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Tuesday, Jun 26, 2001

Major Sportwear Expo Gathersa Cast Of Mma Stars In Sao Paulo!

Major Sportwear Expo Gathers
a Cast of MMA Stars in Sao Paulo!

By Eduardo Alonso

      The city of Sao Paulo, in Brazil, is holding a huge Sportwear fair, with several companies promoting their products. From Surf and Skatewear companies, to the biggest fightwear brand in Brazil, Bad Boy; every big company is there, and FCF stopped by to check what is going on at the fair. A number of big names in the fight game were at the fair, Vanderlei Silva, Vitor Belfort and Fernando Margarida were all in attendance today!
      The "Phenom" Vitor Belfort was signing autographs at the Bad Boy (his sponsor) stand, and he told FCF that he is still in negotiations with DSE, and still isn’t sure if he will fight or not at PRIDE 15 next month. On the other hand, Vanderlei Silva said that he is already training very hard to fight at the upcoming Pride event, but he is still training "in the dark", as he said, without knowing who his opponent will be. Despite the fact that he doesn’t know his opponent yet, Vanderlei told FCF that he is in great shape, and ready to fight anyone right now.
      The presence of all those top MMA Athletes at the EXPO, in addition to a large number of other Brazilian celebrities, demonstrates that the sport of Mixed Martial Arts is growing in Brazil, and FCF hopes that our sport will finally also reach mainstream in several other countries.

From the event’s promoter:

Draculino Injured
Will not Compete in July 21st Super Brawl

Just recieved word that Draculino suffered serious ligament damage to his knee while training Muay Thai in Brazil and will not be able to fight Baret Yoshida on July 21st in Hawaii. We are extremely disappointed and are currently looking for a suitable opponent for Baret.


The Best of Brazil Versus The Best of Japan:
Fabiano Iha vs. Kaoru Uno
A Pre-Fight Interview with
Fabiano Iha

by Chris Onzuka Chris@Onzuka.com

Fabiano Iha
Zuffa is definitely going with a ground up approach to revitalizing the UFC. Start with a great card, get the word out and "they will come." One of the anticipated matches (not that I am not anxious to see every fight) is the "Master of the Arm-Bar" Fabiano Iha versus the artist formerly known as Kaoru/Caol "Uno Shoten" Uno. These are two elite grapplers who have added striking skills to their arsenals. If this fight goes to the ground, we will either see a quick submission or an incredible display of grappling skills. I had to catch up with Fabiano to get his thoughts on this up coming fight.

FCF:   Let’s go back a bit and talk about you revenging your loss against LaVerne Clark. Tell us how this fight was different from the first?
Fabiano Iha:   I was definitely more prepared for this fight. I also knew his style a little better and also I was much more prepared to enter the Octagon.

FCF:   As far as being better prepared, do you mean your conditioning or your skills?
FI:     I can’t say conditioning because my first fight with him was so quick. The second fight was quick too, but condition-wise, I was prepared for both fights. I think that my stand-up for the second fight was much better because I have been working my stand-up a lot. For almost a year, I worked on my stand-up, so I was a little more prepared, even though I didn’t even use it. I was mentally more ready the second time.

FCF:   Uno is one of the most technical Japanese fighters around. How do you see the two of you matching up?
FI:     I think it is going to be a lot of technique out there. It’s going to be cool. If the fight is standing, you are going to see a lot of action and if the fight goes to the ground, you are going to see something that never happened in the UFC before, basically two black belts in Jiu-Jitsu fighting each other. I think there is going to be a lot of technique for people who understand the ground game to enjoy. And I am ready for it.

FCF:   Do you see this fight as being a short, quick fight or a long, drawn out war?
FI:     I plan on taking this fight into the second round, but I don’t think this fight is going to a decision. I think it is going to be either a submission or a knock out and can go either way. Either I get the submission or knock out or he does.

FCF:   If it is by submission, do you plan on taking him out with your infamous arm-bar?
FI:     At this point, I am ready for anything. If the fight stays on our feet, I’m okay. If the fight goes to the ground, I am going to try my best to catch him in an arm lock, that’s for sure. If I catch him in an arm lock it is going to be so good for me because I am billing myself as the "King of Arm-Bars," so if I end it that way than I will definitely be the king. [laughs]

FCF:   How do you feel at this lower weight?
FI:     Good, for me it is great because I have always been fighting heavier guys. So this time, I am going to be the heavy guy, so it is good, very good for me.

FCF:   How has training with Tito Ortiz, Couture and the rest of the gang helped you?
FI:     These guys showed me a lot of things that I had no idea about. They showed me a lot of takedowns and wrestling submissions. These guys are real cool, they showed me a lot of things. Not only that, me and Tito push each other. Every time we train we push each other, so it is very nice. We know each other very well. It helps a lot, to train with the best guys in the world and survive. Mentally, it strengthens you.

Fabiano Iha on Extreme Challenge DVD box cover
FCF:   Why do you feel that you have the edge in this match?
FI:     I think my ground work is better than his and I think that I am much stronger than he is, definitely more stronger. I think our cardio is the about the same, we both have good cardio. Maybe his stand-up is a little better than mine.

FCF:   How far is the winner of this fight away from a shot at Pulver?
FI:     I just spoke and had dinner with a guy at the UFC. I spoke with Joe Silva and it looks like if I beat Uno on Friday, I am going to have a shot at Pulver in September. It is not official, the conversation was basically, do well on Friday against Uno and you will definitely have a shot at the belt. That was basically the whole conversation.

FCF:   What do you say to critics that say you had more opportunities than many others in the UFC?
FI:     I do not think this is true. I think that I did a lot of things to come back into the UFC. I lost two times in a row in the UFC, to LaVerne Clark and to Dave Menne. At that time, Bob [Meyrowitz] promised me to have a rematch with LaVerne Clark because the first fight was bullshit. The whole UFC organization at that time, promised me a rematch with LaVerne Clark. Also, the whole time, one guy always believed in me and my potential and that was John Perretti. Even after my fight with Menne, he told me, "You are one of the best guys in this weight division and I believe in you." He also said "I am going to do everything that I can for you to get recognized." And he helped me by putting me back in against LaVerne, so I could prove myself against LaVerne and after that I fought in Japan. I knocked the guy out and I fought again against Phil Johns and I was able to get him in a submission, so I think that after this whole thing, I never did disappoint my fans. It also has to do with the way that I fight. I always enter the ring either trying to knock out the guy or to submit him. To walk in and win by points is not my game. I’m looking for a knock out or referee stoppage this Friday.

FCF:   Good luck this Friday.
FI:     Thank you. I appreciate it.

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