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Tuesday, Mar 06, 2018

Media Frenzy Starting to Build up Ahead of the Haye vs Bellew Rematch

As is now the norm before any huge fight whether in boxing circles or the UFC, the hype generated especially by the media towards the fight gathers momentum day by day raising the expectations that the fight would be one not to miss. Last year, the Mayweather vs McGregor fight took all the limelight and this year, the David Haye vs Tony Bellew fight is doing the same. With no clear favourite going into the match, the online betting odds for the fight are evenly poised giving anyone who wants to earn some extra bucks the opportunity to do so. As we draw closer to the fight, here are some things we should all know before the match.

First fight

Haye and Bellew first took to the ring last year in March. During that fight, Haye was a clear favourite among many bookmakers and pundits but things did not turn out that way in the ring. In the sixth round of the match, Haye snapped his Achilles tendon, however, he carried on till he was defeated in the 11th round. Despite the injury, Haye’s loss was a huge shock for many people including himself to the extent that he requested a rematch.

The rematch that never was

After requesting for a rematch, Haye was supposed to enter another bout with Bellew in December. The fight failed to materialise however when Haye suffered another injury weeks before the fight leading to the postponement of the fight. The date was rescheduled for the rematch and set for May 5 which is the day Haye seeks to get his revenge on Bellew.

Odds going into the match

In March last year, Haye was the clear favourite to win the fight. This is demonstrated by the fact that Haye earned more from his loss, earning a reportedly $4, 2 million from the fight while Bellew took home $2.8 million even though he was the winner. Things have changed this time around however as bookmakers are giving slightly even odds for both Haye and Bellew. Haye’s recent injury record casts doubt on whether he will perform to his absolute best or not, therefore, the bookmakers are trying to be a little more cautious.

What they have said

Both Haye and Bellew have already started to share their feelings with the world ahead of the fight. Bellew who goes into the match seeking to defeat a man he once defeated some 12 months back stated that he respects Haye the athlete but has no respect whatsoever for Haye the person. Bellew also added that before he accepted the rematch, his missus sat down with him and pleaded with him not to accept citing they had enough property and money to take care of themselves. However, Bellew claims he didn’t entertain that thought because he believes he still has something to finish with ‘Mr. Haye’.

Haye, on the other hand, said that he was looking forward to the December rematch before suffering an untimely biceps injury. However, he states that he wants to give boxing fans a good night come May 5. To Haye, his two objectives for 2018 are to defeat Bellew and then Tyson Fury and end both their careers before year end.


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