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Friday, Jul 20, 2012

Media Watch: Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones Superfight Isn’t Likely

A superfight between UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva (left) and UFC light heavyweight kingpin Jon Jones is not likely as of now

By Michael Hatamoto

A potential super fight between UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva and light heavyweight champion Jon Jones doesn’t seem likely – but that hasn’t stopped UFC President Dana White from going into promoter mode.

Here is what White said during a UFC 149 press conference:

“[Anderson] said he wouldn’t fight Chael Sonnen, either. Then the other one said he wouldn’t fight Rashad.”

If Silva and Jones don’t want to fight one another, they likely won’t buy into White’s promoter hype. Both Silva and Jones are UFC superstars, and it seems unlikely White will be able to pressure them into a matchup.

However, it’s a topic that won’t go away because of the potential pay-per-view revenue generated by such an important super fight.

Silva has ventured into the light heavyweight twice before, picking up KO/TKO wins against James Irvin and Forrest Griffin. In earlier media reviews, White confirmed he requested Silva move up in weight, and the champion didn’t necessarily want to compete at light heavyweight.

Talk of a super fight involving Silva typically was brought up by fans hoping to see him inside the cage against welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre – but the demand for that fight has declined somewhat.

Jones has a title defense scheduled against Dan Henderson later this year, while Silva has a few different opponents the UFC could match him up with in the future.

posted by FCF Staff @ 12:58 pm
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