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Monday, Feb 07, 2011

Mayhem At The Mansion II Results

Kilohana Mansion, Puhi, Kauai
February 5, 2011
By Chris Onzuka
The first and longest running MMA event held their first event of the year on the beautiful island of Kauai and like in years past the rain has come down to bless the event. However, the event has moved from under the open aired Hanapepe Stadium into the fully sheltered and more intimate Kilohana Mansion for the second time, which was appreciated by all.  The event featured two kickboxing matches, a handful of Pankration matches and ended the night with MMA. 
Ola Lum from the O2 Martial Arts Academy started off the night by hammering a tough and game Marcus Vierra.  The Pankration matches, which featured striking while standing, but grappling only while on the ground was dominated by the HMC team under the tutelage of David “Chinaman” Yeung.  His team looked very polished and took full advantage of the Pankration style of matches to get their feet wet to improve their MMA skills.  They showcased a very aggressive and well rounded style.  The big boys also came out with a bang, making it a classic version of the immovable object meeting the irresistible force, when Gary Gouviea came straight forward throwing bombs while Kalama Silva fired back and displayed some solid striking skills.  In the end, Gouviea’s pressure, and ability to take a punch, was too much for Silva.  
There was even a female kickboxing bout featuring Ingrid Nakamura taking on an intimidating opponent in Ave Peters. Nakamura showed no fear and went after Peters, connecting with a thrust kick and pounding the body until she dropped her larger foe to the Kauai fight fans’ delight.  The last three fights made Kauai proud as Tyson Hawelu (New Breed) continued his winning streak with his aggressive style taking out Paul Lopes and Salty Shane Kahananui from KTI had a back and forth war with Ryan Clay, until landing a vicious right hook that sent Clay crashing to the canvas.  The main event featured Kauai’s top 145lber and MMA and BJJ veteran Eben Kaneshiro taking on BJ Penn 8-Man tournament champion Matt Comeau.  Comeau looked to utilize his wrestling to keep the fight standing and out of Kaneshiro’s strength, but Kaneshiro added some new striking skills to his arsenal.  When the fighters broke apart or were infighting, Kaneshiro would throw spinning back elbows with bad intentions.  It was only a matter of time and the right opportunity for one of those elbows to find its mark.  Kaneshiro landed a solid elbow that sent Comeau to the cage floor.  He pounced on Comeau, but the Referee stepped in to save a dazed Comeau from taking further damage.   
This event partnered with X-1 World Events and one of the benefits of this partnership was up and coming fighters could qualify to fight on the larger X-1 stage and with this win, Eben Kaneshiro earned his title shot at the current champ, Ricky “Hoku” Wallace.  The promoters are tentatively planning another event in August.
Amateur Kickboxing: 3 Rounds – 2 Minutes
Ola Lum (O2 Martial Arts Academy) def. Marcus Vierra (Kauai Pankration)
Unanimous decision after 3 rounds
Pankration: 3 Rounds – 3 Minutes
Ryne Yoshimura (HMC) def. Abe Mohr (KTI)
TKO via Referee stoppage at 2:59 in Round 3.
Pankration: 3 Rounds – 3 Minutes
Kai Iwasaki (HMC) def. Keone Martins (Bulls Pen)
Submission via arm bar at 0:15 in Round 1.
Pankration: 3 Rounds – 3 Minutes
Tyler Kobayashi (HMC) def. Jory Faasili (Bulls Pen)
Submission via arm bar at 2:27 in Round 1.
MMA: 3 Rounds – 3 Minutes
Gary Gouveia (HIBC) def. Kalama Silva (Kauai Pankration)
TKO via Referee stoppage at 1:20 in Round 2.
MMA: 3 Rounds – 3 Minutes
Issac Worth (Freelance, Kauai) vs. Justin Perriera (Freelance, Kauai)
Draw after 3 rounds.
MMA: 3 Rounds – 3 Minutes
Glen Daguio (KTI) def. Julio Moreno (Bulls Pen)
Unanimous decision after 3 rounds.
Amateur Female Kickboxing: 3 Rounds – 2 Minutes
Ingrid Nakamura (Freelance, Kauai) def. Avemaoe “Cyco” Peters (Submit Jiu Jitsu/DC Muay Thai)
TKO via Referee stoppage at 1:17 in Round 1.
MMA: 3 Rounds – 3 Minutes
Frank Lucero (Bulls Pen) def. David Kealoha (Kauai Pankration)
TKO via Referee stoppage in Round 1.
MMA: 3 Rounds – 3 Minutes
Danny Lopez (Bulls Pen) def. Randy Ogata (Freelance, Kauai)
Submission via guillotine at 0:29 in Round 1.
MMA: 3 Rounds – 3 Minutes
Domenick Ansagay (Freelance, Kauai) def. Daniel Asuncion (Bulls Pen)
Submission via guillotine at 0:32 in Round 1
MMA: 3 Rounds – 3 Minutes
Tyson Hawelu (New Breed Kauai) def. Paul Lopes (808 Top Team)
TKO via Referee stoppage at 1:24 in Round 1.
145lbs Amateur Bantamweight Championship
MMA: 3 Rounds – 5 Minutes
Shane Kahananui (KTI) def. Ryan Clay (HMC)
KO at 3:00 in Round 1.

Main Event:
MMA: 3 Rounds – 5 Minutes
Eben Kaneshiro (New Breed, Oregon) def. Matt Comeau (Team MMAD)
KO at 0:32 in Round 2.
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