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Thursday, Nov 17, 2005

Overweight Riggs Misses Ufc 56 Battle For The Belt

Overweight Riggs Misses UFC 56 Battle for the Belt
By Loretta Hunt

"Joe Riggs is a pound and a half over," UFC MC Bruce Buffer announced to a standing-only crowd at UFC 56’s official weigh-ins, held this afternoon at Studio 54 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Although welterweight Riggs’ actual weight was not mentioned, by past Nevada State Athletic Commission protocol, it could be assumed the former 185-pound competitor had rung in at 172.5 pounds and with a one pound allowance would have two hours to cut the rest. Shrugging it off as a formality, fans left the nightclub expecting to watch Riggs challenge welterweight champion Matt Hughes tomorrow night for his belt. Three additional tries later, however, Riggs would fail to make his required mark and the bout will now be a non-title one.

Riggs fails to make weight

An hour passed and a waning Riggs returned with his entourage to the scales. The crowds were gone save for a few diligent reporters, NSAC Chief Inspector Tony Lato and Hughes’ twin brother Mark sent to observe the second weigh-in. This time, Lato says a naked, towel-draped Riggs weighed in at 172 pounds, despite a confusing comment from Riggs’ cornermen suggesting that he was a quarter of a pound away from making his target.

Approximately a half hour later, Riggs emerged from backstage and weighed in once more. When 172 pounds was recorded once again, Riggs’ crew questioned its validity and the fighter angrily kicked his shirts across the room and stormed off the stage spewing expletives all the way. Riggs’ reps continued to pressure Lato for answers as to why their fighter had gained weight in his third go. Now flanked by Hughes’ manager, Monte Cox, and entering UFC representatives, it was decided the scale would be recalibrated.

Riggs has already left the circle though and was observed drinking water in a corner, possibly on route back to a sauna to try and cut in the final half hour he was allowed. Called back to the stage, he weighed in at 172.5 pounds this fourth and final time, and at 5:36, he was overheard pronouncing his intention to stop trying.

Under NSAC statutes, ten percent of Riggs’ purse will be fined and the bout will no longer hold its title status. The NSAC announced it would be Zuffa’s call to make if the fight would go down to three rounds or remain at five. Hughes’ camp requested it remain its intended length, however, due to NSAC health concerns from Riggs’ weakened condition, the bout was settled on three rounds upon the champion’s agreement.

Swedish Government Considering Ban on All Combat Sports
By Eduardo Alonso

A "battle on the sidelines" has been going on for over a month now in Sweden to defend the right for combat sports to be held in the country. On October 17th, a law was presented to the Swedish Parliament to, first and foremost, ban all combat sports. This includes strikes to the head and only considers the chance to allow exceptions after each sport is individually analyzed and approved by a special committee through the local government.

The proposed law is based on the fact that professional boxing has been banned in Sweden for around thirty years, and although the law seems to be specific to that one discipline, Swedish Sports Minister Bosse Ringholm wants it to address all combat sports in general.

In theory, the analysis made by the special committee could open doors for some combat sports, including pro boxing, to stay alive or come back. However, people in Sweden tend to believe this is not going to happen, and that what may come could be a dark age for fighting sports in Sweden at a time where MMA has been growing so much there. The law is to be voted on in December, and if approved, can be up and running by 2006, with a six-month jail period foreseen for those who promote combat sports following the proposed ban.

With European Vale Tudo holding numerous events in Sweden and offering many athletes from the Nordic countries, as well as the rest of the world, the opportunity to showcase their talents, this possible ban couldn’t come at a worse time for the sport. With the growing quality of fighters and instructors involved there, it would seem this area is yet another one ripe with potential for MMA.

A movement to prevent this ban has been gathered and initiated by Shooters Organization founder, MMA fighter and instructor August Wallen, and plenty of work has been done to save not only the sport of mixed martial arts, but all other combat sports in this country.

More information about the Swedish movement to prevent the ban is available at www.kampsportsfakta.se. FCF will keep you posted on the developments.

From DSE/Pride:

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Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Dan Henderson
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The Northern Touch:
News and Notes from Canadian MMA

By Kelsey Mowatt

This week’s edition of the Northern Touch brings word from top-ranked Canadian super lightweight fighter Antonio Carvalho, as he prepares for his championship fight with Jeff Curran this Saturday night. Also in this week’s column, FCF catches up with up and coming fighter Kevin Barkhouse, and we have news from Canuckles spokesperson Lindsey Marin about the recent rumors that team instructor and fighter Max Marin is retiring.

Ironheart SLW Championship: Curran vs Carvalho November 19th

Team Shah Franco standout Antonio Carvalho will fight UFC 46 veteran Jeff Curran this Saturday in Hammond, Indiana, for the Ironheart/ American Shooto Championship at 145 pounds. Carvalho, who comes into this fight with a record of 8-0, will be facing one of the State’s better super lightweight (SLW) fighters in Curran, whose record stands at 23-7-1. Carvalho, who has defeated such notable fighters as Tommy Lee and Lion Takeshi, acknowledges that Curran is stiff competition.

"For sure Jeff will be my toughest opponent that I have ever faced," Carvalho said. "I don’t think I have ever fought someone so well-rounded. This fight will be interesting for me because I really don’t know how this one will go."

Curran has been on a tear since his loss to Matt Serra at UFC 46 in January of 2004, and is currently on a seven-fight winning streak. The stretch includes victories over Masahiro Oishi, Jason Dent, and Luke Spencer, with six of the seven victories coming way of submission. Carvalho is quick to praise Curran for his well-rounded skills, but seems to have studied up on his championship bout opponent.

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From Pancrase:

Sunday, December 4, 2005
Doors Open; 3:00PM
Amateur Bout Starts; 3:30PM
Differ Ariake (Tokyo,Japan)

  • Amateur Bout Pancrase Gate Welterweight 2×5 min rounds
    TORA (SK Absolute) vs. LUIZ (Zendokai)

  • Pro-Bout #1 Featherweight 2×5 min rounds

  • Pro-Bout #2 Featherweight 2×5 min rounds
    MINORU TSUIKI (Pancrase P’s LAB Tokyo) vs. YUKITO (U-FILE CAMP)

  • Pro-Bout #3 Light Heavyweight 2×5 min rounds

  • Pro-Bout #4 Pancrase Athena Rules -54kg 5×3 min rounds

  • Pro-Bout #5 Middleweight 2×5 min rounds
    ICHIRO KANAI (PANCRASEism) vs. SHUNICHI AKIMOTO (Wajutsu Keishukai Iwate Dojo)

  • Karate Exhibition by KOJI OISHI (Welterweight 3rd ranked/PANCRASEism)
  • Pro-Bout #7 Original Pancrase Rules 10 min

  • Semifinal Catch Wrestling 2×5 min rounds
    YUKI KONDO (3rd Light Heavyweight K.O.P./PANCRASEism) vs. TAKUMI YANO (Ugokai)

  • Main Event Welterweight 3×5 min rounds
    TAKAFUMI ITO (Welterweight 6th ranked/PANCRASEism) vs. ANDY WANG (Taiwan/Asian Invasion)

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