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Thursday, Feb 26, 2004

Pancrase 2004 Brave Tour

From Pancrase:

Pancrase 2004 Brave Tour

"Pancrase 2004 Brave Tour"
Monday,March 29, 2004
Doors Open; 5:30pm First Fight; 6:30pm
Korakuen Hall (Tokyo,Japan)

Pro-Match#1/ Middleweight 2×5 Min Rounds
Yuji Hisamatsu(Tiger Place) Vs Ichiro Kanai(Pancraseism)

Pro-Match#2/ Light Heavyweight 2×5 Min Rounds
Mitsuyoshi Sato(Pancrase Grabaka) Vs Yukiya Naito(A-3)

Pro-Match#3/ Middleweight 2×5 Min Rounds
Hidehiko Hasegawa(Middleweight 7th Ranked/Sk Absolute) Vs Seiki Ryo (Stand)

Pro-Match#4/ Middleweight 2×5 Min Rounds
Yuichi Nakanishi(Middleweight 9th Ranked/Freelance) Vs Hikaru Sato (Pancraseism)

Pro-Match# 5/ Middleweight 3×5 Min Rounds
Eiji Ishikawa(Middleweight 6th Ranked/Pancrase Grabaka) Vs Satoru Kitaoka(Pancraseism)

Pro-Match# 6/ Light Heavyweight 3×5 Min Rounds
David Terrell(Light Heavyweight 6th Ranked/U.S.A./Cesar Gracie Academy) Vs Osami Shibuya(Light Heavyweight 9th Ranked/Pancraseism)

Semifinal/ Super Heavyweight 2×5 Min Rounds
Keigo Takamori(Super Heavyweight 4th Ranked/Pancrase Megaton) Vs Jun Ishii(Super Heavyweight 6th Ranked/Chojin Club)

Main Event/ Light Heavyweight 3×5 Min Rounds
Yuki Kondo(3rd Light Heavyweight K.O.P./Pancraseism) Vs Steve Heath (U.S.A./Cesar Gracie Academy)

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