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Sunday, May 11, 2003

Meca 8 And Abu Dhabi Approaching,wanderlei And Belfort Training Hardand Ninja Wraps Up Seminar Tour

MECA 8 and Abu Dhabi Approaching,
Wanderlei and Belfort Training Hard
and Ninja Wraps up Seminar Tour

The Brazilian Beat:
      We’re almost in middle of May and The Brazilian Beat has been away for quite a while, due to travel. This is the first time this column is being written from outside of Brazil, and it goes to show that no matter where FCF is, we’re always looking to provide you as much NHB information as possible. The next week is going to be a busy one, with MECA 8 and Abu Dhabi happening almost all at once. FCF is going to cover all the action, so keep checking our website. For this "welcome back edition" of this column, we bring you news on Wanderlei Silva, Mario Sperry, Vitor Belfort, Murilo Ninja and others, so don’t miss a single phrase and let FCF lay the Brazilian Beat with a certain European flavor, all the way from the cold weather of Sweden!

  • PRIDE Middleweight champion Wanderlei Silva has been taking his preparation for a likely upcoming fight against Quinton Jackson very seriously. Although rumors were circulating that the fight could take place at the June PRIDE show, Silva won’t be fully recovered from his knee surgery so soon, so according to the "Axe Murderer" himself this fight will have to take place in August. Wanderlei told FCF that he has been weight training very hard and is weighing 102 kg right now! His Muay Thai and Vale Tudo training is also increasing its pace even more, and he is looking to perform in his best shape ever in August.
  • The Abu Dhabi Submission Grappling tournament is coming up this next weekend in Sao Paulo and the expectations are as high as possible for the show. Brazilian Top Team member and former Abu Dhabi champion Mario Sperry is already dedicating his training exclusively for the event. Sperry kept up his regular NHB training routine for a long time, hoping for an invitation to perform at PRIDE 26, but with the biggest submission wrestling show in the world coming up, he decided to focus his training on the competition, although his main goal is still No Holds Barred and Mario told FCF he is anxious to get back to the PRIDE ring.
  • Speaking of shows, the biggest NHB event in Brazil is also about to take place. This Friday, May 16th MECA World Vale Tudo 8 is taking place once again in the beautiful city of Curitiba. Expectations are high and the event will feature a card with 11 fights, making it the biggest MECA card ever. Among the last minute changes are the addition of PRIDE veteran Chicao Bueno facing an American fighter named Azton Zapo, Jiu-Jitsu stand out Denilson "Pe de Chumbo" has finally been confirmed as the opponent for Chute Boxe’s own Nilson de Castro, and yet another change of opponent for Mauricio "Shogun" Rua, who is now facing MECA 5 winner Alessandro Leal. The event will also include Katel Kubis facing BTT member Haroldo Cabelinho, Jorge "Macaco" Patino facing Claudio das Dores, Luta Livre legend Eugenio Tadeu fighting Marcelo Giudice and also PRIDE veteran Allan Goes matching Carlinhos Lima. Stay tuned for more MECA 8 info coming soon.
  • PRIDE, UFC and IVC veteran Wallid Ismail spent a good amount of time on Brazilian soil recently. Ismail has been living in the USA and training with the likes of rAw team and others for a good while, but after a long period away from his birth country, the Carlson Gracie black belt took the opportunity to take care of personal issues as well as make some guest appearances on TV shows during his stay in Brazil. Wallid also reported that he may do some pro-wrestling in Japan soon, due to his good relationship with Japanese legend Antonio Inoki, but his goal is still No Holds Barred.
