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Saturday, Mar 08, 2003

Lytle Knocks Out Steel-chinned Rileyhooknshoot Boot Camp 1.1 Results

Lytle Knocks Out Steel-Chinned Riley
HOOKnSHOOT Boot Camp 1.1 Results

By Joe hall
Robbie Lawler swung with all his might for 15 minutes, and he couldn’t do it. Neither could Yves Edwards, who unloaded his arsenal for three full rounds. Those meetings and a host of other wars built the legend of Aaron Riley’s impenetrable steel chin. He could be beaten, but he couldn’t be knocked out. Until last night, until Chris Lytle.

It was billed as the battle of two Indiana boys, the finest 170-pound mixed martial artists the state ever produced. Lytle, who trains at Integrated Fighting in Indianapolis, came out first, and a packed Evansville Memorial Coliseum cheered him vehemently.

His music stopped, and his opponent’s started. Although they cheered Lytle, they roared for Riley, who made his grandest entrance to-date, replete with an ominous mask, pounding music and fireworks.

Smoke from the explosives engulfed the ring momentarily, prompting Riley’s cornerman Matt Hume to clear the air for his fighter by flagging the pollution with a towel. Ten feet away, Lytle hopped from foot-to-foot, just seconds from the opening bell.

The young but experienced combatants met in the center of the ring and received their final instructions. With a swell of fans filling the aisles and inching toward the action, as they tend to do when Riley fights in Evansville, the bell finally rang.

A series of exchanges began the fight, and it wasn’t long before Lytle landed a stiff right hand. The blow wobbled Riley, alarming his wealth of supporters who knew that when Aaron Riley is wobbled, someone is throwing dynamite. The fighters clinched, and Riley threw knees while Lytle retaliated with right and left hands.

After a brief separation, another trade of strikes followed. Lytle was the aggressor, consistently beating his adversary to the punch. Riley threw back, but looked sluggish compared to Lytle’s blistering pace.

The bout was mirroring Riley’s history of classic performances, where he absorbs punishing blow after punishing blow only to comeback, or, at the least, stay on his feet swinging until the last second. The shocker that happened next, however, spoiled the storyline.

Lytle delivered a left hook that slammed into Riley’s jaw, staggering the Cannelton, Indiana native into the ropes. Smelling a brutal conclusion, Lytle smashed a kick into Riley’s midsection. The combination continued, as Lytle drew back and hammered home a right hand. Another powerful right followed, then a left to the body, and a final right-left-right series. Riley crumbled in the corner, not out cold, but clearly out.

It was an impressive victory for Lytle, who has never been finished despite facing some of the best fighters in the sport. A victim of several narrow defeats by decision, Lytle may have scored his breakthrough triumph Saturday night.

Designed to be a smaller event to showcase new talent, Boot Camp 1.1 was as enlivening as any HOOKnSHOOT that’s been held in Southern Indiana. A pair of brutal knockouts on the undercard, most notably Devion Peterson’s victory over American Top Team’s Marcel Ferreira, enthralled those in attendance.

Built like an NFL running back, Peterson stunned Ferreira with a strike that sent him reeling back with his hands down. Peterson pursued, drew back with everything he had and slugged Ferreira with a right hand that sent the fighter’s mouthpiece sailing out of the ring. Ferreira recovered from the knockout after a short period and left the ring with the help of his teammates.

Earlier in the night, American Top Team’s Jorge Santiago drilled Jay Martin with a punch that buckled the fighter’s knees inward and dropped him to his back. Santiago followed his opponent to the mat and finished the fight in 14 seconds.

In all the punishing action mentioned above, nothing was as violent as the controversial ending to the competitive bout between Solomon Hutcherson and John Fitch. Late in the first round, Hutcherson stood to his feet while Fitch was on all fours. With Fitch either moving to stand or standing, Hutcherson hiked his leg back and threw a ruthless kick that smashed squarely into his opponent’s face and sent a sickening smack ringing through the Coliseum.

