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Saturday, May 10, 2003

Learn From The Best!

Learn from the Best!
Available in both DVD & VHS formats

Pat Miletich Instruction DVDs and VHS video tapes Frank Shamrock Instruction DVDs and VHS video tapes

The first ever Lightweight UFC Champion and the most successful trainer of champions in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts! Now is the time see what makes Pat Miletich fighters the best in the world!

Volume #1: Stand Up Fighting. Training includes; Foot work, jabbing, 1-2 punching, muay thai footwork, jab swing angle, 1-2 hop angle, triple upper cuts, and more!

Volume #2:Make Them Pay For Missing. Training includes; kick sweep, perre jab, counter kicks with kicks, counter punches with punches, and more!

Volume #3: Muay Thai Pad Combinations; Techniques and Drills. Intense training includes over 15 combination drills beginning with the 2-LL combo, to the triple 6’s-3.

Volume #4: Submission escapes. Training includes; Armbar escapes from top and bottom, key lock escapes, lock arms around body, key lock on side, and more!

Volume #5:Gaining Positions on the Ground. Passing the guard, passing butterfly guard, half guard passes, achieving the mount, getting opponents back.

Volume #6: Fight clips, commentary, interview, and training tips. Includes Miletich’s five key skills that will help you fight, and more!

A Mixed Martial Arts Legend and one of the most skilled fighters to ever step into the Octagon! This series is a most have for anyone!

Volume #1: Power Striking; How to strike with maximum power and not get hit. Training includes; Deadly combinations, Proper punching, kicking, the stance, footwork, and more!

Volume #2: Avoid the take down; Defense to stay on your feet. Training includes; Impact, angles, trips, sprawls, under hooks, redirection, the clinch, throws, and Shamrock’s tips, tricks, and cheats.

Volume #3: Escape from the Ground; Get up and strike. Training includes; Safety positions, Bridge, Elevator, Hip Pop, Stand up, Shamrock’s Monkey roll, Sit out, Combinations of escapes and drills.

Volume #4: Instant Submissions; How to lock five guaranteed finishing holds from any position. Training includes; Front Choke, Standing shoulder lock, Arm bar lock, Monkey roll, and more.

Volume #5: Clinch Fighting; Counter attacks for being held. Training includes; Escaping the clinch, Dirty boxing with knees, Getting into a clinch, kicking from a clinch, and Shamrock’s tips, tricks, and cheats.

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