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Monday, Jul 22, 2002

Murilo Ninja Wants Arona In Pride!

Murilo Ninja Wants Arona in PRIDE!
By Eduardo Alonso

Murilo Ninja Rua
      After his impressive win against Jiu-Jitsu legend Mario Sperry at PRIDE 20, Murilo "Ninja" Rua is waiting for a chance to step in the ring again. In the mean time, he is constantly training hard along with the other Chute Boxe team members. "Ninja" told FCF he is hoping to fight on the September PRIDE card, and he would like very much to face former Brazilian Top Team member Ricardo Arona, as the Chute Boxe team is not opposed to seeing this fight happen. According to the young Chute Boxe fighter, Arona has been talking a lot about him in Brazilian NHB magazines after his fight with Sperry, so he wants to put it on the line and test their skills in the PRIDE ring as soon as possible. "He talks a lot, so I’m willing to see who will prevail in the ring," Murilo Rua said to Full Contact Fighter. The Chute Boxe rising star told FCF he is eager to face Arona because of all this talk and now it’s up to PRIDE to make this fight happen as early as possible. Keep an eye on FCF’s news page as we’re going to check with Arona himself to see what he thinks of a match-up against "Ninja."

From Matt Hume:

Independent Drug Test
Proves Josh Barnett’s Innocence

Josh Barnett
UFC Heavyweight Champion Fights to Clear Reputation After NSAC’s Testing Procedures Result in False Positive
KIRKLAND, Washington–On April 22, 2002, the Nevada State Athletic Commission filed a complaint against Josh Barnett for alleged anabolic steroid use, stemming from a drug test after his win over Randy Couture in UFC 36 on March 22, 2002. The NSAC contacted Barnett and his trainer, Matt Hume, to schedule a hearing via teleconference on May 24, 2002.
In addition to Barnett and Hume, Roy Silbert (United Full Contact Federation President), Dr. Mark Webber (drug testing expert and administrator for USA Power Lifting and the International Olympic Committee), Mark Ratner (NSAC commissioner), Dr. Flip Homansky (NSAC), Keith Kizer (NSAC attorney) took part in the meeting. The issues expressed were as follows:

NSAC issues:

  1. The NSAC alleged two positive tests for anabolic steroids from samples taken on 11/02/01 and 03/22/02.

Josh Barnett’s issues:

  1. The NSAC did not provide Josh with a list of banned substances or inform him of any testing requirements for anabolic agents on either occasion. To date, Josh has not received a list of banned substances.
  2. The NSAC claims that Josh tested positive for the same substances on 11/02/01, four months before his title fight with Randy Couture. Yet, the NSAC did not inform him that he had failed that initial test or provide him with the alleged results. According to the NSAC, Barnett’s first drug test revealed three anabolic metabolites, one of which remains in the human body for up to 18 months. If this was indeed the case, why did the NSAC and Zuffa subsequently allow Barnett to fight for the world championship just four months later with full knowledge that he might have steroids in his system?
  3. The NSAC withholds a portion of each fighter’s purse until the drug test is completed. If the results are positive, the fighter must forfeit that portion of his purse. If Josh failed his drug test, why did the NSAC send that money to Barnett on both occasions with no notification of any problem?
  4. The NSAC did not follow established protocol when testing Barnett. They did not provide tracking information for his samples. Nor did they separate Josh’s samples into two specimens in his presence. Because of these and other basic protocol errors, a positive test could not be accurately verified or validated. Many factors can contribute to a positive drug test-hence the term "false positive." Without proper notification and protocol, the true cause of the positive result for anabolic steroids cannot be determined.
  5. Josh Barnett has still not received results from the NSAC drug test on 11/02/01.

During the course of the meeting, both sides acknowledged the other side’s concerns. Hume informed the NSAC members that Dr. Webber had already scheduled another test with Aegis laboratories that would follow proper protocol and established Olympic standards.

The NSAC members and attorney agreed that a negative result and education from Dr. Webber would resolve this situation. NSAC attorney Keith Kizer stated that he would prepare a draft of the agreement for both parties to sign. It was agreed that this was to serve as the final hearing and that the signed draft would bring the issue to a resolution.
Dr. Homansky then invited Dr. Webber and Roy Silbert to come to Las Vegas on the weekend of June 22 to meet with the NSAC toxicology specialist. The purpose of the meeting was for Dr. Webber to educate the NSAC on the standards, methods of protocol and proper anabolic drug testing. Dr. Webber and Roy Silbert subsequently met with Dr. Homansky and the NSAC toxicology specialist in Las Vegas as requested.

On June 11, 2002, Barnett took a new test administered by Dr. Webber, who utilized Olympic-level protocol. The result of this test was negative, demonstrating that Josh is not currently using and could not have been using the alleged substances as charged due to the length of time that such substances remain present in the human body.
Approximately three weeks after the hearing, Barnett and Hume had still not received the draft from Keith Kizer, as discussed. However, they did receive a phone call stating that another hearing was to be scheduled. When asked why the draft of the aforementioned verbal agreement had not been prepared and why the NSAC wished to schedule a second hearing, Kizer stated that it was just a formality and he would get the draft to them right away.

