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Saturday, Sep 25, 2004

Kotc Results

KOTC Results
By Keith Mills

San Jacinto, CA-KOTC held a long but surprisingly solid card topped with both Bantamweight and Middleweight championship fights. Joey Villasenor from Jackson’s Submissions in New Mexico took the Middleweight belt by defeating Team Quest’s Brian Foster while Frankie Bollinger took the Bantamweight belt by defeating Richard Goodwin. Gladiator Challenge’s Bantamweight champion Uriajh Faber also fought and showed off his belt but his fight was not for his belt. The Thomas Denny/James Fanshier fight for the Welterweight belt was pushed back to the November 14th pay-per-view show when according to KOTC Denny was injured in training.

Also on the card Robert Emerson returned to the scene to fight a predominantly standup game against Joe Camacho and Brian Sesma defeated Ron Short after taking some damage with Short’s explosive ground and pound style.

This card was so packed that 808 Fight Factory’s Harris Sarmiento fought on the undercard. Although almost caught in a guillotine choke Harris escaped and exploded for a TKO victory in one of the closest fights of the night. With Thomas Denny all but stripped of his Lightweight belt Sarmiento could be an interesting contender by the end of the year.

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Reggie Cardiel def Paul Karsky 0:45 r1 by TKO
Manny Tapia def Ed Newalu by unanimous decision (2 rounds)
Matt Stansell def John Deloa 2:40 r1 by TKO
Joe Frainee def Jake Gomez 2:28 r1 by rear choke
Dave Hesquerdo def Matt Baraza 3:41 r1 by rear choke
James Wilks def Ray Lazama 1:14 r1 by TKO (cut)
Harris Sarmiento def John Olivas 1:45 r1 by TKO

Robert Emerson def Joe Camacho by unanimous decision (2 rounds)
Brian Sesma def Ron Short 2:12 r1 by TKO
Uriajh Faber def Rami Boukai by majority decision (2 rounds)
Frankie Bollinger def Richard Goodwin 1:45 r1by TKO (Bollinger becomes new KOTC Bantamweight champion)
Joey Villasenor def Brian Foster 4:25 r1 by rear choke (Villasenor becomes new KOTC Middleweight champion)

Fernando Gonzales def Travis Goodman 0:25 r1 by KO (knee)
Jerry Davis def Adrian Perez 0:34 r1 by front choke
Tom Roden def Mark McCuelland 3:04 by tap out to exhaustion

Guillard, Clark Duke It Out To Highlight Reality Combat
By Loretta Hunt

To the tune of an estimated 650 spectators, Reality Combat’s Western-themed "Duel In The Delta" swaggered into Tunica, Mississippi with an 8-fight card of amateur and pro bouts. Promoters Rich Clementi and Jim Cunningham made an extra effort to ensure the event had all the elements of an exemplary MMA event, which included video fighter intros broadcast over two large viewing screens among the added touches. The result was a tighter presentation than usually seen at local events at this level, and a good opportunity — particularly for the amateur fighters — to get some valuable cage time in front of the crowds. The highlights of the evening came from the pros, however, who rounded out the evening following a rapid fire of their amateur peers, who ended all their bouts quickly in their first rounds.

The fight of the night fittingly went to main eventers LaVerne Clark and Melvin Guillard who grappled, scrambled, and slugged it out till the bitter end of their allotted three rounds. Up-and-comer Guillard gave 5-Time UFC vet Clark all he could handle with a trade of powerful punches from the opening bell, but the seasoned Miletich Fighting Systems fighter scored with definitive takedowns and the majority of cage control throughout the fifteen minutes. On the ground, Guillard worked to end the fight by catching Clark first with an armbar and then twice with guillotine attempts. Yet, Clark’s experience shone through as he worked his way out each time and fought back with powerful strikes from above. Keeping up a feverish pace that had both men noticeably exhausted by the middle of the second round, the audience roared in approval. Round three had both fighters digging deep to give onlookers quite a show on their feet, and when the three judges failed to identify the victor, the crowd seemed to understand. Although FCF gave a slight edge to Clark for the victory, a rematch between these two would be a worthwhile undertaking all around.

Middleweight Kenny Stevens also had an impressive showing with a flash KO to opponent Ray Totorico by way of knee. Stevens received the Oscar Jackson Fight of the Night Award, named in tribute to the Reality Combat veteran who recently passed away.

