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Thursday, Jan 31, 2002

Meca World Vale Tudo 6 Results

MECA World Vale Tudo 6 Results
By Eduardo Alonso

      The sixth edition of MECA World Vale Tudo presented an amazing night of action to the NHB fans of Curitiba! The arena was packed with 4,000 fans, with many more stuck outside missing the show because the place was already full. Most of the big Brazilian names in the NHB game were in attendance. Fighters like Wallid Ismail, Vanderlei Silva, Pele Landi, Mario Sperry, Rodrigo Minotauro, Murilo Bustamante, Ebenezer Braga, Pedro Rizzo, Murilo Ninja and even the legendary Carlson Gracie were on hand to check out the action. Pedro Rizzo and Vanderlei Silva even worked as referees for the event, and nobody left the arena until the last fight was over. The night even featured a challenge from Navalhada to Murilo Ninja, and a surprising challenge from Marcelo Giudice to Wallid Ismail! The crowd went wild — both with the fighters outside of the ring, and with the amazing action-packed fights on the ring! Here are the results of the event!


Marcelão (Chute Boxe/PR) Defeated Paulão (Arena/PR) by judges’ decision after 3 Rounds.
Marcelao got the win on a judges’ decision because he pressed the fight during the 3 rounds. However this was a Muay Thai war, and Paulao showed amazing technique. Marcelo won the fight with his tremendous heart more than anything else. There was blood all over the ring, and Marcelao left the fight with a very busted up face.


Daniel Acácio (Formiga/RJ) defeated Zinho (Miguel Repana/SP) by tap out due to strikes in the first round.
Daniel Acacio won in impressive fashion. He knocked down Zinho with the first punch of the fight. Zinho would never recover. The fight was soon over for him, after several strikes on the ground. The crowd went nuts, and Daniel got a deserved win.

Luis Azeredo (Gold Team/SP) defeated Cristiano Marcello (Royler Gracie/RJ) by Ref. stoppage in the first round.
This fight was amazing, a back and forth battle both standing up, and on the ground. But Azeredo’s experience was a bit too much for the young Cristiano, and soon Azeredo got control on the fight striking from the top on the ground. Cristiano fought with heart and took all the punishment he could, but Pedro Rizzo decided to stop the fight near the end of the round, and this was the right decision for sure.

Bicudo (Brazilian Top Team/PR) defeated Fábio Shon (Califa/GO) by verbal submission in the first round.
This fight was the only disappointment of the night. The fight had a slow rhythm, and suddenly to everyone’s surprise, Fabio Shon verbally quit for no apparent reason.

Nilson Castro (Chute Boxe/PR) defeated Guilherme Lima(Jiu Jitsu) by knockout in the first round.
The crowd went absolutely crazy for this fight! Nilson entered the ring very focused. There was some bad blood between the two fighters, because at the weigh-ins Nilson went to shake his opponent’s hand, but Lima decided not to accept, instead he stared at Nilson. Huge mistake! The Chute Boxe fighter entered the ring with fire in his eyes and gave him a beating from the start, an amazing fight! Nilson kept the fight standing up, and both fighters traded a lot of strikes, but Nilson was the superior striker and KO’d Lima with knees in the first round. Nilson is ready for a bigger event for sure.

Alexandre Gomes(BVT) defeated Marcelo Clemente (Royler Gracie/RJ) by judges’ decision after 3 rounds.
This was a close fight, with both fighters having their moments throughout the fight. Marcelo succeeded in taking Alexandre down in the third round and controlled the fight in the end, however Alexandre’s stand up game in the first two rounds may have impressed the judges and they gave him the win.

Gustavo Ximú (Ruas VT/RJ) defeated Jorge "Macaco" Patino (Gold Team/SP) by heel hook in the first round.
This was probably the biggest fight of the night, and the crowd was on their feet for this one. Macaco had a good number of supporters there who traveled all the way from Sao Paulo to watch his fight. He started the fight exploding and looking for the takedown, and later tried to catch Ximu’s back. However Ximu was very relaxed and composed on the ring, and went for a heel hook on the spot. He tried it twice, went for a knee bar, and later got the heel hook at around 3 minutes into the fight! Macaco had no choice but to tap, and Ximu got a big win that may put him on PRIDE.

Jorge "Navalhada" (Carlson Gracie/RJ) Defeated "Diamante Negro" by tap out due to strikes in the first round.
Navalhada controlled the fight from the start. He took "Diamante" down, and worked on a Kimura. Later he got the mount and kept on hitting Diamante. Diamante fought with his heart and resisted for a good period of minutes, but Navalhada’s technique was too much for him, and he tapped out near the end of the round. After the fight Navalhada issued a challenge to Ninja, who entered the ring and said, "I accept the challenge to fight him at the next MECA, and I’m going to crush him!" Needless to say, the crowd went nuts as Ninja left the ring staring at Navalhada.

Anderson Silva (Chute Boxe/PR) Defeated Jucão (Brazilian Top Team/RJ) by ref. stoppage at the first round.
This was another show by Anderson Silva. He came in doing his trademarked Muay Thai and throwing his famous jabs. Soon he got a knockdown, and from there on Jucao tried hard to take him down. When Jucao finally succeed on a takedown attempt, Anderson was able to reverse him and get the mount! In amazing fashion he punished Jucao until he was practically out! Another amazing display of skills by Anderson.


Carlos Barreto (Rio de Janeiro) Defeated Marcelo Souza (São Paulo) by Doctor stoppage in the first round.
Carlos Barreto entered the fight knowing what he needed to do to win the fight, and he did just that. With a solid game plan, he took Marcelo down early in the fight and worked on passing his guard. After a standup he took Marcelo down again and worked to get mount, where he punished his opponent with several strikes to the face. Marcelo’s eye was seriously damaged and the referee stopped the fight to take a look at his eye. The doctors decided to stop the fight near the end of the first round, and Carlao is now the first ever MECA Heavyweight champion!

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