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Sunday, Jun 25, 2000

King Of The Cage Results

King Of The Cage Results
Saturday June 24, 2000   –   Soboba Casino

Todd Medina (Freestyle Jiu-Jitsu) def. Matsui (Team Sakuraba)
by decision
Tedd Williams (Combat Grappling) def. Bill Parker (Jiu-Box-Fu)
by arm-bar in round 1
Fabiano Iha (Iha/Morreira) def. Danny Bennett
by arm-bar in round 1
Roger Neff def. Chris Franco (AMC Pankration)
in Round 1 by KO

Jacen Flynn (Lowell Anderson Jiu-Jitsu) def. Ryan Painter (Shark Tank)
in round 1 by Chickenwing
Tony Galindo (Lion’s Den) def. Kurt Rojo (Rojo/High Performance)
in round 1 by KO (7 seconds)
Faliniko Vitale (SWAT) def. Aaron Torrez (Roughnecks)
in Round 1 by Tap out
Dan Rizzuto (Striker Sports) def. Dustin Moe (Lowell Anderson Jiu-Jitsu)
by Decision
Duane Ludwig (Bas Rutten) def. Shad Smith (Team Tapout)
when Smith’s team threw in the towel

Dave Roberts (Iha/Morreira) def. Pete Rossi (Team Kerr/Machado)
in round 1 by TKO
Charlie Kohler (Pereira/Monteiro/JJ Kampfer Club) def. Jason Meaders (Roughnecks)
by decision
Dave Valasques (Striker Sports) def. Dave Hisquierdo
by Decision
Mike Bourke (MK Judo/Academy of Arts) and Roger Godinez (Scorpion Combat)
fought to a draw
Marvin Eastman (Master Toddy) def. Quinton Jackson (Iha/Morreira)
by decision
Jeremy Williams (Next Generation) def. Brennan Kamaka (SWAT)
in round 1 by arm-bar


by Cindi A. Prentiss, MBA, PT, OCS, Cert. MDT
From Full Contact Fighter Archives

Q.   "About two weeks ago I was knocked out following ‘a knee to the jaw.’ I haven’t yet returned to fighting. As if that wasn’t enough, I continue to experience pain and clicking in my jaw during talking and chewing. The right side is worse than the left but I get pain in both sides of my jaw. I work at a computer all day and notice the pain worsening after lunch (even if I don’t eat anything hard or crunchy). I haven’t gone for medical help yet, just hoping it would pass.
Any suggestions and who would I see for this?"
Terry J.

Via e-mail

A.   It sounds as though you have a dysfunction in your temporomandibular joint, better known as TMJ. This joint is where the mandible (bottom jaw bone) attaches to the head or skull on each side of your face. The temporomandibular joint is suspended from the face by muscles and ligament. A disc is present in between each side of your jaw, which helps the bones fit together. This joint is influenced by the structure of the teeth, as your bite determines how your jaw closes.
If your jaw was disrupted during the fight, the clicking may be the disc gliding inefficiently or even getting "caught". The pain may be caused by the disc or may be caused by postural stresses while at work. Because you sit at a computer all day, you probably have extremely poor, forward head posture that can cause a multitude of problems in itself. Check your posture at least once each hour to be sure you are not jutting your chin forward.
You should consider seeing a dentist, who may fit you for a night guard, as well as a physical therapist who can evaluate and treat your condition. Physical therapy treatment may consist of modalities such as ultrasound, electric stimulation and moist heat as well as procedures such as joint mobilization, massage to the facial and neck muscles and therapeutic exercises.

Here are some tips and exercises to try:


Repeat each exercise 6 times.
Perform the program 6 times each day.

1. Mandibular Resting Position
Let tongue rest on roof of mouth just behind the top incisors.

Keep your jaw relaxed and your teeth slightly apart.

Return to this position after each of the following exercises.

2. Controlled Opening
With tongue in resting position, slowly open mouth as far as tongue will allow, keeping tongue behind top incisors.

3. Isometrics
In resting position, apply varying forces to your mandible (side/side, open/close).
Keep your jaw as stable as possible, resisting your forces.

4. Chin Tucks
Tuck your chin towards your chest without bending your head forward.
(Retract your head backward so that your earlobes move parallel to the tips of your shoulders.) Hold the retracted position for 5 seconds.

5. Shoulder Girdle Retraction
Squeeze your shoulder blades together creating less rounded shoulders (exaggerated military position). Hold this position for 5 seconds.

6. Atlanto-Occipital Nodding
Clasp your hands behind your neck and gently nod your head getting movement only in your top 2 vertebrae.

Cindi A. Prentiss, MBA, PT, OCS, Cert. MDT
Orthopedic Physical Therapy
515 Route 111
Hauppauge, NY 11788
E-mail: cindiprentisspt@aol.com

** The preceding should never be used as a substitute for trained medical care **

From the event’s promoter:

HOOKnSHOOT Evolution Set For July 22nd, 2000
HnS Kicks Off The Abu Dhabi Qualifier Series
For The 2Nd Year In A Row!

