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Monday, Nov 27, 2000

Pancrase December 4th Eventcomplete Line-up

Pancrase December 4th Event
Complete Line-up

-King of Pancrase Title Match-

Masakatsu Funaki Retirement Memorial Event
Monday, December 4, 2000
Nippon Budokan(Tokyo, Japan)
doors open: 5:30PM fights start: 7:00PM

  • Fight#1(15 min)-middleweight ranking match-
    Shonie Carter(middleweight 1st ranked/U.S.A./Aiki Training Hall) vs Yuji Hoshino(RJW/CENTRAL)

  • Fight#2(15 min)-open-weight ranking match-
    Jason DeLucia (open-weight 7th ranked/U.S.A./Pancrase Hybrid Budokan) vs Katsuhisa Fujii(free)

  • Fight#3(10 min)-Pancrase vs Seikendo-
    KENGO(Pancrase Tokyo) vs Kikalishvili Ramaz(Georgia/Seikendo)

  • Fight#4(10 min)-Pancrase vs Seikendo-
    Daisuke Ishii(light heavyweight 5th ranked/Pancrase Tokyo) vs Grilauskas Darius(Lithuania/Seikendo)

  • Fight#5(10 min)-Pancrase vs Seikendo-
    Ikuhisa Minowa(light heavyweight 1st ranked/Pancrase Yokohama) vs Ismailov Magomed (Russia/Seikendo)

  • Fight#6(3 min)-exhibition sparring-
    Yuki Kondo(open-weight 1st ranked/Pancrase Tokyo) vs Minoru Suzuki(Pancrase Yokohama)

  • Fight#7(10 min)-regular bout-
    KEI Yamamiya(1st light heavyweight K.O.P./Pancrase Tokyo) vs Denis Kang(Canada/Marcus Soares Brazilian Jiu Jitsu)

  • Fight#8(15 min)-special rules match-
    Yoshiki Takahashi(open-weight 4th ranked/Pancrase Tokyo) vs Sanae Kikuta(open-weight 5th ranked/Pancrase GRABAKA)

  • Fight#9(20 min)-K.O.P. middleweight title match-
    Nathan Marquardt(1st middleweight K.O.P./U.S.A./Colorado Stars) vs Kiuma Kunioku(middleweight 2nd ranked/Pancrase Yokohama)

*retirement ceremony for Masakatsu Funaki right after the Fight#9

Apologies to all from the FCF webmaster
This is last week’s Brazilian Beat that got lost during UFC updates

After a meeting on October 26th, all of the black belts of Godói & Macaco academy decided that Fernando "Margarida" Pontes would no longer be part of the team. According to Roberto Godói, the group decision is due to the lack of "group attitude" from Margarida, who never supports the team members when they are fighting in competitions. "In our team everybody is equal, we don’t have a place for stars", said Roberto Godói. The problem started because Margarida did not use the Academy symbol on his gi in last Brazilian National tournament and also did not support his teammates in the competition. Some people say that the situation got worse because he submitted Gordo (Barra Gracie) in the final and Gordo submited Macaco (his master) in the second fight. One week later, the whole team had made a meeting to decide about him, and most of the black belts voted to give him one more chance. In order to teach him a lesson, Roberto Godói took his name out of the next Friendship Cup (Rio vs. São Paulo) that will take part on November 26th in São Paulo. Margarida did not like this and said that if he could not take part in the competition, he would leave the team. Godói agreed and he left. Now he’s looking for his 4th team – He started with Gurgel (Alliance), went to Gracie São Paulo to train with Ryan and then to the biggest group of São Paulo, Godói & Macaco (they have about 11 academies). Rumors say that Margarida is planning to live in Rio de Janeiro and is crazy to make his debut in Vale-Tudo, so he is making some contacts with Brazilian Top Team. If he is right or wrong, nobody knows. But one thing everybody agrees about him: they guy is a phenomenon with a gi.

Búzios is a very nice resort and vacation spot in Rio de Janeiro where people used to go to have fun. It’s for sure one of the most famous resorts in Brazil where people go to find girls or have fun in one of their many paradise beaches. Some bring surf boards, others bring jet skis and boats. Alexandre Franca Nogueira, the Shooto champion, bring mats. That’s true. On the last Brazilian holiday (September 7th), Pequeno went with his friends to Búzios, but did not stop his training for his upcoming fight ( December 17th). He will be defending his belt against Barret Yoshida. "During the day, I went to the beaches with some friends. At night, I put the mats down in the hotel room to train with my students" said Pequeno. The attitude impressed Gugu Liberato, a famous TV personality. Pequeno was introduced to him as the "Popó (the #1 Brazilian boxer) of Vale-Tudo." After hearing about his story and titles, Gugu got very impressed with him and promised to invite him to his TV program in SBT (the second largest TV station in Brazil). For sure it’s going to be very good to improve the image of sport fighting.

Eli Soares
One of the big names of the last Heroes event, Eli Soares, who defeated Claudionor Fontinelle (UCC champion) will bring Martial Arts to the biggest TV network in Brazil: Globo. Unfortunately not because of his amazing fights in Heroes and WVC where he was a 2-time champion in the 80 kg. category tournaments, but for being involved in a waiter’s death due to a street fight last July in his city, Moçoró, located in Rio Grande do Norte state (Northern part of Brazil). The program Linha Direta (Straight Line) has the biggest audience of Brazilian TV on Thursday nights. They show cases of murder that could not be solved by the police, showing pictures of the murder and asking anyone who has information about the person to call to a number. The audience is so big that after the program the police wind up solving 80% of the cases. Carlson Gracie (creator of Heroes), Hugo Duarte (Eli represented his team in Heroes), Carlos Eduardo (promoter of Heroes) and the journalist Marcelo Alonso [yours truly] (who found Eli in Northeast events and brought him to fight in Heroes) were interviewed for the program. All of them explained that they had no idea of Eli’s problems (outside of the ring), stating that he behaves like a very nice person and has great potential in his weight class. According to a Rede Globo reporter, Eli was drinking in a nightclub with two friends when one of them made a joke to the waiter (called him gay). The guy went straight to Eli who started to avoid confusion, but the guy was too agitated and they ended up fighting. Eli threw the waiter with a double-leg and the guy hit his head on the stone ground (like Frank Shamrock and Zinoviev). The waiter died, leaving a wife and one-year-old daughter. If Eli doesn’t turn himself over to the police, the program will be broadcast in December, which will be very bad for martial arts in Brazil. The martial arts community is in a constant struggle to get MA recognized as a sport and to get off of the police pages.

Carlson and Hugo
Carlson Gracie and the general of Luta Livre, Hugo Duarte together! Nobody could ever expect that, but it’s true. Revolted with the attitude of his former team members after they created the Brazilian Top Team, Carlson invited his old enemy Hugo Duarte to train in his academy. "I’m very honored by his invitation. Next year, I’ll come back to Vale-Tudo in my best shape and with the best trainer" said Duarte in the opening barbecue party for his new gym, Power Beach. The new gym is located right in front of Pepê Beach in Barra da Tijuca–the place where he fought Rickson 11 years ago, also very close to Barra Gracie Academy. War ??!!!! "No way. Actually it’s not a Luta-Livre Academy, it’s a gym. I came here to make money in the best place in the city (it’s the only academy in front of the beach), not enemies" explained Hugo. Pictured: Hugo, his 2 month old daughter, Domênica, and Carlson in the barbecue party.

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