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Thursday, Nov 02, 2000

Mma Article

MMA Article

FCF Reporter Josh Gross has written an article about MMA for San Diego State University’s paper, The Daily Aztec. You can read the article in the sports section of the paper’s website: www.thedailyaztec.com/

SHOOTO Show Coming November 12th

-UN CAMINHO PARA O CAMPEAO- [A Path For The Champion]

November 12th Korakuen Hall Tokyo,Japan

Line up
Main event: Class A. Light-heavyweight 3min. X 3rounds
Akihiro Gono(3rd Freelance – Pro-SHOOTO 14/6-5-3)
Masanori Suda(4th Club J – Pro-SHOOTO 11/7-4)

Semi-main event: Class A. Welterweight 3min. X 3rounds
Takanori Gomi(3rd Kiguchi wrestling. Pro-SHOOTO 6/6-0)
Ryan Bow(9th Freelance – Pro-SHOOTO 3/3-0)

#9 Class A. Lightweight 3min. X 3rounds
Mamoru Okouchi(9th Guts man Dojo. – Pro-SHOOTO 21/9-10-2)
Kimihito Nonaka(10th PUREBRED Omiya. – Pro-SHOOTO 9/3-4-2)

#8 Class A. Light-heavyweight 3min. X 3rounds
Yuki Sasaki(5th Freelance – Pro-SHOOTO 8/6-2)
Martijn de Jong(Martijn Dojo Pro-SHOOTO 1/0-1,Other MMA 11/8-3)

#7 Class B. Middleweight 3min. X 2rounds
Kawakatsu Shogun(PUREBED Omiya – Pro-SHOOTO 7/4-2-1)
Chad Saunders(Internal Power, Other MMA 10/10-0)

#6 Class B. Welterweight 3min. X 2rounds
Takaharu Murahama(Wild Phoenix – Pro-SHOOTO 9/3-3-3)
Koji Takauchi(STG Yokohama – Pro-SHOOTO 6/2-2-2)

#5 Class B. Middleweight 3min. X 2rounds
Takuya Wada(K’z Factory – Pro-SHOOTO 3/1-0-2)
Rafles la Rose(Martijn Dojo – Pro-SHOOTO 1/0-1,Other MMA/9-2-1)

#4 Class B. Welterweight 3min. X 2rounds
Takumi Nakayama(Paraestra Tokyo – Pro-SHOOTO 2/1-0-1)
Yohei Nanbu(STG Yokohama. Pro-SHOOTO 5/2-2-1)

#3 Class B. Lightweight 3min. X 2rounds
Katsuya Toita(Wajutsu Keisyukai – Pro-SHOOTO 4/2-2)
Hiroshi Umemura(Alive Academy – Pro-SHOOTO 3/2-1)

#2 Class B. 78kg 3min. X 2rounds
Takayuki Okouchi(Paraestra Tokyo – Pro-SHOOTO 4/1-2-1)
Matthias Riccio(Pancration Club Perpignan. Pro-SHOOTO 1/0-1)

#1 Class B. Welterweight 3min. X 2rounds
Takashi Ouchi(Paraestra Tokyo – Pro-SHOOTO 1/1-0)
Hideki Kadowaki(Wajutsu Keisyukai – Pro-SHOOTO debut)

From the event’s promoter

Danger Zone Results

Night of The Beast The Danger Zone
Oct. 28, 2000 – Lynchburg VA

This was the first time that professional mixed martial arts has been allowed in the state of VA. The Danger Zone presented a great mixture of pro and amateur fights on the night of Oct. 28.

There was a 5-man amateur tournament at 150-165 lbs. Two single amateur bouts.

  • Fight 1 Tournament – Jerry Hackney of WV vs. John Shackleford of TN.
    Winner Hackney at 4:46. Fighter unable to continue.

  • Fight 2 – Single Amateur bout Chris Roberts CT vs. Jesse Ault TN.
    Winner Ault by arm lock 1:31.

  • Fight 3 – Tournament – Brian Densberger PA. vs. Chad Gaudlin.
    Winner Densberger Doctor stoppage broken nose at 2:27

  • Fight 4- Tournament Semi-Finals Tony Blackwood vs. Jerry Hackney.
    Winner Hackney ref stoppage at 2:14.

  • Fight 5- Single Amateur bout Tim Ellis TN. vs. Bruce Belfield WV.
    Winner Belfield arm lock.

  • Fight 6- Finals Tournament – Brian Densberger vs. Jerry Hackney.
    Winner Hackney 4:20 Ref stoppage.


  • Fight 7 – Chris Gates TN. vs. aitor Canup NC.
    Pro debuts for both fighters. Winner Canup arm lock 3:11.

  • Fight 8 – Jeff Wales WV. vs. Joey Roberts TN.
    Winner Wales ref stoppage 5:47.

