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Friday, Nov 22, 2013

ONE FC 13: Fodor Says Bout With Colossa “Big Step” Towards Title Contention

Fodor (photo via Showtime / Strikeforce)

By Kelsey Mowatt

UFC veteran Caros Fodor headed to ONE FC with the intention of making an impact overseas, and thanks to an impressive win in his promotional debut, the lightweight’s on track to do just that. Up next, Fodor will battle Vuyisile Colossa on December 6th, and if he can get by the man who just defeated former champ Kotetsu Boku, 2014 could be a big year for “The Future.”

“I think it’s a very positive thing for me for sure,” Fodor noted on a recent episode of Full Contact Fighter Radio. “I’m trying to work my way up the rankings; Colossa’s out there, there’s Ed Ng and Lowen Tynanes, I think they’re the guys ahead of us for the title.”

“I think this is a big step. I think if I can beat Colossa, then like I said, only those two will be ahead of me,” added Fodor, who worked his way to a unanimous decision win over Seung Ho Yang at ONE FC 10 in September. “I like those odds. I’ll be in the top five for contention which is exactly what I want.”

Since nearly a year went by between Fodor’s last Strikeforce fight and his UFC debut this past February, the 29 year-old admits he was thrilled about getting booked for another fight so soon.

“Getting me a fight in December was absolutely perfect,” furthered Fodor, who lost via split decision to Sam Stout at UFC 157 in February and was released by the promotion. “It was exactly what I wanted, and they’re having a lot of shows next year, so if I can continue to fight like this I’m totally game.”

“Like I said, the years with Strikeforce in the end and the UFC, there was a lot of time where I didn’t fight,” the AMC Pankration fighter added. “So, I’m looking forward to getting into a lot of fights and I plan on getting that title this year, 2014. I hope everything goes well.”

Fodor (left) versus Thomas Diagne at Strikeforce Challengers on July 23, 2010.

In order to move forward with that plan, Fodor will have to get by Colossa, who defeated the aforementioned Boku by UD at ONE FC 10. Although the 31 year-old didn’t make his pro MMA debut until 2010, Colossa is decorated striker with over 40 kickboxing bouts under his belt.

“He’s definitely a strong striker; that’s where he likes to fight,” Fodor noted about the South African competitor. “He’s relatively new to MMA but he’s getting better with every fight. He’s very explosive; if you take him down he’s good at trying to explode and getting back to his feet. That’s his whole thing, to explode and get up.”

“I’ve seen him shoot one takedown and it didn’t go that well,” furthered Fodor. “So he’s probably an above striker in MMA but his ground game, he needs to catch up a little bit.”

Against Yang, Fodor secured takedowns from the clinch and battered the rugged South Korean fighter from the top with strikes.

“Yeah I could, but I’m not necessarily,” said Fodor, while discussing if he might use a similar strategy versus Colossa. “I think Sam Stout is probably a little bit more dangerous striker, Thomas Diagne, who I already fought, was probably a little more dangerous than Colossa, so I’m not afraid to be on the feet with him at all. But obviously if I were to end up on top of him it would be easier for me.”

“I cut weight with him last time, he was in there with me, and he’s bigger than me,” the lightweight furthered. “He’s very explosive so, I don’t want to waste my time trying to be in the clinch, or shoot takedowns, if he’s just going to use his size to shove me off and get me tired. If I’m forced to strike with him I will.”

ONE FC 13 will be hosted by the Mall of Asia Arena in Manila, Philippines.


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