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Saturday, May 15, 2004

Mass Destruction 16: Results

Mass Destruction 16: Results
by Derek Callahan

Mass Destruction 16
Held May 15, 2004
Avalon Night Club
Boston, MA

Mike Marshall (left) vs. Rich Attonito
Marshall (left) vs. Attonito
  • John Latham (Jerry Jones) def. Mohammad Mohebbi (Planet JJ) – unanimous decision
  • Robert McNeil (South Shore Sportfighting) def. Jack Welby (Boneyard) – unanimous decision
  • Jerry Speigel (Freestyle) def. Will Hogan (Freestyle) – TKO, R1
  • Jim Gonzales (Brazilian MA Center) def. John Chupak (Jerry Jones) – heel hook, R1
  • Mike Marshall (Team Elite) def. Rich Attonito (Planet JJ) – split decision
  • Adailton Reis (Dragon’s Lair) def. Mike Varner (Boneyard) – TKO 3:23, R1
  • Ronald "Choirboy" Stallings (Team Sekai) def. Randy "the Savage" Rowe (Team Venom) – triangle choke, R1
  • Ted Govola, Jr. (Team Venom) def. Mandella Kpunou (Dragon’s Lair) – DQ (strikes to the back of head), 3:59, R2
  • Darryl MacAurele (Strikezone) def. Jay Isip (Team BAMA/Endgame) – TKO, R2

Crane, Sanchez Triumphant in Front of Home Crowd
King Of The Cage
Held May 15, 2004
At Sky City Casino – Albuquerque, NM

Alberto Crane nailing the takedown on John Mahlow early in the second
Crane nails takedown on Mahlow

Alberto Crane made his triumphant return in KOTC after a punishing first round against MASH’s John Mahlow. Crane is the former KOTC Lightweight champion who relinquished the belt last year while Mahlow fought in the following Lightweight fight to determine a new champion. In the first round Mahlow was punishing Crane with standup and denying repeated takedowns while Crane showed a patient strategy of wearing down his opponent. In the second the altitude and Mahlow’s admitted uneven conditioning took it’s toll on the Michigan fighter as Crane came back strong to win with an unorthodox rear choke from a crucifix position.

Diego Sanchez punishing Ray Elbe with knees and punches
Sanchez punishing Elbe

Also on the card Diego Sanchez officially became the next in line for a shot at the Welterweight belt by defeating Ray Elbe. First the current champion John Alessio of Bad Intentions takes on Jorge Santiago of American Top Team in June so Diego will have to wait until probably September. In the meantime look for Diego to fight in the postponed H.E.A.T. show in Brazil. In this fight Diego wasted little time getting Elbe down and finishing with strikes to the face until Elbe tapped.

  • Ray Merino def. Sean Bellamy by TKO 3:16 R1
  • Jerome Martine def. Paul Smiley by guillotine choke 1:12 R1
  • Johnathan Olivas def. Damien Rippee by rear choke 0:46 R1
  • Tom Pless def. Leo Orquidez by triangle choke 2:20 R1
  • Al Delgado def. Benj Vasquez by KO 0:27 R1
  • Javier Gil def. Hector Escarte by TKO 1:23 R1
  • Darrell Pridy def. Jimmy Westfall by rear choke 1:45 R1
  • Diego Sanchez def. Ray Elbe by submission to strikes 1:07 R1
  • Alberto Crane def. John Mahlow by choke 2:41 R2

Jungle Fight 2 Quick Results:
Wiuff, Barreto, Werdum and Assuerio prevail in a night of action-packed fights
By Eduardo Alonso

Jungle Fight 2 is now history and it was most certainly a very entertaining show. With a few surprises like Jiu-Jitsu stylist Fabricio Werdum scoring a knockout win over seasoned Muay Thai fighter Ebenezer Braga, in what got even Werdum himself surprised, and Assuerio Silva making Brazilian Top Team fighter Fabiano Scherner tap out due to a tight guillotine choke. Assuerio’s win wasn’t a surprise, however the way he won certainly wasn’t expected by many. It also had some tough costumer of the MMA game coming back in great style, like Carlos Barreto completely dominating UFC veteran Bobby Hoffman, and giving hopes of a possible rematch against Travis Wiuff after the American showed once again he is improved for real and deserves a shot at the bigger shows as soon as possible, as Travis once again used his brain and his power to mix strategy with aggressiveness forcing the referee to stop the fight with Montenegro already ready to go to dreamland!

