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Friday, Mar 15, 2019

Mickey Gall Opens up About Medical Issues he Incurred Prior to UFC 235 Loss

Mickey Gall (photo via UFC)

As the dust cleared, Mickey Gall (5-2) was laying on the canvas of the Octagon as a beaten man at the hands of veteran fighter Diego Sanchez (29-11). Gall was taking a harsh ground-and-pound beating near the end of round two at UFC 235 when the referee finally stopped the fight.

While Sanchez at the age of 37 was still a worthy opponent, many believed the up-n-coming Gall would have had a reasonably easy time beating his opponent. By the time he got into the ring, it was clear this wasn’t the same Mickey Gall fans had seen dominate George Sullivan during UFC Fight Night: Gaethje vs. Vick last August. While the loss might have been inexplicable, word now comes from Gall that he was fighting some serious health issues in the days and weeks leading up to the fight. The information online for MMA bettors at points-promo-code.com could have used before betting Gall as the favorite.

At first flash, Gall used social media to put the blame on hard training. A post from his SM account stated, “I gassed hard in there. Had an adrenaline dump. I passed out during the weight cut and my body shut down during the first round. I’m sorry to my friends, family and fans. Send love to Diego Sanchez, he’s a true legend. This was a nightmare come true for me. I promise I’ll be back soon and do better.”

In all fairness, it sounded like a viable explanation, considering the lethargic way he fought in the ring. However, during a recent interview on The MMA Hour with host Luke Thomas, Gall brought some new information about his health to light. As he explained to Thomas,

“My kidneys were failing. Before the fight, I didn’t really know. I could feel — I guess, looking back you could tell a couple of warning signs, like something was going on, but I didn’t go to the fight thinking, ‘F*ck it, whatever, it’s just kidneys.’ I really didn’t know. But then when I got in the fight, I was zapped right away. I was zapped. I re-watched the fight, I’m like in slow motion. I remember struggling for balance, just trying to stay on my feet. It was crazy.”

He also admitted to feeling what he described a “phantom” pain as he was walking to the Octagon. He assumed it was nothing more than an adrenaline rush and nothing much to worry about. Even the fainting incident didn’t seem to create any cause for concern. Gall made clear his training was rather ordinary aside from fainting.

After watching a couple of the other fights on the UFC 235 card, he was taken to the hospital for evaluation. He was later diagnosed with rhabdomyolysis, a condition that can lead to muscle breakdown and kidney failure.

Gall was upbeat about his health issues, looking forward to getting back into training for his next. Surely, the Gall team will be keeping a close eye on him in the coming months before signing on for another fight.

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