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Tuesday, Jan 29, 2002

Meca World Vale Tudo 6just One Day Away!

MECA World Vale Tudo 6
Just One Day Away!

By Eduardo Alonso

      The most important NHB event in Brazil right now, MECA World Vale Tudo, is just one day away from its 6th event! In this edition MECA promises to have the best show yet, and some of the results from the event will be a major factor for several athletes’ careers. The event that will be held in Curitiba, on January 31st will feature a 10-fight card for the first time in MECA history. Not only that, but the event will feature the return of several MECA veterans, such as Luiz Azeredo and Anderson Silva, and the participation of seasoned international veterans such as Carlos Barreto and Jorge Macaco Patino. If that is not enough to guarantee the excitement, promoter Rudimar Fedrigo is promising the biggest production ever assembled for a MECA event, with indoor fireworks and plenty of surprises!
      The show will be broadcast live on Pay-per-view in Brazil, and will also have the presence of an unbelievable cast of NHB stars! Among those who are likely to attend the event are Pride heavyweight champion Rodrigo "Minotauro" Nogueira, the "Zen Machine" Mario Sperry, Pride middleweight champion Vanderlei Silva, Pele Landi, Carlson Gracie, Eugenio Tadeu, and even Pedro Rizzo is expected to appear at the event. FCF will also be there to cover the event!
      The weigh-ins and the rules meeting will be held today at the Caravelle Palace Hotel, where most of the fighters will be lodged, at 7 PM Brazilian time. There are some rule changes this time, the event will now use the same rules as PRIDE, with the first round lasting 10 minutes and the second and third lasting 5 minutes each, and no elbows are allowed. One of the surprises for the event is that there will be more than one referee at the show. There’s a very good chance that Vanderlei Silva may be among the referees for the event. Plenty of heat is expected, with some big rivalries in Brazil on the line. With the injury suffered by Murilo Ninja, the event’s card suffered a minor change, and his replacement will be another MECA and WVC veteran, "Diamante Negro." Here’s the official card for the event:

Marcelão (Chute Boxe/PR) vs. Paulão (Arena/PR)

Bicudo (Brazilian Top Team/PR) vs. Fábio Shon (Califa/GO)
Zinho (Miguel Repana/SP) vs. Daniel Acácio (Formiga/RJ)
Clemente (Royler Gracie/RJ) vs. Guilherme Lima (Rio de Janeiro)
Luis Azeredo (Gold Team/SP) vs. Cristiano Marcello (Royler Gracie/RJ)
Nilson Castro (Chute Boxe/PR) vs. Alexandre Gomes (BVT/SP)
Jorge "Macaco" Patino (Gold Team/SP) vs. Gustavo Ximú (Ruas VT/RJ)
Anderson Silva (Chute Boxe/PR) vs. Jucão (Brazilian Top Team/RJ)
Jorge "Navalhada"(Carlson Gracie/RJ) vs. "Diamante Negro"

Carlos Barreto (Rio de Janeiro) vs. Marcelo Souza (São Paulo)

Marcelao, Nilson de Castro, Anderson Silva, Cristiano Marcello

Here’s a preview of some of the more important and intriguing match-ups scheduled for the event:

Zinho vs. Daniel Acácio:
Both guys are MECA veterans, and Zinho gave Gustavo Ximu a very tough fight in a previous edition of the event. Daniel has a win and a loss at MECA, but his loss comes to Nilson de Castro, and he can’t be taken for granted, because he has some submissions skills of his own. Zinho’s main quality as a fighter is probably his heart, which was evident in his loss to Ximu. To add a little spice, this fight was supposed to happen at MECA 5, but Daniel injured his knee backstage some minutes before the fight, and it had to be canceled. Both fighters know that a win can mean the continuation for their MECA careers, so look out for this one.