  • Gabriel Napao def. "Charlie Brown" by forfeit in R3
  • Fredson Paixao def. Rani Yahira by judges’ decision after 3 rounds
  • Boris Jonstomp def. Adriano Martins by judges’ decision after 3 rounds
  • Daniel Acacio def. Buck Greer by KO in R2
  • Fabricio Werdum def. Ebenezer Braga by KO in R2
  • Katsuyori Shibata def. "Ice Man" by side choke in R1
  • Carlos Barreto def. Bobby Hoffman by referee stoppage in R2
  • Ronaldo Jacare def. Victor Babkin by TKO in R1
  • Assuerio Silva def. Fabiano Scherner by guillotine choke in R2
  • Travis Wiuff def. Leopoldo Montenegro by referee stoppage in R1

World Freestyle Fighting Championships 6
Held May 14, 2004
At the Croation Cultural Centre
Vancouver, British Columbia
By Mike Neva

Nick Perry pounds Trevor Schmidt into submission
Perry pounds Schmidt into submission


  • Tim Jenson def. Ben Greer by arm bar at 3:39 of R1
  • Nick Perry def. Trevor Schmidt by submission from punches at 0:55 of R1
  • Brad Cardinal def. Jamie Rennie by arm bar at 0:29 of R1
  • Jamie Varner def. Garrett Davis by triangle choke at 3:53 of R1
  • Antonio Carvalho def. John Louro by headlock choke at 2:45 of R1
  • Mike Adams def. Shannon Rennie by KO left round house kick at 3:04 of R1
  • Drew Fickett def. Fabio Holanda by rear-naked choke at 0:37 of R2
  • Ulisses Castro def. Jason Day by KO punches from rear mount at 2:27 of R1

Punishment in Paradise: "Warriors"
Campbell High School Gym, Ewa Beach, Hawaii
May 15, 2005
By Chris Onzuka

Mike Ganigiehi back-mounted on Mike Tafflinger
Ganigiehi on Tafflinger’s back

Punishment in Paradise’s third event was another marathon of fights for Hawaii fight fans. Kickboxing matches made up the lion’s share of the 17, yes you read right, 17 scheduled matches. Kickboxing is making a huge resurgence in Hawaii and the level that the fighters are on is amazing when just two years ago there were no kickboxing events to compete. PIP featured fighters as small as 50lbs up to fighters just over 200lbs. The match ups for most of the event, with the exception of the exhibitions, were even as seen by the number of fights that went to the judges’ cards. Normally the fights that go the distance end up being boring, but the kickboxing action was kept fast paced and the three minutes rounds in the MMA bouts allowed the fighters to maintain their intensity for the whole fight. It was difficult to pick out highlights because every fight could have been a highlight. A few of them were the wars between Gerald Alevalo-Chad and Dominator Lopes-Brandon Absher. The crowd almost got into it when the strong teams of Team Big Dogs and Bulls Pen got so involved in the Toni Rodrigues-Ryan Lee fight that they were out of their seats, but the heat of the moment settled down. The main event pitted one of Hawaii’s best kickboxers in Tommy Pestana against one of Hawaii’s best kickboxers in MMA in Deshaun Johnson. Johnson looked sharp in the first round getting off punches first and slipping a lot of Pestana’s punches. He slowed a bit in the second with Pestana making some adjustments and becoming more effective. The third round saw Pestana finish strong and Johnson slow to almost a stop while counter punching. This earned Pestana the unanimous decision.

150lbs. Kickboxing 3×1 1/2 Minute Rounds
Randy Rivera (HMC) def. Tommy Laugamen (B.G.)
Split decision [(30-25), (25-30), (30-25)] after 3 rounds.

Exhibition: Kickboxing 3×45 Seconds Rounds
Jada Perriera (E.B.F.C) drew Tristin Kamaka (808 Fight Factory)

Exhibition: 90lbs. Kickboxing 3x 45 Second Rounds
Shaun Ahlo (Casca Grossa) drew Cole Porlas (House of Pain)

175lbs. Kickboxing 3x 1/2 Minute Rounds
Frank Robello (Advanced Kenpo) vs. Blake Hottenberg (Kodenkan)
Draw [(29-28), (27-30), (28-28)] after 3 rounds.

135lbs. Kickboxing 3×1 Minute Rounds
Gerald "G-Money" Arevalo (808 Fight Factory) def. Chad (Team Big Dog)
Unanimous decision [(28-27), (30-25), (28-27)] after 3 rounds.

