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Friday, Feb 16, 2001

Make Money On The Ufc?you Bet!

Press release from MVP SPORTSBOOK



      Do you think you can pick the winners of the upcoming UFC? Then MVP SPORTSBOOK says to put your money where your mouth is. MVP SPORTSBOOK, a completely licensed, legal, and regulated sportsbook located in San Jose Costa Rica has become the first sportsbook in history to post lines on the UFC.
      "We wanted to be the first sportsbook to offer lines on a sport that we feel is ready to take off", says MVP linesmaker Leo Shafto. "I have a love for the sport and the utmost respect for the fighters. We hope that by offering odds on such events will help legitimize the sport on a level similar to football or basketball. It’s a great sport and deserves recognition as such. I think true fans of the sport would relish the opportunity to test their knowledge and wager on the fights. I mean it takes guts to get in the ring and it takes guts to trust your convictions and bet on a fight."
      MVP SPORTSBOOK also offers odds on all major sporting events,reality tv shows, and even features a state of the art on-line casino. Opening an account takes less than 5 minutes and all clients who say that they came from Full Contact Fighter will receive a 10% sign up bonus on their initial deposit. Payouts are via bank check and can be requested 7 days a week. To view the latest odds on the UFC or to sign up, visit them at www.mvpsportsbook.com or call toll free at 1-888-771-9076. (UFC odds are posted on the website under the category of Futures/Props).
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