Luiz Azeredo vs. Cristiano Marcello:
Crisitiano Marcello is a Royler Gracie black belt. This alone could give him credentials to fight in any event, but in addition to that, Cristiano is a guy that is willing to learn and improve his game. He lived at Rickson Gracie’s house for three years, training and improving his BJJ, and now he has spent two months training in Curitiba at the Chute Boxe academy to improve his stand-up game. This will be his biggest test yet, and everybody in the NHB game in Brazil is wondering how he will do. He couldn’t have a tougher opponent for a debut! Luiz Azeredo is the only guy to defeat Anderson Silva in an NHB match so far! Azeredo is a MECA veteran with two wins, and he also fought Hayato Sakurai to a decision loss in Japan. Azeredo’s striking skills are very good, with a respectable Muay Thai background, and, coming from the same team as Jorge "Macaco" Patino, he also knows his ground stuff. This fight should be one of the most important and intriguing fights of the night. Look to see one of these fighters at the major events down the road.

Nilson de Castro vs. Alexandre Gomes:
Nilson de Castro is a Chute Boxe veteran with some serious skills and the potential to fight for any big event in the future. "Nilsao", how he is called by his teammates, got his black belt on the same day that Vanderlei Silva got his, and after some time out of the NHB game he decided to step back and get his career back on track. Nilson is an IVC and MECA veteran, and one of the hardest hitters at the Chute Boxe team. If he wins this one, and keep on training hard, he will surely be appearing at a major event down the road. Wheter Alexandre Gomes will or will not be a game opponent to Nilson is yet to be seen, but Gomes is a seasoned veteran who already fought at MECA, and seen the return of Nilson de Castro is enough reason to keep an eye on this fight.

Anderson Silva and Nilson de Castro training for MECA at the Chute Boxe academy

Anderson Silva vs Jucao:
Jucao is a brown belt from the Brazilian Top Team, and he will come to Curitiba with an amazing team in his corner… Minotauro, Sperry and more. Coming from the BTT, Jucao is likely to have some serious ground skills, and will surely be well rounded and prepared for battle. However he has a very difficult task ahead of him: to beat one of the most respected and talented fighters in the world, Anderson Silva. Anderson needs no introduction to any NHB fan, and he is the only man to beat Hayato Sakurai so far. Seeing Anderson in the ring is always impressive, with arguably the best jab in NHB right now, and some serious all around Muay Thai skills, Anderson seems to never lose his temper. The way he fights usually takes his opponents out of their game plans. In addition to all if this, Anderson also has a brown belt in BJJ! The Chute Boxe team and the Brazilian Top Team are the most successful teams in Brazil right now, and every time they clash in the ring anything can happen.

Jorge "Macaco" Patino vs. Gustavo "Ximu":
Macaco is a seasoned veteran with IVC and UFC experience. With losses to the likes of Pele Landi, and Pat Miletich, Macaco is a very explosive fighter with amazing ground skills. He has been working on his stand up with Luiz Azeredo from a long time, and he knows that this is his chance to get back to the spotlight. Many people believe in Brazil that Macaco has the talent to be a top contender in the major events, however his temper and controversial style have cost him some fights in the past. He seems to be more focused now, and this fight will answer a lot of questions. After Pedro Rizzo, Gustavo Ximu is probably the most important Ruas Vale Tudo fighter right now. Ximu, a RINGS veteran, is very tough both on the ground and standing up. His record includes wins against the likes of Kyoshi Tamura and Chris Haseman, so this alone speaks for his abilities. His last fight was a loss to Ricardo Arona, and he contested that one a lot. Ximu will enter this fight wanting a win badly, so he can have another shot at Arona in the future. This is fight is probably the best one on the card, and it’ll be interesting to see Macaco fighting in front of Pele’s hometown fans considering all the rivalries he and Pele had in the past.

Jorge "Navalhada" vs. "Diamante Negro":
Originally this fight was to be Navalhada vs. Ninja for the middleweight title, and that would have been a way better fight. However Ninja’s injury brought up "Diamante Negro" to the fight. Navalhada is the favorite on this one, however Diamante Negro has some good boxing skills of his own. The most important thing about this fight is that if Navalhada wins, this will set up a challenge to Ninja and a title fight between the two at MECA 7.

Carlos Barreto vs. Marcelo Souza:
Carlos Barreto is another seasoned veteran coming to make his MECA debut. Carlão has already fought in the UFC, PRIDE, IVC and even in RINGS, and he has some very serious ground skills of his own. Barreto is back with the Brazilian Top Team, and he is looking to put his career back on track, after some recent losses. He knows being the MECA champion won’t hurt him, therefore he needs to win this one and he needs to do it convincingly. His opponent is a big question mark so far, but he is known to have a good kickboxing background and wins fights by knockout. Also he comes in as a Jiu Jitsu fighter too, and he is reported to be very huge! So surprises can happen, and whomever wins will probably be facing Assuerio Silva soon, and get a chance at PRIDE.