  • Fight 9 – Rick McCoy VA. vs. Rich Clementi LA. OT Decision to McCoy.
    Judges picks were, 3-0, 2-1 and 2-1 for McCoy.

  • Fight 10 – Warren Owsley WV. vs. Quinten Jackson CA.
    Winner Jackson arm lock 6:04.

  • Fight 11 – Joe Doerkson Canada vs. David Ferguson TN.
    Winner Doerkson arm lock.

  • Fight 12 – Dan Severn vs. Travis Fulton IA.
    Travis stepped in for Keeney who had to pull out due to sickness. Winner Severn 2:01 Rear naked choke.

From the event’s promoter

Nov. 25 DZ Ft. Wayne, IN

Click here to see full sized poster
The DZ will host amateur 4-man tournaments and 9 professional bouts at the Memorial Coliseum Nov. 25 at 6 pm. in FT. Wayne, IN. Hometown brothers will be returning to the cage. Tim Heidenreich will be taking on Mike Delaney of WI. and Pat Heidenreich will be taking on Pat O’Malley WI. Phil Johns the #5 ranked fighter in the World at 155 lbs. will be taking on Eric Payne the former USWF World Champion. Both hold phenomenal records in the sport.

  • Dennis Reed IA. vs. Jeremy Morrison IN.
  • Sam Wells MI. Ronnie Wilson IA.
  • Steve Berger MO. vs. Rich Clementi LA.
  • Danny Long IN. vs. Tom Logsden IN.
  • Jeff Wales WV. vs. Philip Preese TX.
  • Dan Severn vs. Aaron Keeney MO.

This is going to be the most action packed event to hit Ft. Wayne. Ther will also be the amateur tournaments to start off the night. Be sure to contact us at www.the-dangerzone.com if you want to take part in this great event. Amateur please go to web site and fill out an application.

From the event’s promoter


Click here to see full sized poster
We would like to comment on the strange coincidence of this show having an almost identical name as UCC’s "BATTLE FOR THE BELTS." It has been a tradition since the inception of the USWF to have all of the champions defend their titles in the fall of each year in a show called "BATTLE OF THE BELTS." We hope it causes no confusion and we would like to wish continued success to the UCC.

The Unified Shoot Wrestling Federation returns to Amarillo November 25th 2000, with "BATTLE OF THE BELTS." This will be the USWF’s first show in the city’s premier venue, the Amarillo Civic Center Coliseum. The Civic Center is the home of Amarillo’s professional hockey team, The Amarillo Rattlers. The venue also hosts the WWF, WCW, all of the major concerts and most other large events that come to town. It is a big step forward for the mixed martial arts in the North Texas Area.

This will also be the USWF’s first show under the state of Texas’ new combative sports regulations. Shoot fighting is now an official sport sanctioned by the state.

USWF XVIII promises to be one of the best USWF shows to date. There will be an eight-man tournament to fill the vacant USWF Middleweight Champion Title, and and all of the current USWF champions will defend their titles.

The fight for the USWF World Heavyweight Championship could prove to be a battle as "The Iron Man" Travis Fulton comes down to Texas to take on Evan Tanner who has recently returned to fighting after a lay off of over a year. Both fighters bring a great deal of experience to the ring, but Travis is by far the more experienced of the two with over a hundred fights to his credit. Both are veterans of the Ultimate Fighting Championships, Pancrase, and Extreme Challenge. Fulton has also fought in the IFC, and RINGS. Both are known for their aggressive styles which should make for a very exciting fight.

UFC and Extreme Fighting veteran, Paul Jones, defends the Light Heavyweight Championship against local favorite Junior Baeza. Jones brings much more experience to the ring, but a game Baeza can’t be counted out.

World Lightweight Champion, Brent Medley takes on the challenge of up and coming fighter Leonard Garcia. Their last fight was a 20 minute war with Medley earning the decision. If this fight is exciting as the last it will definitely be one worth seeing.

The retirement of Ali Elias has left the USWF middleweight title vacant. Eight hungry fighters will battle it out in a tournament to see who gets to take home the title.

We also welcome the official HOOTERS calendar girls who will be working the ring. What more could you ask for than a night full of great fights and beautiful women in bikinis.

Fights began at 7:30 pm.
Tickets can be purchase at the Civic Center box office, Randy’y Music Mart, or can be charged by phone at 806-378-3096

Evan Tanner (USA Stars)
Travis "The Ironman" Fulton

Paul Jones
Junior Baeza

Brent Medley vs. Leonard Garcia (Pittman’s Academy)

Bone Sayavongsa (Baylor University Jujitsu team)
Troy Green
Jeff Lindsay (USA Stars)
Brandon Harbaugh
Larry Bartholemew
Eric Davilla (Scorpions Lair)
Gabriel Garcia (Pittman’s Academy)
Jay Jack

Scott Leftler (USA Stars)
Richard Hess (Colorado Stars)

John Campbell (USA Stars)
Chris Sisneros (Colorado Stars)

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