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Sunday, Oct 20, 2013

Opinion: More Brock Lesnar Talk

Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar

By Jesse Heitz

Former UFC Heavyweight Champion, Brock Lesnar, has found his way into the news again.  This time it has absolutely nothing to do with anything MMA related.  Unfortunately for his legion of fans he’s not planning on coming out of retirement to make another charge at the heavyweight crown.  No, he’s considering a course of action far more unusual.  He’s pondering a move to Saskatchewan.

In a recent article published by The Canadian Press, Saskatchewan Premier, Brad Wall, and apparently Lesnar himself who was in attendance, stated the following regarding one of the sport’s biggest names,

“He likes Saskatchewan, he told me, in fact he comes here regularly,”

“He told me he’s not ruling out moving here and he just wanted to check out, I guess, the political situation and the economic situation. It’s what he told me and I wasn’t about to challenge him on any of his answers.”

“Lesnar said he was visiting his brother’s farm in Maryfield, southeast of Regina, near the Manitoba boundary, to help with the harvest. He found out about the luncheon and decided he wanted to hear what the premier had to say.”

“I eventually want to become a Saskatchewan resident and … I just want to learn a little more about the province,”

“I grew up on a farm. I love the country. I like the wildlife. I like everything that Saskatchewan has to offer.”

I must say this is a rather peculiar headline for major MMA as well as dedicated news agencies to run with.  The first question that pops into my mind is “who cares?”  Who really does care if Lesnar remains in Minnesota ostensibly continuing on with Team Death Clutch, which to be honest hasn’t really been a factor since he hung up his gloves, and moves to Canada?  The short answer is probably fairly brutal, that nobody really cares, other than Minnesota’s revenue service.

I simply cannot see why this is news, particularly worthy of mainstream MMA media digestion.  Lesnar has been retired for several years.  Given his health, age, and that the weaknesses of his game have been thoroughly exposed, there is no comeback.  Besides, he’s making plenty of money doing the occasional TV taping for WWE.  Certainly he was a former UFC Heavyweight Champion and a tremendous draw.  Yet, reality set in and it became apparent that he was not the unstoppable force that many thought he was.

In the end, this story is of little importance, other than to highlight that the media gives attention to those who otherwise don’t deserve it.  Lesnar beat some decent fighters and lost to some decent fighters.  He is certainly not worthy of Hall of Fame status, and his legacy is not that incredible.  So again I ask, why is this story news?


posted by FCF Staff @ 9:00 am
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