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Saturday, Jan 19, 2002

‘meat Truck’ Rolls Over Opponentin Extreme Fights 2

From the event’s promoter:

‘Meat Truck’ Rolls Over Opponent
in Extreme Fights 2

      MT. HEALTHY, Ohio — Although he was a heavy favorite, even Kerry "Meat Truck" Schall admitted he was surprised how quickly he beat journeyman Joe Campanella Saturday in the main event at Extreme Fights 2.
      Schall landed a right hand that dropped Campanella to one knee, got the takedown and passed guard to full mount. A few strikes later, Schall finished with an armbar, ending the bout in only 50 seconds.
      Extreme Fights 2 was held at Spears Boxing School near Cincinnati.
      "I knew Joe has fought a lot of tough guys… and most of the fights went some distance," Schall said. "I feel fortunate to have ended it so quickly… I expected it to take a lot longer getting him to the ground."
      Schall is now 11-3 with five straight victories.
      In the most exciting fight of the night, Ron Fields won a unanimous decision over Mark Norcross after 15 minutes of back-and-forth fighting. Fields, the better striker, pounded out the win, although he had to escape numerous submission attempts from Norcross along the way.

Official results:
John Stutzman def. Dan Swift, rear choke at 4:52.
Chris Jones def. Adam White, tap from punches at 2:18.
Michael Rooney def. Scott Nangle, arm-bar at 3:25.
Maurice Walker def. Mike Jones, KO :08.
Josh Rafferty def. Jeff Ignatowski, keylock at :30.
Ron Fields def. Mark Norcross, Unanimous dec. at 15:00.

Kerry Schall def. Joe Campanella, arm-bar, at :50.

Murilo Ninja Injured;
MECA 6 Postponed
To Be Shown Live On PPV!