The fight was stopped immediately, as Fitch lay on the mat holding his face in both hands. Whether Fitch was standing when Hutcherson threw the kick is one matter of controversy, while another ringside debate concerned whether Fitch was standing when the kick actually landed. While ringside paramedics attended to him, HOOKnSHOOT officials quickly reviewed the video and ruled the kick illegal. The bout was then declared a no-contest due to a medical stoppage. As of press time, Fitch was bruised and cut but otherwise OK following the kick, though the strike had reportedly broken Hutcherson’s foot.

In other bouts, Edson Diniz, of American Top Team, used an unstoppable ground game to beat Phil Johns and become the HOOKnSHOOT lightweight champion. Diniz persistently swept Johns and eventually took the mount in the second round, where he pounded his opponent until the referee intervened.


  • 185: Dave Stone def. John Tarrh — Arm Triangle Choke (R1)
  • 170: Derrick Noble def. Pat Healy — Guillotine Choke (R2)
  • 205: Ron Faircloth def. Emyr Bussard — Unanimous Decision (10:00)
  • 185: Angelo Popofski def. Joseph Baize — Unanimous Decision (10:00)
  • 185: Jorge Santiago def. Jay Martin — KO (R1)
  • 205: John Fitch vs. Solomon Hutcherson — No-contest
  • 205: Devion Peterson def. Marcel Ferreira — KO (R1)
  • 185: Keith Rockel def. Leo Sylvest — Rear Naked Choke (R1)
  • 155: Edson Diniz def. Phil Johns — Ref Stoppage (Strikes from Mount) (R1)
  • 170: Chris Lytle def. Aaron Riley — KO (R1)

Combat Evolution 2
March 8, 2003 – Milton Keynes
By Jim Burman

Wai pounding on Stevenson
Wai pounding on Stevenson

Variety seemed to be the key theme of CE2 as the promotion showcased Combat Jujitsu and Thai Boxing matches before moving on to the MMA matches which themselves threw out a multitude of techniques. Danny Batten continued to demonstrate why he’s considered to be one of the UK’s best Lightweights with a convincing win over Italy’s Luca Lazzerini via keylock mid way through the first round. The Italian was visibly distraught as afterwards claiming that he had not submitted. Batten had trapped his free arm and when he cranked the submission on the other arm and Lazzerini yelled out in pain. The ref stepped in and stopped it considering the extent of the limb contortion and the yell to be a verbal submission. Loser by Keylock to Batten in the first Combat Evolution show Ireland’s John Kavanagh put his record back on track by utilising great jiu jitsu skills to tap out Robbie Oliver with a textbook armbar.

It wasn’t just the submissions that impressed, with several matches full of great striking. In, what some fans dubbed, the ‘Battle of the Big Guys’ Jarood Speed Ko’d Jason Wright with a crashing cross. Soville dropped Pantazi with an unorthodox right hook that came out of nowhere and Degorski and Elliot went toe to toe that was never going the distance.

Full report to come in an upcoming issue of Full Contact Fighter

Kavanagh (top) sets up a leg lock
Kavanagh (top)
sets up a leg lock

CE2 -70kg Superfight European Title
Danny Batten 66kg (England) vs Luca Lazzerini 68kg (Italy)
Batten 1st rd Keylock

CE2 -70kg Super Prestige Match
Robbie Oliver 70kg (Eng) vs John Kavanagh 70kg (Ireland)
Kavanagh 1st rd Armbar

CE2 Euro Superfight
Mark Goddard 100kg (Eng) vs Manuel Amador 98kg (Spain)
Goddard 1st rd Armbar

CE2 Female Special Cage Match
Laura Harbidge vs Cherry Bolt
Harbidge 2nd rd match conceeded

CE2 European Superfights
Justin Elliot 75kg (Eng) vs Adrian Degorski 75kg (Ire)
Degorski 1st rd Doctors Stoppage (cut)

Neville Houchin 68kg (Eng) vs David Lopez 68kg (Spain)
Houchin 2nd rd TKO (Lopez unwilling to engage)

