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Saturday, Nov 13, 2004

Menne Shows Again Why He Is ‘the Warrior’

From the event’s promoter:

Menne Shows Again Why He Is ‘The Warrior’
Former UFC champ refuses to quit in dramatic Extreme Challenge win

      MEDINA, Minn. — In his celebrated career, fans can always count on Dave Menne for at least two things: 1. He will get hit a lot. 2. He will never quit.
      At Extreme Challenge 60, the former UFC middleweight champion ran into trouble quickly against newcomer Trevor Garrett. By the time the first round ended, the doctor was in the cage and was prepared to stop the fight. Menne was already bleeding badly from a cut under his left eye, his nose and a cut on his upper lip.
      "The doctor said he was going to stop it, but Menne talked him out of it," said promoter Monte Cox. "The doctor wanted to stop it again after the second round, but Menne said ‘no, I still have a round left in me.’ The doctor said if it was anybody but Menne he probably wouldn’t have changed his decision."
      Having lost the first round, Menne went quickly for a takedown to open round two. Garrett, a chiseled 185er from Dayton, Ohio, used his super strength to make up for what he lacked in technique… but after a brief struggle, Garrett was on his back and Menne was attacking, eventually getting to full mount. Although he dominated position, Menne still had trouble landing solid blows. However, he won the second round by controlling the action and position for four minutes of the round.
      Although the fight was even a round apiece, you never would have guessed it from the two combatants… Menne was bleeding badly and both eyes were closing, while Garrett looked a little tired, but was all but unmarked.
      Menne again opened the third round with a takedown and maneuvered his way into the mount. Garrett again defended well from the bottom, but said he knew he had to get out from the bottom if he was going to win the fight. A standup for a stalemate was followed quickly by another takedown and Menne managed to control the action in Garrett’s guard until the bell sounded.
      Judges awarded a split-decision victory to Menne by scores of 29-28, 29-28 and 29-30.
      "Menne proved again that nobody in this sport has his heart… his warrior spirit," Cox said. "I don’t know too many fighters who would have kept going with the damage he suffered, let alone keep going and pull out the win. And, Garrett became a star tonight. This guy may lose some fights, but he’s going to leave a lot of bodies behind him as he continues to improve."
      In a night of great fights, the Menne-Garrett war was only slightly better than battles between newcomer Roger Huerta and Jake Short, and UFC veteran Tyrone Roberts and Daryl Guthmiller.
      Huerta improved to 13-1-1 with a submission win over Short at 37 seconds of the third round, following an intense battle between top 155ers. And, Guthmiller earned a unanimous decision over the determined Roberts in another crowd favorite.
      Also, Sean Sherk continued to roll, showing his improved subs with a arm-triangle win over Lee King. Ron Fields pulled an upset, beating Canadian Chris Fontaine by triangle in the first round, while Joe Jordan delivered a G&P clinic in a win over Vern Jefferson.
      Clay Guida arrived an hour before his fight after agreeing to drive 5 hours from Chicago and face Randy Hauer. The trip didn’t seem to affect him as he scored the victory due to referee stoppage. Reed Wismer lost the first round, but rallied to beat Mike Belker in the second, while Ryan Antle did the same against Cliff Saunders, who took the fight literally on 20 minutes notice when Antle’s opponent failed to arrive.

Complete results:

  • Reed Wismer def. Mike Belker, ref stoppage due to elbows, 1:30 Rd. 2 (4:30).
  • Ryan Antle def. Cliff Saunders, ref stoppage due to strikes, 1:20 Rd. 2 (4:20).
  • Ron Fields def. Chris Fontaine, triangle choke, 2:30 Rd. 1.
  • Joe Jordan def. Vern Jefferson, Ref stoppage due to elbows, 2:40 Rd. 1.
  • Clay Guida def. Randy Hauer, ref stoppage due to strikes, 2:25 Rd. 1.
  • Daryl Guthmiller def. Tyrone Roberts, unanimous dec., 15:00.
  • Sean Sherk def. Lee King, arm-triangle, 2:20 Rd. 1.
  • Roger Huerta def. Jake Short, rear choke, :37 Rd. 3 (10:37).
  • Dave Menne def. Trevor Garrett, split decision, 15:00.

From the event’s promoter:

RITC 66 – Results
Riggs wins by arm bar
Perales named Fighter of the Night

RITC’s return to Casa Grande after a 6 month absence with our "Thanks Tri-Valley" show was greeted with strong local support. In the Main Event, Thomas Gil landed a solid power punch that momentarily stunned Joe Riggs who recovered quickly. Later in the round Riggs landed a picture perfect high kick to the head that dropped Gil. Riggs advanced from half guard to side mount to full mount. From there Riggs rained down strikes to setup a smooth transition for the arm bar submission victory at the 2:05 mark of round 1. The fight or the night was a standup war between Melesio Perales and Paul Arroyo. Both fighters were visibly marked with Perales awarded the victory by majority decision. For this impressive win, Melesio earned Fighter of the Night (FOTN) honors. Other candidates for FOTN honors were Neil Abbott, Eddie Castro, Troy Tolbert, Richie Hightower, Frank Sanchez and Joe Riggs.


Fight #1
Neil Abbott (200), Arizona Jiu-Jitsu
won by submission (arm bar), 1:57 Rd 1
Joey Juvera (200), Devil’s Den

Fight #2
Eddie Castro (149), Devil’s Den
won by submission (arm bar), 2:17 Rd 1
Nick Hendrick (146), AMAC

Fight #3
Troy Tolbert (140), AMAC
won by submission (strikes), :43 Rd 1
Donald Paskiewiez (130), Team Brausa

Fight #4
Richie Hightower (184), Roufus Kick-Boxing
won by ref stoppage (strikes), :50 Rd 1
Jeremy Neer (194), Team Brausa

Fight #5
Melesio Perales (186), Devil’s Den
won by decision (2-0-1)
Paul Arroyo (180), Team Brausa

Fight #6
Frank Sanchez (165), Devil’s Den
won by submission (choke), 1:56 Rd 1
RJ Gamez (170), Genesis Jiu-Jitsu

Fight #7 (Main Event)
Joe Riggs (201), ACS
won by submission (arm bar), 2:05 Rd 1
Thomas Gil (241), Devil’s Den

Upcoming Events:

  • Arizona Desert Quest #11 – Grappling / BJJ Championship
    Date: Saturday, Dec 4, 2004
    Westwood High
    945 West 8th St
    Mesa, AZ 85201
    Weigh-Ins: 4:00 PM (cut off at 5:30 PM sharp)
    Fight Time: 6:00 PM

  • RITC 67 – Whoop Ass
    December, 2004

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