Hume informed the NSAC members of Barnett’s travel schedule, which clearly stated that the only time Barnett would be away was the week of the UFC 38 in England in mid July. Unfortunately, when Kizer finally sent the draft of the agreement from the May 24 teleconference, it was inaccurate. In addition, the NSAC requested a second hearing during the time that Josh was scheduled to corner Ian Freeman in London, England-a time conflict of which the NSAC was well aware.
Barnett, Silbert and Hume worked diligently with the NSAC to develop a mutually acceptable draft of the May 24th agreement. Barnett also availed himself to the NSAC by telephone from England on the day and time of the scheduled hearing.
Unfortunately, the NSAC refused the draft and did not speak with Josh on their scheduled date. The NSAC then rescheduled the hearing for July 26, 2002. Barnett requested to be present at the hearing via telephone as he does not have the resources to pay for the travel expenses he would be forced to incur in order to appear in person.
Meanwhile, neither Zuffa LLC nor UFC president Dana White has bothered to contact Barnett to express any concern or support for that organization’s reigning heavyweight champion in this matter.

It is Barnett’s hope that the NSAC will have the integrity and honesty to honor the resolution that its members agreed upon during the hearing on May 24, 2002. He is also optimistic that Zuffa will exercise its substantial influence in Nevada and voice its support for their innocent champion.

Josh Barnett is very frustrated with this situation. "I am a fighter, not a lawyer," he stated. "I am innocent, and I should be fighting right now."

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Results from
A Night Of Champions
By Keith Mills

Gracie, Wilson victorious at
21st Century Warriors "A Night Of Champions"

A Night Of Champions
Held July 19, 2002
Tropicana Hotel & Casino
Atlantic City, NJ

  • Stephen Thompson def. Eli Thompson by TKO 1:24 of Round 2.
  • Mike Bencic def. Jose Tabora by arm bar 2:23 of Round 1.
  • Luis Ruiz def. Tony Ventura by KO 0:40 of Round 6.
  • Olando Rivera def. Kadir Kadri by Unanimous Decision.
  • Royler Gracie def. Henry Matamoros by rear naked choke 3:13 of Round 1.
  • Don Wilson def. Eddie Butcher towel thrown in by corner 1:57 of Round 10

* Dan Severn vs. Pat Stano did not take place. Severn reportedly was injured during warmups in the dressing room.

Wilson cracks Butcher
Pictured: Wilson cracking Butcher

From Team King of the Cage:


LOS ANGELES, California -"King of the Cage" presents the fight card of the year in "King of the Cage: Double Cross"!

Don’t miss all the action on Friday, August 2nd from the Soboba Casino in San Jacinto, California. Ten bouts are scheduled with FOUR World Titles on the line!

See a battle of the big boys as KOTC Heavyweight World Champion Daniel "The Bull" Bobish defends his title against Jimmy "The Titan" Ambriz. In his much anticipated return to the cage, KOTC Light-Heavyweight World Champion Vernon "Tiger" White defends his title against #1 contender Mike Rogers. In the third main event, Lightweight World champion Javier "Showtime" Vazquez puts his belt on the line against David Gardner. And finally, in the fourth title bout Jiu Jitsu expert and MMA star Dean Lister battles Brendon Seguin for the vacant KOTC Middleweight World title. This is just the beginning!

"King of the Cage: Double Cross"
Friday, August 2nd, 2002
From the Soboba Casino
San Jacinto, California
Doors Open—3:30 pm PST
Preliminary Matches Begin—4:30 pm PST
Pay-Per-View broadcast begins at 6:00pm PST/9:00pm EST

Pay Per View Bouts:

KOTC Heavyweight World Title Match
Dan "The Bull" Bobish
Jimmy Ambriz

KOTC Light-Heavyweight World Title Match
Vernon "Tiger" White
Mike Rogers
(#1 Contender)

KOTC Lightweight World Title Match
Javier "Showtime" Vazquez
David Gardner
(#1 Contender)

KOTC Middleweight World Title match
Dean "The Machine" Lister
(#1 Contender)
Brendon Seguin
(#2 Contender)

Sam Sotello Vs. Christian Welsh

Shonie "Mr. International" Carter Vs. Randy Valarde

Aaron Brink Vs. Daryl Mason

Preliminary Bouts:
(Will be broadcast on PPV if time allows)

Thomas "Wildman" Denny Vs. Jeff Lindsay

Brian Warren Vs. Louis Vaith

David Ortiz Vs. Dave Cantrell

"King of the Cage: Double Cross" will be held on August 2nd, 2002 from the
Soboba Casino in San Jacinto, California. Doors open at 3:30pm PST and
preliminary matches begin at 4:30pm.

"KOTC" will be available on pay-per-view via TVN and the Dish Network.

Broadcast begins at 6:00pm PST/9:00pm EST. For more information on pay-per-view availability, check your local listings.

For tickets, go to www.ticketmaster.com.


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