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Saturday, Jun 23, 2001

Kotc 9 Results

KOTC 9 Results
By Josh Gross

Terry Trebilcock with ring girls

  • Boa Quatch def. Kenny Tenorio by armbar 2:54 of round one.
  • Javier Vazquez def. Farrell Frisby by inverted heel hook 0:38 of round one.
  • Eiji Mitsuka def. Gerald Strebendt by tapout from punches 2:23 of round one.
  • Thomas Denny def. Mike Lee by TKO (couldn’t answer bell for round two.)
  • Usuda Katsumi def. Shannon Ritch by inverted heel hook 2:20 of round one.
  • Victor Hunsaker def. Patrick Lebreton by triangle choke 0:36 of round one.
  • Mike Bourke def. Roger Godinez by decision after two rounds.
  • Tony Galindo def. Reggie Cardiel by decision after two rounds.
  • Jason Lambert def. Rick Mathis by TKO 4:30 of round one.
  • Tim Catalfo def. Dave Beneteau by guillotine choke 0:25 of round one.
  • Brian Foster def. Amir Rahnavardi by TKO 4:22 of round one.
  • Eric Pele def. Sean Alvarez by TKO 0:27 of round three.

  • Bobby Hoffman def. Kauai Kuphiea by tapout from strikes 4:00 of round two, and wins the vacant KOTC heavyweight title.

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    Tim Catalfo choking Dave Beneteau Bobby Hoffman wins the belt

    Catalfo choking Beneteau

    Bobby Hoffman

  • Tim Catalfo choking Dave Beneteau Bobby Hoffman wins the belt

    Catalfo choking Beneteau

    Bobby Hoffman

    Quest to be the Best
    Team Quest Fighters to Battle for Spot on Greco Roman World Team
    By Aaron Crecy

    Henderson vs. Bosch
    CINCINNATI–With two recent Pride victories and the 2000 RINGS King of Kings Championship on his impressive resume, Dan Henderson presently commands a far higher paycheck than fellow Team Quest fighter Matt Lindland. But Lindland has something that no amount of money can buy-a world medal in Greco Roman wrestling.

    On Sunday, Henderson and Lindland will square off on Sunday in the Greco Roman World Team Trials at Xavier University to determine which man will represent the United States at 85 kilos (187.25 lbs.) in the World Championships on September 25 – 29, 2001. Henderson earned the right to face Lindland-the reigning National Champion-when he defeated Ethan Bosch in Saturday’s Challenge Tournament Finals, 8-0.

    Henderson vs. Bosch
    A win for Henderson means an opportunity to finally earn a medal in what would likely be his final wrestling competition. Henderson previously competed in the 1994 World Championships and the 1992 and 1996 Olympic Games but did not place. For Lindland, it is a chance to better his performance at the 2000 Olympics, where he won the silver medal at 76 kilos (167.5 lbs.).

    And the fact the World Championship tournament will be held on American soil in front of family, friends and countrymen at Madison Square Garden in New York City makes it a particularly meaningful competition for both wrestlers.

    Henderson and Lindland will square off in a best-of-three series, with each match consisting of two three-minute rounds, and if needed, a three-minute overtime.

    World Team Trials Results

  • Henderson def. James Meyer (unattached) by technical fall, 11-0
  • Henderson def. Aaron Sieracki (United States Air Force) by technical fall, 12-2
  • Henderson def. Ethan Bosch (New York Athletic Club), 8-0

  • From the event’s promoter:

