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Monday, Jan 27, 2014

Ken Shamrock Admits to Steroid Use But Says he Never Fought While Taking Them

MMA Pioneer Says Top Fighters Use Money to Get Around Testing

By FCF Staff

The issue of steroid use and performance enhancing drugs continues to be a hot button topic in MMA, and on the latest edition of “Inside MMA”,  veteran Ken Shamrock weighed in on the issue.

Before sharing his opinion on how MMA could address the issue of PEDs, the 49 year-old fighter and former pro wrestler made the following revelation:

“I was never in the ring and fought with steroids, ever, just to get that clear, but I have used steroids in the past…because I have been involved with that,  because I understand how it can be used, and I’ve seen how other fighters have used it, I understand the trend there, and it is a problem…”

Shamrock went on to argue that MMA’s top fighters have the money and resources to get around the current testing regime, and that random testing is key to cleaning up the sport. Shamrock also believes that random testing should be conducted on all fighters, so that competitors from the bottom up learn to train without PEDs.

In 2009, Shamrock was suspended by the California State Athletic Commission for allegedly testing positive for anabolic agents.

The legendary fighter hasn’t fought since 2010, when he was stopped by Mike Bourke while competing under the King of the Cage banner.


posted by FCF Staff @ 1:00 pm
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