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Friday, May 25, 2018

Miesha Tate: It’s “Reasonable” For Fighters to Ask For “Fair Compensation”, Following UFC – ESPN Deal

Miesha Tate (photo via UFC)

By FCF Staff

It remains to be seen if and or how, fighters will benefit from the UFC’s new broadcasting deal with ESPN. But Miesha Tate anticipates fighters and their management will be asking for more compensation, moving forward.

Recently it was reported that ESPN has secured the primary broadcasting rights of the UFC, with a five year deal worth $1.5 billion. The promotion’s current broadcasting deal with FOX Sports will end at the end of the year.

Recently Tate discussed the new deal, and how it could impact fighter compensation, on an episode of MMA Tonight (quote via MMA Fighting):

“There’s definitely gonna be a lot more money flowing through the UFC with this deal and it has to trickle down to the fighters, right? This is public knowledge. I know in the past the UFC has been somewhat secretive about exactly what the make and there’s speculation on what percentage actually goes to the fighters and how much it costs to run the business and all these things, but this is completely transparent. We know exactly what the UFC is making, we know exactly what this deal offers, and that’s not everything either. That’s just what they’re doing with ESPN. So I think it’s probably got to motivate some of these fighters to say, ‘Hey, wait a minute, these numbers don’t quite add up.’ So there probably will be some tougher negotiations and all that.

“I can only imagine that it’s going to lead to fighters wanting more money, deserving more money. Without the fighters, the UFC doesn’t make these kinds of deals. The fighters are the laborers. The fighters are the ones making this happen, they’re the entertainers, they are what makes the UFC go around and they absolutely deserve to be compensated. It’s a short career and it’s certainly hard on your body – probably takes years off of our lives – so I think it’s reasonable to ask for fair compensation.”


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