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Saturday, Feb 17, 2001

Pancrase 2001 Proof Tour Line-up!

From Stars MMA Training center, home of the Md Wt. King of Pancrase:

Pancrase 2001 Proof Tour Line-Up!

Saturday, March 31, 2001
Doors open: 5:30PM Fights start: 6:30PM
Namihaya Dome(Osaka, Japan)

  • Main event(5MX3R)-L.H. match-
    Ikuhisa Minowa(Pancrase Yokohama) vs Paulo Filho(Brazil)

  • Semifinal(5MX3R)-L.H. match-
    Yuki Kondo(Pancrase Tokyo) vs Brian Gassaway(U.S.A.)

  • Fight#6(5MX3R)-M. match-
    Kiuma Kunioku(Pancrase Yokohama) vs Daiju Takase(Keishukai)

  • Fight#5(5MX3R)-O.W. match-
    KENGO(Pancrase Tokyo) vs Tim Lajcik(U.S.A.)

  • Fight#4(5MX3R)-L.H. match-
    Daisuke Ishii(Pancrase Tokyo) vs Yuki Sasaki(GRABAKA)

  • Fight#3(5MX3R)-M. match-
    Nathan Marquardt(U.S.A.) vs Hikaru Sato(Pancrase Yokohama)

  • Fight#2(5MX1R)-catch wrestling-
    Takafumi Ito(Pancrase Yokohama) vs Yuji Hoshino(RJW/CENTRAL)

  • Fight#1(5MX2R)-regular match-
    Kosei Kubota(Pancrase Yokohama) vs Satoru Kikaoka(Pancrase Tokyo)

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