By Eduardo Alonso

      MECA World Vale Tudo 6, originally scheduled for January 24th, has been officially postponed for one week to accommodate the television broadcast of the event. Sportv, the biggest sports network in Brazil, and the event’s sponsor, asked the promoters to postpone the event until January 31st so it can be shown live on pay-per-view in Brazil. Sportv wanted more time to promote the event and broadcast advertisements during their programming, and of course the promoters promptly accepted the request. Promoter and Chute Boxe team coach Rudimar Fedrigo informed FCF first hand about the change: "I think this change was a bit difficult, but this will add even more to the event for sure! There will be more advertisements for the pay-per-view, and thousands of people in Brazil will have the opportunity to watch the event live on pay-per-view. It’s an event that no one can miss! No fight fan can miss this next event!"
Murilo Ninja Rua
      In another MECA news, the newest Chute Boxe star Murilo "Ninja" was injured during training last week, and could be seen at Vanderlei Silva’s wedding sporting crutches. "I was training very hard! I went to train judo with the gi on. I was training everything! Jiu-Jitsu, judo, wrestling, and unfortunately I got taken down and fell outside of the mat! It was a very hard hit, and very unfortunate and I got injured. I distended out my calf. So my doctor told me not to fight, not to train, to wait for it to reduce the inflammation, so after [the swelling goes down] I’ll need to do some weight lifting to strengthen my calf and then get back to training." With these words a very sad Murilo Ninja told FCF about his injury, and so far the doctor hasn’t been able to ascertain a date for recovery for the young fighter, as Murilo went on to say, "the doctor told me that he never saw anything like it, so I don’t know how long it’ll take for my to recover."
      In the end, the postponing of the event because of the PPV wound up being a blessing, because since the title fight between Ninja and Navalhada had to be cancelled, the promoters now have an extra week to find another opponent for the Carlson Gracie student. Rudimar told FCF today that Navalhada’s opponent will likely be "Diamante Negro," who fought Pele in a previous edition of MECA. However the event is willing to realize the title fight between Ninja and Navalhada in the near future. "I believe this fight will have to happen, and we want to make this fight in the next event. In February or March. Unfortunately this happened, and I think that master Carlson Gracie will understand that, because he knows that this kind of problem can happen. Unfortunately the fight didn’t come through, but this fight must happen! We still have the plan of having the Middleweight title bout between Ninja and Navalhada. The fight was canceled due to Ninja’s injury, but in the next MECA event they must fight. I want this fight to happen, if only as a question of honor; MECA has always fulfilled all its promises. So when a fight doesn’t happen, we will make all the possible efforts for the fight to happen in the near future," Rudimar promised. It’s not only the event that is anxious for this fight down the road, as the young Chute Boxe fighter is also more than willing to face Navalhada. "I want to fight him! And he can be sure that he will face me very well trained, very tough. You can be sure about that." Ninja was visibly sad about the incident, and also went on to say a few words about his future in the fight game: "I want to train even harder, improve my cardio, improve in all aspects so I can always remain among the top. So I can always put on a good show for the Japanese or the Brazilian public. Because I train very hard! The people who knows me know that. Everybody knows that I will never run from a fight, I got injured really bad, and I’m not afraid of anyone, I’ll fight anyone man. I’ve already proven that, and I’ll keep on proving it all the time, and keep bringing Brazil’s name to the top!"
      MECA World Vale Tudo 6 is officially scheduled for Thursday, January 31st at the city of Curitiba, and will still host 10 fights, and will have a much bigger production than the previous editions of the event. The heavyweight title will be on the line, and some top level NHB athletes will be fighting at the event, such as Anderson Silva, Gustavo Ximu, and Macaco. The event promises to be the best MECA yet, and Rudimar was very excited about it, "I think that the Anderson Silva vs. Jucao fight will be very interesting, a very good fight. Another fight that has been drawing a lot of expectation is Macaco vs. Ximu. I have information that this fight is being anticipated by important people in the fight game abroad, to see what will happen in this fight. And another fight that I think will be very interesting will be the heavyweight title bout. It will be a very interesting fight, and an aggressive fight I believe, because both fighters are looking for a KO! Carlao [Barreto] has been saying in his latest interviews that he is looking for a KO, and his opponent [Marcelo Souza] said the same. Whoever wins this fight will be the first MECA champion, and for sure he will have his opportunity in the major events."
      Less than two weeks before the event, the only change on the card is the replacement of Murilo Ninja, but everything else is set and done as Rudimar said, "The rest of the card is complete! It will be a great event, a great show! And Brazil needs events like that. In Brazil we have a lot of potential in terms of fighters and talent to put on great events. And that’s why the event is called MECA, because ‘Joinha’ [MECA co-promoter and Sportv NHB’s host] and myself consider that Brazil is the mecca of NHB! And Brazil needs an event that respects, projects and gives the fighters their due." With live pay-per-view, the presence ringside of fighters such as Mario Sperry, Vanderlei Silva, Pele Landi, Rodrigo "Minotauro" Nogueira, Royler Gracie and many more, a 10-fight card with names like Anderson Silva, Macaco, Gustavo Ximu, Carlos Barreto and the only man to beat Anderson Silva in NHB, Luiz Azeredo, the event promises to be close to spectacular, and FCF will be there to keep providing the best fight coverage in the world.

From RITC Writer/Statistician John Petrilli:

RITC 33 – The "Big" Show

Date: Saturday, February 2, 2002
Time: Doors Open: 6:00PM, Fight Time: 8:00PM
Location: Celebrity Theatre, Phoenix, Arizona

Ticket prices start at $20 for General Admission seating.
Kids under 12 Free !!!
$5 Discount cards will be sent to those on the RITC mailing list.

If you enjoy Heavyweight action, RITC 33 is the place to be on Super Bowl Weekend. Rage in the Cage will be starting the New Year off in a "Big" way. Here’s the way the fight card is shaping up.

  • Jeb Hunter (330 lbs) vs. Carl Miller (295 lbs)
  • Edwin Dewees (195 lbs) vs. Brad Reynolds (200 lbs)
  • Justin Lyon (370 lbs) vs. Charles Wilson (295 lbs)
  • Wyland Berry (255 lbs) vs. Jose Cortez (245 lbs)
  • Marty Salamon (210 lbs) vs. Chris Custead (210 lbs)
  • Make Rainieri (210 lbs) vs. Larry Robertson (210 lbs)
  • Pat Larson (210 lbs) vs. Brian Pardo (210 lbs)
  • Joseph Riggs (245 lbs) vs. TBA
  • Ted Opaliniski (215 lbs) vs. TBA
  • Nathan Bulitta (150 lbs) vs. TBA

There will be 12 fights on the card with a majority of these made up of Heavyweights and Super Heavyweights.

Fight Card subject to change.

Tickets for RITC available at the Celebrity Theatre Box Office (602-267-1600) or at Ticketmaster (480-784-4444). For additional information, please call 480-446-8127 or visit www.rageinthecage.com

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