Evansville, Indiana will host HOOKNSHOOT EVOLUTION on July 22nd. "We are getting set for the stretch run in 2000 – we ambitiously hope to run a show a month for the rest of the year" states promoter Jeff Osborne.

One of the lynch pins holding the run together are the Qualifiers for the 2001 Abu Dhabi Submission Wrestling World Championships.

"We are adding a new weight class this year for the qualifiers, and we are leading off with the little guys – 65.9 KG & under." Continues Osborne. Last year, no tournament was held for this weight class "we thought we would have trouble filling the slots because that is 145 lbs., and we were not sure there were a lot of guys out there. Boy were we wrong!" Osborne further states "There are some big names, some champions from the American scene putting it on the line in July. I
think the competition will take a jump in quality in every weight class this year, but I am most excited about leading off with this weight class!"

In holding with ADCC tradition, the eight men invited will not be announced until the week of the competition, but look for fast paced, technical battles from the little guys. The first batch of entry tapes has been received and the count of applicants is approaching 20! "This tournament will be groundbreaking" hopes an ecstatic Osborne.

Evansville Memorial Coliseum, Evansville, Indiana
8-Man Single Elimination Grappling Tournament
Abu Dhabi Combat Club Rules
Under 65.9 KG (up to 145 lbs.)

Winner gets invited to the 2001 Submission Wrestling World Championships, to be held for the 4th year in a row in Abu Dhabi, UAE, plus a sponsorship.


  • Dave Voutas (220 lbs. / Lancaster, MA.) v. Kelly Williams (225 lbs. /
    Atlanta, GA. / Eagle JJ)

  • Jerome Smith (225 lbs. / Atlanta, GA. / Freestyle) v. Mike Rogers (230
    lbs. / St Louis, MO. / Vaghi JJ)

  • Scott Henze (195 lbs. / Tell City, IN. / Wrestling) v. Wesley Bockert (190 lbs. / Detroit, MI. / Wrestling)


Schedule for the 2000 QUALIFIERS
7/22/2000 – under 65.9 KG (under 145 lbs.) – Evansville, Indiana
8/19/2000 – 66-76.9 KG (145.01 lbs. – 169.1 lbs.) – Evansville, Indiana
9/23/2000 – 88-98.9 KG (193.6 lbs. – 217.5 lbs.) – Evansville, Indiana
Nov. 2000 – 77-87.9 KG (169.11 lbs – 193.59 lbs.) – Evansville, Indiana
Dec. 2000 – 99 KG & up (217.51 lbs.) – Evansville, Indiana

Send Qualifier Tape to:
PO BOX 124
Maugansville MD 21767-0124



by Eddie Goldman

"No Holds Barred" can be heard every Monday through Friday, 3 to 6 PM New
York time (Eastern Time – U.S.), only on eYada.com (http://www.eyada.com).

Eddie Goldman
Monday, June 26 — Another busy weekend has come to a close, and we will have highlights of many of the key events. I was in Dallas to cover the 2000 U.S. Olympic Wrestling Team Trials, and we will have a report. Throughout the week we will also play taped interviews with new Olympians Terry Brands and Kerry McCoy, and others, including a brief talk with former wrestler and coach Rep. Dennis Hastert, the current Speaker of the House of Representatives. We will also discuss Mike Tyson’s latest controversial fight. We will as well have a report from Saturday’s King of the Cage show with Jeff Thaler, and a live report from Japan about today’s Pancrase show with Phyllis Lee.

Tuesday, June 27 — Today we talk to filmmaker Adam Warren, who has just released the highly acclaimed documentary "Blood, Sweat, and Teeth" about the no-holds-barred fighting and mixed martial arts world.

Wednesday, June 28Jeff Blatnick handled television commentary for the Olympic Wrestling Trials, and today we discuss them, as well as Jeff’s thoughts on some controversies regarding recent rules changes in wrestling. Don’t be too surprised if he fields some UFC questions as well, since he is the longtime UFC televison commentator and president of its sanctioning body, the Mixed Martial Arts Council. Also, Frank Mullis has been running grappling events in North Carolina, and planned to run more as well as a jiu-jitsu championship later this year. He was then informed by the North Carolina boxing commission that jiu-jitsu, grappling, and even Olympic-style wrestling and judo are ILLEGAL in that state. That sentence is not a missprint, and today Frank tells us what he is doing to end this latest absurd controversy.

Thursday, June 29Mark Schultz wants to let it all hang out today. The former Olympic gold medalist wrestler and UFC fighter tells us why he can no longer compete anymore. He also gives his take on why Brigham Young University, where he was head wrestling coach for many years, dropped the program, and what are the plans for his grappling school. Also, Scott Sonnon, U.S. national sambo coach, tells us all about "Zdorovye," the Slavic natural health system that is used to counter the often destructive training practices of combat sport.

Friday, June 30 — Today it’s "Amarillo, Texas Day" on "No Holds Barred," as we talk to Steve Nelson about the USWF’s return on July 8 in Amarillo, and the victory at the Olympic Wrestling Trials of Amarillo native Brandon Slay, who is believed to be the first Texas wrestler to make a U.S. Olympic wrestling team.


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