDonald (2002 K-1 USA champion)
Carter Williams (USA)

2nd match (3m 3R) Tournament
Dewey "The Black Kobra Cooper" (USA)
Yusuke Fujimoto(Japan/Monster Factory)

3rd match (3m 3R)Tournament
Rick The Roufus (USA)
Maiorino de Morais (Brazil)

4th match (3m 3R)Tournament
Maurice Smith (USA/Maurice Smith’s Kick Boxing Center)
Guiseppe Denatale (Canada)

5th match Tournament Semi final

6th match Tournament Semi final

7th match (3m 3R) Super fight
Stefan "BLITZ" Leko (German/Golden Grory)
Great Kusatsu (Japan/Team Andy)

8th match (5m 3R)Super fight
Mark Hunt (New Zealand / Liverpool Kickboxing Gym / Kickboxing)
Gary Goodridge(Republic of Trinidad and Tobago / Free)

9th match Tournament final

10th match (3m 3R) Super fight
Nobuaki Kakuda (Japan/Seido Kaikan)
MUSASHI (Japan/Seido Kaikan)

Renegades Unleashed
Renegades Extreme Fighting Championship

Verizon Wireless Theater – Houston, Texas
By Michael "Mikie" Martinez

Howdy, from the Lone Star state! Once again promoter Saul Soliz put together an action packed card that wowed fans from the opening bell. All of the fighters that stepped into the ring on Friday, April 18, 2003, were hungry for victories but most importantly respect. Notables of the night included Randy Hauer and Carlo Prater out of the Yves Edwards camp. Hauer has been working on his game with Yves Edwards and Tim Credeur and it most definitely showed. Haur flawlessly controlled his opponent from start to finish in dramatic fashion. Carlo Prater, another up and comer out of the Edwards camp, finished both of his formidable opponents in less than one minute total. Word to the wise, if Carlo Prader fights don’t blink, the fight may be over by the time you open your eyes. This night proved to be a colossal night of Texas MMA action. Here’s a quick rundown of the results:

Fight 1: Randy Hauer (Yves Edwards) vs Matt Horning (Hammer House)
Result: Hauer by unanimous decision.

Fight 2: Carlo Prater (Yves Edwards) vs Adam Arrendondo (Anthony Macias)
Result: Prader by tap out due to injury in round one.

Fight 3: Lee King (Mike Altman) vs Eric Pierce (Hammer House)
Result: King by TKO in round three.

Fight 4: Luis Munoz (Team Pound) v Edwin Allsites (Tim Mousel)
Result: Allsites by guillotine in round two.

Fight 5: Aaron Pendleton (Self Trained) v Christian Rotharmel (Leonardo Xavier)
Result: Rotharmel by tap out due to strikes in round one.

Fight 6: Javier Mejia (Team Pound) v Ray Hubbard (James Cooper)
Result: Hubbard by TKO in round three.

Fight 7: Brandon McDowell (Reylson Gracie/Phil Cardella) v Adam Pace (Aaron Pendleton)
Result: McDowell by tap out due to strikes in round one.

Fight 8: John Flores (Self-Trained) v Frank Alcala (Team Pound)
Result: Alcala by key lock in round 1.

Fight 9: Carlo Prader (Yves Edwards) v Lee King (Mike Altman)
Result: Prader by armbar in round 1.

Fight 10: Christian Rotharmel (Leonardo Xavier) v Edwin Allsites (Tim Mousel)
Result: Rotharmel by default. Allsites was not able to continue due to injuries sustained in his previous fight.

Fight 11: Ray Hubbard (James Cooper) v Brandon McDowell (Relson Gracie/Phil Cardella)
Result: Hubbard by TKO in round three.

Stay tuned fight fans because May 3, 2003, Renegade Extreme fighting heads back to the capital of the Lone Star State Austin, Texas, for a great night of MMA action.

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