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Sunday, Jun 24, 2001

Lindland Defeats Hendersonat U.s. World Team Trials

Lindland Defeats Henderson
at U.S. World Team Trials

Team Quest Fighters Engage in
Hotly Contested Greco Roman Battle

By Aaron Crecy

Dan Henderson and Matt Lindland post-match
CINCINNATI–On the third and final day of the United States World Team Trials, Dan Henderson’s bid to qualify for a fourth and final World Championships came crashing to a halt. The cause of the accident? Try friend and Team Quest stablemate Matt Lindland, who defeated Dan Henderson in two straight matches for the right to represent America at 85 kilos (187.25 lbs.) in the 2001 World Championships.

It was a battle that lived up to its billing, with Lindland scoring an overtime takedown from the clinch position to squeak out a 3-2 victory in the first meeting. Then, in what proved to be the deciding bout, Lindland countered two Henderson throws to secure a 3-1 win.

Winners of a two-day Challenge Tournament squared off with the reigning national champions in Sunday’s World Team Trials Finals at Xavier University. The World Championships will take place at Madison Square Garden in New York City from September 25 – 29, 2001. Divisions include men’s freestyle and Greco Roman, as well as women’s freestyle.

Final World Team Trials Results at 85 Kilos

Lindland def. Henderson 3-2 OT
Lindland def. Henderson 3-1

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From RSF Web Admin Roberto Martinez:

Reality Superfighting’s
Attack at the Track
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  1. George Randolph def. Brian van der Waals – Randolph by Decision (Unanimous) 5:00 3
  2. Ben Bisso def. Mike Nelson – Decision (Unanimous) 5:00 3
  3. Jon Weidler def. Craig Oxley – Submission (Guillotine Choke) 1:28 Round 1
  4. Mushin Corbbrey def. Jerry Hackney – Submission (Armbar) 1:14 Round 1
  5. Anthony Fryklund def. Cris Custer – Submission (Guillotine Choke) 1:30 Round 2
  6. Todd Carney vs. Jason Bender – Submission (Guillotine Choke) 1:11 Round 1
  7. Don Kaecher def. John Wehbey – Decision (Unanimous) 4:00 Round 3
  8. Branden Lee Hinkle def. Jorge Rivaria – TKO (Towel Thrown) 1:54 Round 2
  9. Dan Severn def. Wes Sims – Decision (Unanimous) 4:00 3

UFC 32 Coverage

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Holland Tunnel UFC Billboard

Today we start off with pre-fight interviews with BJ Penn & Tony DeSouza

Pre-UFC Interview:
BJ "The Prodigy" Penn

By Michael Onzuka – Mike@onzuka.com

Bob Cook and BJ Penn
      It has been a while since a fighter came out of relative obscurity and has huge hype around him. With the excellent promotion of the fighters that the new UFC management is implementing, this has fueled the reputation of BJJ black belt World Champion, BJ Penn. People in the submission grappling and BJJ world knew that BJ is one of the top grapplers in the world. There has been talk on many Internet forums that BJ can also throw some mean leather as well. Many people were eagerly awaiting his entrance into mixed martial arts. BJ got the chance of a lifetime and made his professional fight debut in the last UFC as a preliminary fight against Chicago native, Joey Gilbert. Although, the main UFC audience on pay-per-view did not get see his match except for a quick clip showing utter dominance, the UFC left the fans thirsting for more from this youngster. While in San Francisco, I spun down to Santa Clara where BJ, along with his other brothers (all three were there, one was visiting from Hilo), live and train. BJ has seemed to find a good location to live and more importantly, train in order to reach his goal of obtaining a UFC Bantamweight Championship belt. After the interview, I watched a training session at the American Kickboxing Academy under the watchful eye of owner and world champion kickboxer, Javier Mendez, who is responsible for the excellent stand-up skills of Frank Shamrock. Other fighters were also there…Tony DeSouza, "Crazy" Bob Cook, Dave Velasquez, Brian Johnston and Ishizawa (who fought Ryan Gracie and is training for a rematch), all stopped in while I watched BJ’s session. It was literally a who’s who of fighters just coming there to train and sharpen their skills. Following the training session, I was also treated to one of the best BBQs that I have ever had at BJ’s home before I had to make my long one hour voyage back to my hotel (Remember, I live in Hawaii, everything is just 30 minutes away).

Full Contact Fighter:   How is your preparation going?
BJ Penn:   My preparation is going great. For the fight, I’ve been training three times a day and trying to get a lot of rest and eat a lot of the right foods. I’m starting to slow down now and just taper off before the fight.

FCF:   Do you find it hard to keep your intensity and drive when the preparation is so long for an upcoming event?
BP:    Yeah, definitely. I get burned out mentally and physically and that’s when I have to take a break and lay off and let my mind get focused again and get away from the whole scene, the mats, the rings, and stuff.

FCF:   So, you are taking a break to relax prior to your fight. Do you feel that you will be too relaxed or inactive for too long or is this something that you did for the last UFC and are comfortable with?
BP:    Yeah, I usually try to set a peak for myself. I try to rest a few days before and then train a little before the fight to wake my muscles back up because I don’t want to rest a day before the fight or I’ll be sluggish so I always try to get one or two days before a competition to work out, two days before the competition at least.

FCF:   Is it a controlled sparring session or just drills?
BP:    A lot of drills and a little sparring, but making sure that I’m not going to get hurt at all.