Results From
UCC 7 "Bad Boys"

By "The Shooter’s Shooter" Mike McNeil

  • J.F Bolduc def. Stephane Vigneault via Unanimous Decision.
  • Steve Claveau def. Yves Jabouin via Judges’ Decision.
  • Georges St. Pierre def. Ivan Menjivar via (controversial) Referee stoppage. Referee thought Menjivar verbally submitted when asked if he was OK while being struck on the ground. Menjivar answered "No problem, no problem." Referee then jumped in stopping fight. St. Pierre even stated to the crowd after the fight that it was a bad call and didn’t take that as a victory.)
  • Jeromie Sills def. Yan Pellerin via KO at 2:16 in the first. Jeromie regains his Canadian light-heavyweight belt left open by an injured Armbrust.
  • Joel Le-Blanc def. Jason St. Louis after St. Louis tapped due to injury to sternum.
  • David "The Crow" Loiseau def. Joe Doerksen via Unanimous Decision.
  • John Alessio def. Sean Pearson via KO in the second to win the UCC World Welterweight Belt. (Very much like Pete Williams on Coleman.
  • Pain Peters def. Stephane Ouellet via DQ. Pain dominates on the ground and to get out of the spanking that he is getting, Stephane receives a DQ for head butts. In a disgusting show of sportsmanship Ouellet even bit Peters before being DQ’d.
  • Donald Quimet def. CJ Fernandez via T.K.O at 59 seconds in the second round.
  • Jeremy Horn def. Steven Potvin via KO on slam at 35 seconds; very much like Tito vs Tanner.

Jeremy Horn def. Steven Potvin via KO on slam

Reality Combat XII
The Main Event in New Orleans Louisiana

Karl Schmidt and Alan Herbert unveiled their 13th edition of their successful promotion at former World Champion kickboxer, Joey Ancona’s nightclub the "Main Event". The nightclub located in New Orleans legendary "Fat City" section played host to some "Phat" fighting action, the quick results are as follows.

Jacob Quick def. Courtney Ray – side choke 1:05 R2

Dennis McCarty def. Mark Whitfield – triangle choke 1:54 R1

Trey Murphy def. Lyle Johnson – rear-naked choke 2:15 R3

John McCaul def. Mike Colley – rear-naked choke 2:42 R1

Gabb Barahona def. Lance Clements – tap out (strikes) 2:24 R1

Mike Kennedy def. Jake Kurtz – tap out (Kurtz injured knee during a scramble)

Bret May def. Kurt Blanchard – arm triangle 2:09

Main Event
Bone Sayavongsa def. Ricky "The Pit Bull" Folse – DQ (headbutts)

After rolling Sayavongsa out of the mount, Folse delivers an intentional headbutt. Referee Mike Gallo stops the action, delivers a warning and a point deduction. The action continues and Folse inexplicably delivers three more butts while he and Sayavongsa are clinched. Gallo immediately halted the action, and disqualified Folse. "I lost my head," said a disappointed Folse. "I got frustrated on the ground and instead of concentrating on winning, I lost my cool." Referee Mike Gallo said, "I don’t know if he was just frustrated because it wasn’t going his way or what, but it was an easy decision for me to stop the fight. I warned him, gave him a chance to collect himself, then as soon as I restart the fight he does it again. We are just not going to allow that."

From the event’s promoter Jamie Levine:

RSF 7 Results

Here are the Quick Results of RSF # 7 held Sat Jan 26th:

    Both guys are from Orlando Fl, DUNSTIN wins by KO at the end of the second round.

    MILLER wins by arm bar first round.

    JOHNSON wins by TKO first round.

    LINGSKOG wins by rear choke.

    SHIPMAN by DECISION after three rounds.

    SIMMS wins by default Paduano from DRAGONS KARATE under Victor J Diodato grand master black belt,Port St.Lucie Fl gets into the cage and refuses to fight.

    GRIFFIN wins by split decision after three rounds.

    CLEAN wins by vertical arm bar in the first round.

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