  • As the June UFC approaches, Vitor Belfort’s training is getting harder and harder. Vitor has been training hard every day at his new training center in Sao Paulo and FCF had the chance to witness some of the training sessions. Along with the help of Jiu-Jitsu players such as Fernando Terere, Leozinho Vieira and Claudio Godoi, Belfort has been recently doing a lot of boxing sparring with some Brazilian professional and amateur boxers, even from the Brazilian Olympic team. "The Phenom" is also preparing with a kickboxing trainer and his cardio is looking great, so Belfort against Eastman is promising to be a great fight, and FCF will continue to follow Vitor’s training until the fight.
  • Brazilian Top Team member Fabiano Scherner is preparing for an upcoming fight at USA’s traditional NHB event HOOKnSHOOT. "Pega Leve" as he is known by his teammates is one of the toughest fighters in the Top Team camp, and has been taking training very seriously. Brazilian Top Team member Claudio Godoi is also negotiating some deals, and is bound to appear in NHB in the very near future.
  • Three times PRIDE winner Ricardo Arona has been preparing himself for his ADCC superfight against Mark Kerr. Despite dealing with some injuries, Arona has been able to train and is, of course, looking for a win against the heavier opponent. After ADCC, it is very likely that Ricardo will return to PRIDE action soon, and his next fight may be against Dutch fighter Alistair Overeem.
  • The second edition of RN Vale Tudo is already schedule to take place on the 6th of June in the city of Natal, in Brazil. RN Vale Tudo works as a minor league show for Bitetti Combat, organized by promoter Conrado Carlos, who also promotes Bitetti Combat. The first show took place in a small city near Natal, but this time Conrado decided to take the show to the capital of the state, showing once again how much the sport is growing in the Northeast of Brazil. The show will feature two tournaments to select fighters for the upcoming BC 3 show, with one tournament being for fighters up to 72 Kg, and the other for fighters up to 82 Kg. Brazilian Northeastern standout and BC veteran Rivanio Aranha is among those who will be fighting in the show.
  • Training has been as tough as ever in the Chute Boxe camp with MECA 8 approaching. Murilo Ninja’s brother Mauricio "Shogun" Rua has been training very hard for his second NHB bout and reports have that he is developing amazingly in training, and is showing way better condition that before his debut. Shogun has been considered for awhile the future of Chute Boxe, and he has been proving it in training lately, even giving stars like Wanderlei Silva a hard time in sparring. Mauricio is now weighting 95 Kg and word is that it was already very tough to find an opponent for him. Depending on the outcome of his fight in MECA 8, PRIDE may be awaiting him.
  • Speaking of Chute Boxe, the team’s heavyweight and PRIDE veteran Assuerio Silva is about to be confirmed for PRIDE 26 at any minute. Assuerio has been training hard and waiting for a fight for a long time now, and it looks amazingly likely that he will be performing in the PRIDE ring in June against a very experienced opponent, who has several PRIDE fights under his belt and plenty of knockouts in his record. The fight may be announced soon and if it comes through, it’ll most certainly be a barnburner.
  • PRIDE fighter and Chute Boxe stand out Murilo Ninja Rua just completed his small European seminar tour this Sunday. Ninja spent close to two weeks in Europe, doing seminars in three countries and closing the tour in Sweden this weekend. Murilo is coming back to Brazil this Tuesday to support his brother in MECA and restart his training for an upcoming PRIDE bout as soon as possible, but he told FCF that he enjoyed the experience of doing seminars in Europe a lot.

Ring girls
Warriors of the Ring 3 Results
Maui War Memorial Gymnasium, Maui, Hawaii
May 10, 2003
By Chris Onzuka