FCF:   I understand that you have been working out at American Kickboxing Academy. What does that school offer you?
BP:    It’s just a great place to work out. A lot of different fighters are in and out of there all the time. You got boxers, kickboxers, good striking coach, Javier Mendez, Frank Shamrock works out there.

FCF:   Do you have opportunities to train with these other guys like Chuck Liddell, Frank Shamrock and actually grapple and train with these guys?

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An Average Man Doing Extraordinary Things:
Tony "The Savage" DeSouza

By Michael Onzuka – Mike@onzuka.com

Tony DeSouza
      Tony DeSouza made an exciting debut in the UFC against the Midwest terror, Steve Berger. DeSouza showed excellent wrestling skills and good defense against the submission attempts of Berger. Apparently, the UFC was equally impressed with Tony enough to invite him back to face "the spoiler" Paul Rodriguez. Rodriguez brings in a lot of experience and major wins against the best in the 170-pound division. For those who have not seen "The Savage" yet, he is probably best described as a talented wrestler with some submission skills and he will bang a bit standing. I bumped into Tony while meeting with BJ Penn at the American Kickboxing Academy on June 20, 2001. He is in full swing with his preparation for the UFC.

FCF:   I’m here with Tony DeSouza prior to his second fight in the UFC. How did your first fight against Steve Berger go in your opinion?
Tony DeSouza:     It was a good experience you know. I went in there and tried my best. By the end of the third round, I was disappointed with my showing, but I’ve been training a lot harder this time. I’m a lot more prepared. I’m not as nervous. I just feel very confident about this next time going in the octagon.

FCF:   What did you know of Steve Berger prior to the fight?
TD:     I saw a few of his fights. I studied them. I did my homework. I knew exactly what he was going to do. I trained exactly to get the takedown, to keep the jab out there, etcetera so I had him pretty figured out before I went in there.

FCF:   You pretty much dominated the stand up early in the match. Was this a primary objective of yours knowing that his stand up is part of his bread and butter?
TD:     Exactly, I wanted to take all the confidence out of him. Show him that I could fight with him wherever and I could take it wherever I wanted it to go.

FCF:   How have you modified your training to perform better in your next fight coming up against Paul Rodriguez?

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From the event’s promoter:


On the eve of the first anniversary of the first Universal Combat Challenge event, the UCC is back with yet another trens setting show. UCC 5: HEATWAVE 2001 will be a first for the UCC, Mixed Martial Arts and Canadian sports as the debut of thi annual series is part of an even larger entity called EXTREME DRAGFEST 2001. The extreme event is one of the largest gathering for extreme sports enthusiasts in Canada and will play host to over 100,000 people. The organizers of this event have witnessed the growth of Mixed Martial Arts and are pleased to have enlisted Canada’s premiere fight promotion to bring its exciting brand of combat action to Extreme sports fans.

Some of the most exciting UCC fighters will explode in the RING OF FURY on June 30, 2001. HEATWAVE 2001 is bringing a multi main event card topped off with a World Lightweight Championship Superfight between Brazilian phenom, CLAUDIONOR "Demolition Man" FONTINELLE and UCC World Lightweight Champion SEAN "Pimp Daddy" PIERSON. When these modern warriors clash, its sure to be fast and furious!

Also on the card is a Canadian Super-Lightweight title fight between UCC Canadian Super-Lightweight champion RICHARD "Monkey" NANCOO and challenger YVES "Tiger" JABOUIN. This will be a classic grappler vs. striker match for UCC gold and the right to be called the best under 155 pound fighter in Canada.

DAVID "The Crow" LOISEAU will also return to action against undefeated powerhouse MIKE KITCHEN!
Canadian Middleweight Champion and local sensation STEVE "Coeur de Lion" VIGNEAULT is set for his first Light Heavyweight challenge against "Trouble" JODY BURKE… this will be Vigneault’s first time fighting a 200 pounds opponent!

June 30 will also see the return of "PAIN"… PAIN PETERS returns to his battleground to face Muay Thai fighter DIRK WAARDENBURG who is looking to avenge the massive beating that PAIN dealt out to DIRK’s training partner Charles Ali Nestor at UCC 4!!!

In some Light Heavyweight action, UCC fans will see former UCC Canadian Light Heavyweight champion JEROMIE SILLS go toe to toe with undefeated amateur fighter JEAN-PHILLIPE CANTIN. SILLS will be looking to climb back into the title picture. UCC vet YAN PELLERIN returns for another win as he squares off with newcomer RICARDEAU FRANÇOIS. UCC 5 will also see the pro debut of STEPHANE "Simba" VIGNEAULT…the younger brother of Canadian MW title holder Steve Vigneault. The younger Vigneault will have his hands full with UCC vet and Kickboxing superstar SCOTT CLAY as he returns to add another win to the list.

Don’t miss it, June 30th 2001 at the Sanair International Speedway.

Directions to Sanair:
– Highway 20 EAST towards Quebec city, take EXIT 123 and continue all the way to SANAIR.

Directions to the Quality Inn & Suites Hotel:
– Coming from 401 (Toronto)
– Take Highway 20 EAST towards Montreal
– Take the Champlain bridge (Pont Champlain), cross the bridge,
– Take first exit to the left (TASCHEREAU EAST), and the Hotel will be a bit further on the left side right besides a Burger King.

See you there!!!!!!

Stephane Patry, President/CEO
Universal Combat Challenge
visit us at: http://www.universalcombat.com/

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