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Saturday, Jul 23, 2005

“no Contest” Ruling Denied In Ufc 53 Carter-quarry Bout

"No Contest" Ruling Denied in UFC 53 Carter-Quarry Bout
By Loretta Hunt

Shonie Carter just before his fight with Nate Quarry at UFC 53
Carter before
the fight

Recent UFC 53 competitor Shonie Carter’s request for a "no contest" ruling adjustment of his June 4th loss to Nate Quarry has been denied by the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board (NJSACB). Quarry had won the bout via a TKO referee stoppage due to unanswered strikes 2:37 into the first round.

After initially contacting the regulatory body via telephone, Carter and his team had submitted a written complaint to the NJSACB "shortly after" his bout with Quarry, claiming the Team Quest fighter had struck Carter with "illegal strikes via the elbow to the back of the head or to the spinal area" during their bout. According to the currently utilized Unified Rules of Combat, these alleged blows could have resulted in fouls and/or other penalties depending on the referee’s discretion that night.

"We asked for all available camera angles from the UFC and the Commissioner [Larry Hazzard], who conducts the initial step of review, reviewed the referee’s actions. The level of review in New Jersey to warrant a change in decision is: did the referee commit self-evident and palpable errors which warrant a reversal of the decision? From the Commissioner’s review of the videotapes presented, he ruled that it was somewhat inconclusive and not readily apparent that there were self-evident and palpable errors committed by the referee by not calling the illegal blows, and with the illegal blows, it couldn’t be determined that they impacted significant enough damage to warrant a reversal."

Carter has been notified of the decision via certified mail, and will also have the opportunity to appeal the Commissioner’s decision to the Board members at a full hearing if he requests it. At this hearing, Quarry would be invited to attend and given opportunity to speak as well.

Grappling Demo to Highlight ABC Boxing Conference in Vegas
By Loretta Hunt

MMA will get a little love from boxing this week.

As part of its hosting duties, the Nevada State Athletic Commission has asked the UFC to assist in the organizing of a grappling demonstration for the Annual Association of Boxing Commissions (ABC) Conference in Las Vegas. The demo, which will include local grapplers as well as UFC head referee "Big" John McCarthy as moderator, will take place this Wednesday at the UFC Training Center.

The ABC draws its membership from numerous State and tribal boxing commissions in the U.S. and Canada, and has been attended by UFC representatives for the last four years with the goal to boost awareness and acquire sanctioning.

"In the past, most of the Commissioners and commissions that would go to the ABC meetings were very hesitant and stand-offish against mixed martial arts because they didn’t understand it," says McCarthy, who has attended and presented the sport to the conference for the last three years. "Last year at the meeting, it was apparent that mixed martial arts had turned the corner. We’d always been in this position where we were the bad guys, and when we went to this [last] one, all we did was sit there and answer questions about how these commissions could make it easier for them [to put on events]. All the negative that seemed to come out way in the past was now put on the Toughman [representatives]."

It is the diligence of Zuffa LLC, promoters of the UFC, that has led to this recent opportunity, says McCarthy. "By representatives of the UFC attending and explaining exactly what the sport of mixed martial arts is, exactly how it’s put in, how it should be sanctioned, what it could do for the states and the athletic commissions, it has turned into something that now when you go to an ABC commission [meeting], it’s not something that people fear. They actually want to know more about it, how they can make it better in their state, how they can get more shows to their state because now it is becoming a money producer that in some states is supplanting boxing."

From the event’s promoter:

Larson Wins EC Tourney;
Injury Halts Menne in Main Event

HAYWARD, Wis. — Anybody wishing to look into the future of the middleweight division need look no further than the talented, young lineup at the Extreme Challenge 63 eight-man tournament.

While many fighters showed potential to be among the best at 185 pounds, Brock Larson showed he is ready to compete right away. Larson improved his record to 12-0 with three impressive victories en route to claiming the tourney title. Larson could see his future as current UFC welterweight champion Matt Hughes, the last tourney winner at LCO Casino, attended the event.

In the main event, Ed Herman of Team Quest was awarded the victory over former UFC middleweight champ Dave Menne after one round when a pulled groin injury prevented Menne from continuing. The first round was very competitive, although all three judges had Menne winning by a 10-9 score.

"I hurt it a few days ago, but didn’t think it was serious… I trained on it a couple times and nothing happened," Menne said. "But toward the end of the round, I defended a takedown and felt it pop… I knew I was in trouble. I couldn’t even stand in between rounds."

A sellout crowd filled LCO Casino for the event. Most were on hand to cheer for Larson, who lives near Minneapolis, Minn. Larson finished all three of his opponents, including Miletich Fighting Systems fighter Ryan McGivern in the final.