Exhibition: 60lbs Kickboxing 3x 45 Second Rounds
Tristen Pebria (E.B.F.C) drew Dido Rodriques (W.K.C)

168lbs. MMA 2×3 Minute Rounds
Mike Ganigiehi (Animal House) vs. Mike Tafflinger (Freelance)
Majority draw [(19-19), (19-19), (19-18)] after 2 rounds.

205lbs. Kickboxing 3×1 1/2 Minute Rounds
Val (Team Big Dog) def. Joshua Versola (Advanced Kempo)
Majority decision [(19-19), (19-19), (28-27)] after 3 rounds.

135lbs MMA 3×3 Minute Rounds
Mark Oshiro (Bulls Pen) def. Matt Matsuda (Kodenkan)
TKO via referee stoppage due to strikes from the triangle at 2:00 into R1.

145lbs Kickboxing 3×1 1/2 Minute Rounds
Dyson (Team Big Dogs) def. Brandon Antonio (Jesus Is Lord)
Split decision [(29-28), (28-29), (30-27)] after 3 rounds.

145lbs MMA 3×3 Minute Rounds
Kevin Delima (Bulls Pen) def. Jerome Kekumu (Hard Knocks)
Submission via rear naked choke at 2:28 into R2.

165lbs. Kickboxing 3×11/2 Minute Rounds
Ikaika (Backyard) def. Oscar Kano (HMC)
Unanimous decision [(30-27), (29-28), (29-28)] after 3 rounds.

135lbs. MMA 3X3 Minutes Rounds
Toni Rodriquez (Team Big Dogs) def. Ryan Lee (Bulls Pen)
KO at 2:13 into R3.

140LBS. Kickboxing 3×11/2 Second Rounds
Dominator Lopes (Team Big Dog) def. Brandon Absher (Hawaii Self Defense)
Unanimous decision [(27-26), (29-24), (29-26)] after 3 rounds.

125lbs Kickboxing 3x 1 1/2 Minutes Rounds
Stephen Paling Jr. (Jesus Is Lord) def. Derwin Wright (House of Pain)
TKO via verbal submission at 1:20 into R1.

Kickboxing 3X 1 1/2 Minute Rounds
Wayne Pierin Jr. (Team Big Dogs) def. Jesse Matilda (HMC)
Split decision [(29-28), (28-30), (29-28)] after 3 rounds.

175LBS. Kickboxing Rounds
Tommy Pestana (Team Pestana) def. Deshaun Johnson (HMC)
Unanimous decision [(30-27), (30-27), (29-28)] after 3 rounds.

From the event’s promoter:

RITC 62 – Results
Tolbert named Fighter of the Night
Aldano scores another KO

It was a sizzling hot night in Casa Grande. Eight exciting matchups were featured with all fights ending by submission or KO. Gilbert Aldano, who scored a 3 second KO in RITC 61, scored another KO. Aldano was then challenged by Andy Montana to fight in RITC 63 on June 12th. Troy Tolbert faced very tough Cameron Mayer. Troy withstood aggressive attacks to win by arm bar submission and earned Fighter of the Night (FOTN) honors. Other candidates for FOTN were Matt VerHalen, Michael Grandinetti, Brandon Roberts, Israel Juarez, Michael Perales, Gilbert Aldano and Vince Lucero.

Matt VerHalen (141), Freestyle
won by submission (choke), :44 Rd 1
Brandon Oliver (136), Team Brausa

Troy Tolbert (141), Leininger Dojo
won by submission (arm bar), 1:22 Rd 1
Cameron Mayer (133), Hinnzman’s MMA

Michael Grandinetti (175), Leininger Dojo
won by submission (strikes), :26 Rd 1
Joe Bochenek (165), Freestyle

Brandon Roberts (166), Ultima MMA
won by submission (strikes), 1:25 Rd 1
Jason Dehart (165), Team Brausa

Israel Juarez (171), Leininger Dojo
won by TKO, 2:29 Rd 1
Brett Schreiner (166), Sac BJJ

Michael Perales (190), Devil’s Den
won by submission (strikes), 1:42 Rd 2
David Canuas (192), Freestyle

Gilbert Aldano (251), Team Brausa
won by KO, 1:55 Rd 1
Karl Perkins (244), AZ Punishment

Vince Lucero (291), AZ Punishment
won by submission (strikes), 1:52 Rd 1
Cory Timmerman (335), Team Brausa

Upcoming Events:

Desert Quest #8
Saturday, June 5, 2004
Westwood High (Mesa)

RITC 63 – It’s Time
Saturday, June 12, 2004
Phoenix (Dodge Theater)

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