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Sunday, Aug 24, 2003

News, News And More News As Plenty Of Event Results Set The Tone For This Edition Of The Beat!

News, news and more news as plenty of event results set the tone for this edition of the beat!

The Brazilian Beat:
      The last days saw plenty of events in all sorts of forms, from Jiu-Jitsu competitions, to MMA rules involving no striking on the ground, passing trough shows that ended up not happening, the Brazilian scene was agitated by news and results, including happenings on shows that didn’t take place yet, but are getting nearer and nearer as days goes by. So this edition of the Brazilian Beat comes bringing you facts and news about the shows that are now history, and those that will most certainly make history in the following weeks, as one can never stop the rhythm, and Full Contact Fighter makes sure the Beat is as loud as ever! Enjoy!