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Sunday, May 20, 2001

Nevada State Athletic Commissionopen Forum On Mma

Nevada State Athletic Commission
Open Forum On MMA

Held Monday, May 21, 2001

By Lee Coates

May 21, 2001 at 10:05 "I don’t see anything that should stop us from putting this on the agenda and licensing these promoters here in Nevada," said Dr. Elias Ghanen, Chairman of the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Dr. Ghanen uttered these words after hearing presentations from the UFC, Pride, and Future Fight, as well as Frank Shamrock, Maurice Smith, and John Lewis, and Dr. Margaret Goodman.

The Nevada Commission was interested in a number of issues ranging from fighter safety, the use of a ring/cage, referee/judge training, style and weight of gloves, establishment of a "fight facts" type database similar to the one used in boxing, and the unified rules adopted recently in New Jersey.

There was a lot of time spent on the use of a "cage" versus the use of a ring. The UFC and Pride organizations both defended their choices. Dana White and John McCarthy reviewed recent improvements to the "cage" such as added cushioning, and flexibility. Yukino Kanda of Pride spoke on Pride’s change from a three-tier rope scheme to four tiers.

As usual, whenever Mo Smith is in the room he takes over the proceedings. Aside from providing lots of comic relief, Maurice related his 21 years of experience as a kickboxer, boxer, and mixed-martial-artist. He shared how at this point in his career, mixed martial arts was actually much easier on his body than kickboxing or boxing. John Lewis and Frank Shamrock seconded the opinion.

A second open public forum will be held this week in Reno, Nevada, then the topic of licensing promoters and sanctioning events in Nevada will be put on the Athletic Commission’s agenda and voted on. It was the opinion of most of the attendees that the Nevada Commission was open minded and favorably impressed by the presentations. However, until the vote has been taken and MMA promotions are licensed, nobody was declaring victory. Jeff Blatnick summed it up well stating "I have been onboard with this issue for a long time, so I will not count my chickens. I have a good feeling about this, but there is still a lot of work to be done."

Full coverage in the next issue of Full Contact Fighter

Civic Center, Homma, Louisiana – 05-18-01
Reality Combat Fighting XI Quick Results
By Lee Coates

Amateur Card

Joshua McDonald (155 lbs.) vs. Ashley Austin (155 lbs.)
Austin by tap out from armbar @ 2:04 round 1

Tony Cantrell (155 lbs.) vs. James Morgan (150lbs.)
Morgan by tap @2:53 of round 2 from guillotine

George Jones (195 Lbs) vs. Shannon "Mad Dog" Holgate (170 Lbs.)
Holgate by Guillotine @ 3:17 round 1

Dave "The Pimp" Benefield (185 lbs) vs. Ricky "Pit Bull" Folse (195)
Folse by Decision. Best fight of the night. Mostly stand-up action from start to finish. Both of these guys have HEART!

Aaron Williams (165Lbs.) vs. David Whitney (165 lbs.)
Williams by armbar @ 1:20 of round 2

Nathan "Ice Cold" Sanchez (292 lbs.) vs. Brian "Freight Train" Dwyer (250 lbs.)
Sanchez via crucifix @ 3:00 of round 1

Lance "Terminator" Clements (195lbs.) vs. Willie Daisey (200 lbs.)
Daisey by tap out from strikes @2:50 round 1

Frank Slaughter (180lbs.) vs. Phillip Walker (190 lbs.)
Walker by DQ round 1. Head butt

Trey "Spyder" Esterbrook (166 lbs.) vs. Adam Peoples (170lbs.)
Peoples by rear naked choke @ 2:30 round 2

Pro Card

Rich "Bam Bam" Clementi (160lbs) vs. Warren Donley (170 lbs.)
Clementi by knock out :30 round two. Clementi, a southpaw, landed a massive rear leg kick to the head of Donley. Easily the single most explosive moment of the night.

Global Sports Entertainment World Super Lightweight Championship Bout
Tony Canales (138 lbs) vs. Casey Erwin (140 lbs)
Casey Erwin @1:30 of overtime. Tap out from strikes. Erwin employed a ground and pound throughout regulation and O.T. Canales was effective off of his back the entire match until getting caught with a barrage of strikes in O.T.

Global Sports Entertainment World Heavyweight Championship Bout
"Dirty Harry" Moskowitz (255 lbs.) vs. Dan "The Beast" Severn (260 lbs.)
Severn 2:12 via V-1 armlock. Moskowitz started well, gaining under-hooks in the clinch and nearly threw Severn. Severn countered well and ended up getting the take down. Once on the ground it was all Severn. He switched back and forth between side-mount and mount while fishing for the V-1 or Americana arm lock. Moskowitz fought off the arm lock for about 45 seconds before succumbing.

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