    Hughes, Lavender to clash
    in Extreme Challenge 41

          Chatt Lavender is looking for a challenge.
          "I want to fight the best guys I can… to see where I stand," said the undefeated fighter from Dayton, Tenn.
          Lavender (8-0) will get his wish on July 13 as he takes on hometown hero Matt Hughes (26-3) in the main event of Extreme Challenge 41. Hughes, a UFC, WEF, RINGS and Extreme Challenge veteran, is among the top 5 rated welterweights (170-under) in the world. He is trying to stay busy while negotiations to get him into Pride continue in Japan.
          "Well, Hughes is definitely among the best out there," Lavender said. "I look at this as a great opportunity… a chance to see what level I’m at and where I need to improve."
          Lavender is no stranger to tough fights. He owns wins over WEF star Karl Schmidt and UFC veteran LaVerne Clark.
          "I’m looking forward to the fight," Hughes said. "I’ve been training hard and it’s good to test yourself… and Lavender is certainly a quality opponent."
          Extreme Challenge 41 will take place at Stars & Stripes nightclub in Davenport, Iowa. The event begins at 7:30 p.m.
          Also on the card are two high-level feature bouts. In the first, Jason Black (11-0) and Koji Lehman (4-0) square off in a battle of unbeatens. In the second, Rich Franklin (13-0) takes on Chris Seifert (17-2-2) in a heavyweight battle.
          Also fighting are a pair of up-and-coming young fighters in 19-year-old Robbie Lawler (3-0) and 20-year-old Maorco Macera (3-1).

    Extreme Challenge 41 lineup

    Single bouts

    Maorco Macera
    5-9, 178, New Orleans, La.
    Robbie Lawler
    5-10, 175, Bettendorf, Iowa

    Brad Lynde
    6-6, 195, Rockton, Ill.
    Rick Gravesen
    6-1, 200, Moline, Ill.

    Gabriel Merendon
    6-1, 195, Santa Fe, N.M.
    Dennis Reed
    6-2, 195, Muscatine, Iowa

    Brian Fulton
    5-9, 180, Cedar Falls, Iowa
    Jason Medina
    5-9, 180, Moline, Ill.

    Feature bouts

    Koji Lehman
    5-6, 170, Los Angeles, Calif.
    Jason Black
    5-7, 175, Davenport, Iowa

    Chris Seifert
    6-2, 225, Baton Rouge, La.
    Rich Franklin
    6-3, 218, Cincinnati, Ohio

    Super bout

    Chatt Lavender
    5-8, 175, Dayton, Tenn.
    Matt Hughes
    5-9, 175, Bettendorf, Iowa

    From the event’s promoter:

    Results From
    BAMA Fight Night 14 Results

    By Dan Quinones

    Shootfighting Single Matches

  • Brian Bulger def. Vin Esposito – Judges’ decision
  • Jason Everts def. Mike Alfano – Guillotine from the mount 9:10
  • Bryan Klass def. Glenn Ortiz – Neck crank 8:16
  • Brad Souders def. Brandon Petrillo – Arm lock 2:49
  • Mike Fusco def. Tim Hands – Guillotine choke :48
  • Themi Papadimitriou def. Joe Tabakhmon – Ankle lock 1:05
  • Mark Colangelo def. Robert Jaroszuk – Arm-bar 7:22

    Muay Thai

  • Brett Hlarecek def. David Goncalves – Judges’ decision


  • Chris Scanlon vs. Jason Pharro – No contest (Pharro unable to recover from unintentional foul) 8:00

    Shootfighting Belt Tournament (165-180 lbs.)

  • Chris Rumolo def. Mark Murray – Judges’ decision
  • Dimiter Alexander Lima "Shaolin" def. Jose Rodriguez – Triangle choke 5:46
  • Dimiter Alexander Lima "Shaolin" def. Chris Rumolo – Rear-naked choke 3:31
    "Shaolin" wins 165-180 lb. championship belt

    Shootfighting Belt Tournament (181-195 lbs.)

  • Jeff Stephano def. Mark Dappolito – Choke 3:19
  • Eric Grove def. Mike Thatcher – Arm-bar 2:09
  • Jeff Stephano def. Eric Grove – Guillotine 1:50 into OT (after 10:00 reg.)
    Stephano wins 181-195 lb. championship belt

    Shootfighting Belt Tournament (196-210 lbs.)

  • Damian O’Hara def. Marcelo Rinto – Head-and-arm choke from scarf 6:06
  • Francisco Villalobos def. John McCafferty – Judges’ decision
    Villalobos wins 196-210 lb. championship belt
    (Damian O’Hara was unable to continue on to the finals due to injury received in his first bout)

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    Stephano on top of Dappolito O'Hara sprawls on top of Rinto

    Stephano on top of Dappolito

    O’Hara sprawls
    on top of Rinto

  • Stephano on top of Dappolito O'Hara sprawls on top of Rinto

    Stephano on top of Dappolito

    O’Hara sprawls
    on top of Rinto
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