Complete results:

Tourney first round
Ryan McGivern def. Tom Jones, 9:00, unanimous dec.
Joey Guel def. Chris Clements, :56 Rd. 3 (6:56), rear choke.
Brock Larson def. Damarcus Johnson, 1:02 Rd. 3 (7:02), key lock.
Ryan Jensen def. Neil Rowe, 2:00 Rd. 1, rear choke.

Tourney semifinals
McGivern def. Guel, 2:30 Rd. 1, doctor stoppage due to cut.
Larson def. Jensen, 1:39 Rd. 1, tap due to strikes.

Tourney final
Larson def. McGivern, 2:09 Rd. 1, key lock.

Main Event
Ed Herman def. Dave Menne, 5:00 Rd. 1, verbal submission due to injury.

From the event’s promoter:


OTTAWA, ONTARIO – July 22 2005 – TSN, Canada’s leading sports network, will air FREEDOM FIGHT 2005 in a special two-hour show on July 25 at 7:00 PM, with two forthcoming replays. The event features all five team bouts in their entirety including:

  • Joe Doerksen vs. Art Santore
  • Bill Mahood vs. Tim Mckenzie
  • Todd Gouwenberg vs. Lavar Johnson
  • Jeff Joslin vs. Jon Fitch
  • Krzysztof Soszynski vs. Matt Horwich

The TSN presentation marks an important step toward legitimacy for Mixed Martial Arts in Canada. "Until now, fans would have to wait until 11 PM or Midnight to watch MMA, but now they can see it on prime time television, as a lead-in for Monday Night Raw," said Pete Rodley, producer. "The team concept really made this event special and everything from the uniforms to the patriotic music to the medal presentation gave the fans an opportunity to see these guys work as a team."

The event doesn’t come without controversy. MMA forums lit up over the Jeff Joslin vs. Jon Fitch fight just hours after the live show. Now fans can judge for themselves. “Outside of the controversy, fans will get to see one of the best bouts that I have ever witnessed live,” says producer Clint Dahl.

The Freedom Fight team is looking to expand the concept to future team matchups in several different locations. For fans stateside, the event is being aggressively marketed for a US.. broadcast, as well as future event sites. "After editing the show for TSN, we have a lot of b-roll footage that tells a very different story," said Clyde Gentry, producer. "Thankfully, fans will get the chance to see the final show on DVD, along with all four undercard matches."

On Monday July 25 at 7PM be part of history and enjoy the greatest sport on earth as it penetrates the mainstream like never before. Be sure to tell TSN what you think by logging on to www.tsn.ca!

From the event’s promoter:

RITC 73 – Arizona vs Nevada
Super Sternal Notch (live guest band)
Glendale Arena
Saturday, Aug 6, 2005
Doors Open: 6 PM, Fight Time: 7:30 PM

Tickets now available at Glendale Arena (623-772-3800) and through TicketMaster (480-784-4444). Advanced ticket prices: $20 general admission, $30 floor reserved, $50 floor reserved, $75 ringside (rows 4-7), $100 VIP (rows 1-3). Tickets $5 higher if purchased on fight day. Show your military, student or senior (over 55) ID and receive a $5 discount on each ticket purchased. Parking is free but there is a $5 additional charge for the Glendale Arena facility fee.

The third edition of RITC – Glendale Arena is shaping up to be a spectacular night of fighting action. A strong team of Ricardo Pires trained fighters from Las Vegas (Schoenauer, Sursa, Wood and Hicks) will be invading Glendale Arena on Aug 6th to take on some top Arizona fighters. The rest of the card is equally spectacular with strong match ups from top to bottom.

The special guest band for RITC 73 will be SUPER STERNAL NOTCH live on stage.

Fight Card:

Alex Schoenauer (205) vs Hans Marrero (205)
Nike Knight (135) vs Robert Davis (140)
Marc Sursa (220) vs TBA
Mo Doom (180) vs Melesio Perales (180)
Rich Moss (190) vs Robert Rose (190)

Marc Zee (240) vs Melville Calabaca (260)
John Wood (185) vs John Lansing (185)
Kyle Brees (160) vs TBA
Jeremiah Shivers (175) vs Mark Kempthorne (175)

Richie Reyes (160) vs Brandon Kress (160)
Ryan Potter (195) vs David Hicks (185)
Jamie Schmitt (175) vs Bob Calnin (175)
Tom Schwager (145) vs Nick Hedrick (150)

Fight card subject to change.

Visit this web site for specific driving directions from throughout the valley.


Glendale Arena
9400 W Maryland Ave
Glendale, AZ 85305

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