CE2 Wildcard
Andy Wai 68kg vs Dan Stevenson 66kg
Wai 2nd rd Guillotene

Jason Wright 120kg vs Jarood Speed 120kg
Speed 1st rd KO

Suley Mahmoud 82kg vs Mo Coles 80kg
Mahmoud 1st rd Rear Naked

Kyri Pantazi 75kg vs Tom Soville 75kg
Soville 1st rd KO

Shaun Cormode 80kg vs Jay Gibney 78kg

CE2 Combat Jujitsu Special Match
Mark Day vs Jawaad Khan
Day 1st rd Heel Hook

CE2 Thai Boxing
Claire Reilly vs Michell Newell
Reilly Unanimous JD

Stuart Harris vs Donnell Mitchell
Mitchell Unanimous JD

From the event’s promoter:

Ring of Fire brings the HEAT!

Hyatt Regency Tech Center,
Grand Mesa Ballroom
Denver, CO

Friday March 21st, 2003

ROF promoter Sven Bean is happy to announce the seventh edition of the popular RING OF FIRE series. The event named MELTDOWN will feature a combination of Mixed Martial Arts and K-1 rules bouts. Originally scheduled for Saturday the 22nd at the Mile High Event Center, the event has been moved to Friday night and will take place at the luxurious Hyatt Regency Tech Center, in the 12,000 square foot Grand Mesa Ballroom. ROF fans will appreciate the new space with secure private parking, easy access, 5 full service bars, and 20 x 20 big screen to watch the action. VIP’s will be seated ringside at 8 seat tables with catered dinner, champagne, party favors, and personal cocktail service.

ROF Welterweight Championship:

ROF 7 will mark the return of Colorado favorite Jay Jack, from BJJ Boulder. Jack has spent the last 18 months focusing on training fighters like Amanda Buckner and Cruz Chacon, all the while with the drive to compete laying in the back of his mind. Originally Jack’s opponent was to be the always entertaining Thomas THE WILDMAN Denny of Hesperia, CA. but the Wildman chose to compete in his own back yard on the March KOTC show. Taking Denny’s place is UFC and PRIDE veteran Anthony MAD DOG Macias. Macias is known for his battles with Dan Severn and Kazushi Sakuraba, and has been staying busy fighting for the RENEGADES event in Texas. This fight will be in the 170 class, which currently Duane BANG! Ludwig is the champion. Ludwig having recently won a World Title in the 155 lb class will be vacating the belt and the winner of this match will be declared the new champion.

ROF Light Weight Championship:

The co-main event will be a ROF Light Weight title match between champion Leonard Garcia facing challenger Justin James. James qualified for the spot by winning a 4 man tournament at ROF 6 in December. Fans who witnessed James fight were quick to note the resemblance in fighting style to that of the popular Garcia. Both fighters have a "balls to the wall" style of fighting that always gets the crowd on there feet. Matches like this are what the true essence of MMA is all about.

Feature Bout

The under card will be comprised of an exciting combination of MMA and K-1 rules 3 round matches. Most notable is the return of Duane BANG! Ludwig protoge Christian RELENTLESS Allen. RELENTLESS was last seen in the epic battle with 145 lb phenom Cole Escovedo on the UA Fighting 3 show earlier this summer. Opposite of Allen is the very tough Wrestler-BJJ stylist, Germund THE NORWEGIAN NIGHTMARE Larsen. Larsen has the edge in MMA experience, but Allen’s combined Muay Thai and MMA record make for an outstanding match up in the first ever Super Light Weight match in ROF history.

Local ring veteran and wrestling coach, Eric TAGGER Hines returns to the MMA arena squaring off against Iowa’s Aaron THE MACHINE Jerome, both guys are trained in wrestling, submission and kickboxing. This bout is setting up to be the "sleeper" match and could steal the show.

12 exciting bouts, the full card can be seen on www.rof-mma.com

Tickets can be purchased on line at www.ticketswest.com or charge by phone at 1-866-464-2626 Rsvd $40.00 GA $25.00

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