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Tuesday, May 16, 2000

Mystery Man Unveiled

By Joel Gold

Mystery man

For months now, promoter Jamie Levine has been teasing the fans that he had big news for his wildly successful promotion, World Extreme Fighting. He claimed he would reveal the mystery live at WEF on May 13th in front of thousands of fans on Pay-Per-View.

WEF is in the forefront leading the way into the millennium with action packed fight cards-and cost is no concern it seems. The goal of the promotion is to bring the best talent from around the world and match them for the best action possible.

Mark Kerr
The lights dim and smoke fills the walkway into the ring. A silhouette of a large man appears as he makes his way towards the ring. His walk is seemingly confident, as he breaks free into the light and appears with a bright red Full Contact Fighter hat–a true sign of a smart and sophisticated man. Gasps from the crowd as he enters the ring, and is announced, MARK KERR. Cameras flash as it is announced that Mark Kerr will sign a multi-fight deal with the WEF! The crowd goes crazy over the news as Kerr signs a contract for all to see.

Look for "The Specimen" Mark Kerr to fight in the coming months, as his opponent will be reveled soon.

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