Maui fight fans came out in force to support the third installment of Warriors of the Ring. This card featured fighters from Maui, most of which were making their debut. And when you have first timers getting into the ring, you know what that means…punches thrown with reckless abandon and guys basically attacking each other. Some of the fights that stood out were Omalza-Tolentino, both lightweights that came out hard and fast. The Mozocca-Kamalo fight brought out two big boys just going at it. Mozocca almost caught Kamalo with an arm bar that he ended up leaning on the ropes, but ended up finished Kamalo with a rear naked choke. Then we have the Groves-Tevaga fight where Tevaga’s tooth, root and all, was knocked out. If you are wondering his tooth was returned to him. Hinojesa and Garcia were two pit bulls going after each other for the entire two rounds. Hinojesa pulled off a beautiful suplex and a knee breaker. That was the first time I saw a knee breaker (not a knee lock) attempted in a MMA fight. It was pretty tight too. Searfoss came out like a bat out of hell and took it to Hendrickson stunning him with a punch and then pounding him until the referee stopped the fight. The main event was a slugfest that brought the crowd to its feet. Both fighters exchanged punches and kicks with Ferreira landing the better ones. Ferreira chopped at Lupi’s legs and then landed a punch that rocked Lupi. Ferreira went after him and Lupi fought back but Ferreira was relentless. Lupi would recover just in time to take another solid punch that would rock him again and the referee stepped in when he saw Lupi’s hands drop. This match had the entire gym cheering the action and ended the event with a bang… literally.

All fights were amateur bouts – 2 Rounds x 5 Minutes:

Mathew Mozocca arm-locking Josh Kamalo
Mozocca arm-locking Kamalo

Keola Cabalero (Backyard Assault, 5/5", 140lbs) def. Shaun Saribay (Freelance, 5’5", 140lbs)
Submission via rear naked choke at 2:29 into round 1.

Ian Omalza (Maui Full Contact Fighting, 5’5", 127lbs) def. Eric Tolentino (Hard Impact, 5’6", 130lbs)
Submission due to strikes from the mount at 4:55 into round 1.

Mathew Mozocca (Relson Gracie, 6’1", 220lbs.) def. Josh Kamalo (Backyard Assault, 5’9", 260lbs.)
Submission via rear naked choke at 1:09 into round 1.

Kendall Groves (Maui Full Contact Fighting, 6’4", 190lbs.) def. Marvelous Tevaga (American Kenpo, 6’0", 200lbs.)
TKO via doctor stoppage due to loss of tooth at 0:50 into round 2.

Alan Hinojesa (Maui Full Contact Fighting, 5’6", 190lbs.) def. Mike Garcia (American Kenpo, 5’6", 145lbs.)
Unanimous decision after 2 rounds [(20-18), (20-18), (20-19)].

Semi Main Event #1
Eddy Searfoss (Maui Full Contact, 6’2", 205lbs.) def. Charles Hendrickson (Backyard Assault, 6’0", 20lbs.)
TKO via referee stoppage due to strikes at 0:19 into round 1.

Semi Main Event #2
Anthony Billianor (Lockdown/MFCF, 6’0", 260lbs.) vs. Kadon Zimmerman (Freelance, 5’10", 250lbs.)
Fight cancelled due to Anthony Billianor dislocating his shoulder when warming up for the fight.

Main Event
Edward Ferreira (Maui Full Contact, 5’10", 180lbs.) def. Paulo Lupi (Brazilian Freestyle Jiu-Jitsu, 5’10", 175lbs.)
TKO via referee stoppage due to strikes at 1:10 into round 1.

Super Brawl 29 draws 8,445…
the Largest Attended MMA Event in Hawaii!

By Chris Onzuka

The hype and advertising for Hawaii’s largest MMA draw, Grappling Unlimited’s Egan Inoue paid off. The fight between, Shooto Champion, Masanori Suda and Super Brawl Champion, Egan Inoue had been postponed twice before the stage was finally set on May 9th, for these two warriors to meet to unify their titles in Hawaii. This was the first time that a Shooto championship match would take place outside of Japan. T. Jay Thompson put together a solid under card to build the excitement for this monumental match.

As expected, Hawaii fight fans came out in droves to show their support for Egan Inoue. It was reported that 8,445 fight fans crowded into the Blaisdell Arena to watch Super Brawl 29. This is probably as close to a sell out as we will ever get for a mixed martial arts event… unless there is a Suda-Inoue 2… The Blaisdell Arena can hold approximately 8,800, so it was about 350 people short of a full house.

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