Along with Stevens, 145er William McGlothlin demonstrated solid technique against FFC 135-pound champion and pro boxer Antonio Smith. Although a resilient fighter, Smith’s jump up in weight proved too much to overcome, as McGlothin unleashed an effective ground and pound campaign that eventually set up the finishing rear naked choke 1:41 into round two.

60 year old Skip Hall did not come out victorious this evening, his ferocity for the sport should be commended. Defying age, Hall began strong with a solid takedown early on, yet succumbed to ground strikes after a right punch opened opportunity for a tide-turning takedown for Barbier.

Reality Combat "Duel In The Delta" Results

Melvin Guillard vs. LaVerne Clark- Split Draw (27-30, 29-28, 29-29)
William McGlothlin def. Antonio Smith- Rear Naked Choke 1:41 Rd 2
Kenny Stevens def. Ray Totorico- KO (knee) 1:42 Rd 1
Anthony Barbier def. Skip Hall- TKO Referee Stoppage (strikes) 1:25 Rd 1

Amateur Bouts
Mike Breazele def. Ray Grossman- TKO Referee Stoppage (strikes) 2:35 Rd 1
Patrick Lachney def. Matt Thomas- Rear Naked Choke 3:40 Rd 1
Fred Grishwald def. Will Hymer- Guillotine Choke 1:10 Rd 1
Seth Kleinbeck def. Alan Belcher- TKO Referee Stoppage (strikes) 0:15 Rd 1

EVT suffers letdown as Allan Goes’ bizarre incident prevents main event from happening!

By Eduardo Alonso

      In an absolutely sad, bizarre and unfortunate turn of events, the Swedish fans and the promoters of European Vale Tudo saw their main event being taken off from them, putting an inevitable sense of frustration into months of work. This past Thursday, September 23rd, Pride and UFC veteran Allan Goes was surprised in the Rio de Janeiro international airport by the Brazilian Federal Police, while attempting to board his flight to Sweden. The Federal agents didn’t allow him to leave Brazil by any means, therefore making impossible for him to board his plane and get to Sweden along with his teammate Murilo Bustamante, who was going to be his corner for EVT’s main event against Pierre Guillet.
      According to the Brazilian Top Team, Goes had some sort of problems with an ex-wife, regarding payment of alimony to his kids, and his ex-wife, likely knowing when he would departure, managed to get a threshold making it impossible for Allan to leave the country. This came as a terrible shock and got the promoters and teammates by surprise with EVT for being so close, schedule for September 26th. What followed trough was a series of struggles by lawyers and managers to try to get authoriziation from a judge for the fighter to departure in order to fullfil his commitment with the Scandinavian promotion as well as endless efforts to find a suitable replacement in case it was finally needed. Unfortunately though, neither of the options were viable, as Goes’ attempts to get permission to leave Brazil were denied on Friday, and time was short to find a suitable replacement, forcing the promoters to cancel the fight. Murilo Bustamante ended up traveling to Sweden and will be representing the Brazilian Top Team at the show, making a statement to the public on hand and appologizing on behalf of his team for this unfortunate situation.
      Both European Vale Tudo and the Brazilian Top Team had already made official statements regarding the situation on the show’s website and it’s important to remember that the promoters had nothing but the desire to make the best possible show for the fans, and tried for the last minute to make the fight happen, as this reporter had the chance to witness during negotiations in both ends. Although it’s understandable that fans may feel hindered by the lack of this fight on the card, it was really something totally out of control for the promoters and the Brazilian Top Team, and makes it amazing to believe a fighter of the caliber of Allan Goes wouldn’t know what’s going on in his personal life, regarding his situations with the law. This left a bad taste in many mouths, and for us MMA lovers we can now only hope this won’t cause any damage to the promotion or the sport in an area where it is amazingly quickly developing and will certainly mean an important ground for fighters from all over the globe in the near future. This Sunday, September 26th, the city of Stockholm in Sweden will still see an great fighting card full of Europe’s best, and those who attend the show will most certainly not regret! Here’s the updated fight card for EVT 4 Gladiators:

Sebastian Korschilgen (Germany) vs. Robbie Oliver (UK)
Tim Vinther (Denmark) vs. Diego Gonzales (Sweden)
Marcus Karallus (Germany) vs. Johan Antonsson (Sweden)
Dennis Siver (Germany) vs. Kenneth Rosfort (Denmark)
Guilon Emmanuel (France) vs. Christian Dellevag (Sweden)
Mario Stapel (Germany) vs. Mattias Awad (Sweden)
David Baron (France) vs. Stale Nyang (Norway)
Daniel Weichel (Germany) vs. Joakim Engberg (Sweden)
Petr Cajnak (Czech Republic) vs. Thomas Hytten (Norway)

From the event’s promoter:

FFC Results

In a night of twists turns and injuries, a sold out crowd watched as Nick Thompson took an unlikely path to winning the FFC MW Tourney. After taking a big right hand from Brian Ebersole and failing to answer several blows in the first fight of the night, Referee John Dixson stepped in and halted the action. Thompson thought the night was over.

