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Sunday, Jun 22, 2003

Pancrase Results

From Pancrase:

Pancrase Results

Pancrase 2003 Hybrid Tour
"Katsuomi Inagaki Retirement Memorial"
Sunday, June 22, 2003
Doors Open: 3:00pm
First Fight: 4:00pm
Umeda Stella Hall (Osaka,Japan)

  • Amateur Match/Pancrase Gate Featherweight 2×5 Min Rounds
    Naoji Fujimoto(P’s Lab Osaka) Def. Jyoji Kawamata(Team D’hlbuchey) By Ankle Lock at R1 1:47

  • Pro-Match#1/Lightweight 2×5 Min Rounds
    Satoshi Watanabe(Mma Dojo Cobrakai) Def. Kenji Takeshige(Pancrase Osaka) By Knee Strike KO at R1 1:16

  • Pro-Match#2/Open-Weight(Under 69kg Match) 2×5 Min Rounds
    Yoshiro Maeda(P’s Lab Osaka Inagakigumi) Def. Shinya Sato(P’s Lab Tokyo) By 2-0-1 Majority Judges’ Decision at Full Time Limit.

  • Pro-Match#3/Middleweight 2×5 Min Rounds
    Hidehiko Hasegawa(Middleweight 6th Ranked/Sk Absolute) Def. Hikaru Sato(Pancraseism) By 2-1-0 Split Judges’ Decision at Full Time Limit

  • Pro-Match#4/Welterweight 3×5 Min Rounds
    Satoru Kitaoka(Middleweight 5th Ranked/Pancraseism) Drew Yuji Hoshino (Middleweight 6th Ranked/Wajutsu Keishukai Gods) By 0-1-2 Split Judges’ Decision at Full Time Limit

  • Semifinal/Light Heavyweight 3×5 Min Rounds
    Daisuke Watanabe(Pancraseism) Def. Yuki Sasaki(Light Heavyweight 4th Ranked/Pancrase Grabaka) By Standing Punch KO at R1 4:18

  • Main Event/Middleweight 2×5 Min Rounds
    Kiuma Kunioku(Middleweight 2nd Ranked/Pancraseism) Def. Katsuomi Inagaki(Pancrase Osaka) By Choke Sleeper at R1 4:10

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