Later in the evening after Dave Phillips and Jessie Chilton won their opening round matchs but were unable to continue due to injuries. Thompson came back into the tournament by virtue of the survivor rule.

After beating a game Sean Hoffman in the semi’s Thompson faced another beneficiary of the survivor rule, John "The Saint" Renken. In a seesaw battleThompson put an exclaimation point to the evening by nailing a tiring John Renken with a big right that dropped Renken along the ropes and forcing Referee Big John Dixson to end the proceedings.

In single fight action Dave Vitkay 205lbs seemed in control of Ron Fields 205lbs. with solid ground and pound. In the second round Fields finally landed a flurry that left Vitkay unable to respond forcing a referee stoppage.

Jake Short, a last minute replacement, used big punches and kicks to close the distance against Petz, then out wrestled him in the first two stanzas. Tiring badly in round three, Short was able to avoid bombs from Petz and gain a unanimous decision.

Below are the nights results.

Ebersole def. Thompson r1 Stoppage.
Jessie Chilton def. Garret Davis Dec.
Sean Hoffman def. John Renken Dec.
Dave Phillips def. Chris Meyers Ref Stoppage.

Renken def. Ebersole Dec.
Thompson def. Hoffman choke r2

Thompson def. Renken TKO.

Single FIghts
Ron Fields def. Dave Vitkay TKO r2
Jake Short def. Forest Petz dec.

From Pancrase:

Pancrase Results

Friday,September 24,2004
doors open; 5:30PM
first fight start; 6:00PM
Korakuen Hall(Tokyo,Japan)
live gate: 2,300-

Amateur Bout#1 Pancrase Gate lightweight tournament 2×5 min rounds
TOMOYA MIYASHITA(B-CLUB) def. Tomeya Filho Sasahara(Wajutsu Keishukai Suruga Dojo) by
armlock at 2R 2:04

Amateur Bout#2 Pancrase Gate lightweight tournament 2×5 min rounds
MITSUO MATSUMOTO(Gracie Barra VTT) def. MOTOKAZU KOBAYASH(Hishojuku) by 3-0-0 unanimous
judges decision at full time limit

Pro-Bout#1 welterweight 2×5 min rounds
NAOKI SEKI(freelance) drew DAIZO ISHIGE(SK Absolute) by 1-0-2 draw judges decision at full
time limit

Pro-Bout#2 light heavyweight 2×5 min rounds
YUYA SHIRAI(Unplugged Kokubunji) def. MITSUYOSHI SATO(Pancrase GRABAKA) by 2-0-1 majority
judges decision at full time limit

Pro-Bout#3 middleweight 2×5 min rounds
HIROMITSU MIURA(Pancrase MEGATON-TOKIN) def. YUICHI NAKANISHI(middleweight 7th ranked/
freelance) by 2-0-1 majority judges decision at full time limit

Pro-Bout#4 welterweight 3×5 min rounds
KATSUYA INOUE(RJW/CENTRAL) def. TAKUYA WADA(welterweight 6th ranked/SK Absolute) by 3-0-0
unanimous judges decision at full time limit

Pro-Bout#5 super heavyweight 2×5 min rounds
ALEX ROBERTS(KJK/Justice Management) def. KENGO(super heavyweight 8th ranked/PANCRASEism)
by 2-1-0 split judges decision at full time limit

Pro-Bout#6 light heavyweight 3×5 min rounds
YUKI SASAKI(light heavyweight 7th ranked/Pancrase GRABAKA) def. BUCK MEREDITH(U.S.A./Team
Quest) by triangle choke at 2R 3:13

Semifinal welterweight 3×5 min rounds
HEATH SIMS(welterweight 2nd ranked/U.S.A./Team Quest) drew SATORU KITAOKA(welterweight 4th
ranked/PANCRASEism) by 0-1-2 draw judges decision at full time limit

Main Event super heavyweight 2×5 min rounds
KEIGO TAKAMORI(super heavyweight 3rd ranked/Pancrase MEGATON) def. NETZLER "TATSUJI"
ANTHONY(New Zealand/TEAM Boon!) by standing punch KO at 1R 0:49

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