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Wednesday, Nov 01, 2000

Pancrase Results

Pancrase Results

Tuesday, October 31, 2000 – 7:00PM
Korakuen Hall(Tokyo, Japan)
Live gate: 2,300 sold out

  • Fight#1(10 min)-regular bout-
    Katsuhisa Fujii(Japan/free) def. Johnny Huskey(U.S.A./Hybrid Academy)
    by armlock at 1:40.

  • Fight#2(10 min)-Pancrase vs Keishukai Team Bout/ round 1-
    Yoshinori Kawasaki(RJW/CENTRAL) def. Satoru Kitaoka(Pancrase Tokyo)
    by majority judges decision(2-0) at 10:00 regulation time.

    Fight#3(10 min)-Pancrase vs Keishukai Team Bout/ round 2-
    Hiroshi Shibata(RJW/CENTRAL) def. Hikaru Sato(Pancrase Yokohama)
    by unanimous judges decision(3-0) at 10:00 regulation time.

    Fight#4(10 min)-Pancrase vs Keishukai Team Bout/ round 3-
    Jason DeLucia(U.S.A./Pancrase Hybrid Budokan/open-weight 7th ranked)) def. Takaichi Hirayama(Wajutsu Keishukai Hombu Dojo)
    by unanimous judges’ decision(3-0) at 10:00 regulation time.

    Fight#5(10 min)-Pancrase vs Keishukai Team Bout/ round 4-
    Daisuke Ishii(Pancrase Tokyo/open-weight 5th ranked) def. Yuji Hisamatsu(Wajutsu Keishukai Toyko Hombu Dojo)
    by unanimous judges’ decision(3-0) at 10:00 regulation time.

    Fight#6(15 min)-middleweight ranking match-
    Genki Sudo(Pancrase GRABAKA) def. Craig Oxley(U.S.A./B.C.I.)
    by achilles’ hook at 3:14.

    Fight#7(15 min)-special rules match-
    Murilo Bustamante(Brazil/Brazilian Top Team) def. Sanae Kikuta(Pancrase GRABAKA/ open-weight 5th ranked)
    by unanimous judges’ decision(3-0) at 15:00 regulation time.

MMA TV Pilot Event Being Held Tomorrow
By Josh Gross

Filming starts 7:00pm at
Santa Clarita Studios – 25135 Anza Dr.
Call LA BOXING for tickets at: (949) 722-3533

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Friday Nov. 3rd X-Treme Warriors will take place at the Santa Clarita studios just north of Los Angeles. RepeatSports Inc. is running the show in hopes that it will be picked up as a weekly television show. There are many questions about the event that will be answered on Friday. However, I spoke with organizer and fighter Sean McCully to get a better idea of what to expect.

FCF:  Sean, first off tell me about the event. How did it come about?
Sean McCully:  Basically it came about waiting for the legalized rules for mixed martial arts in the state of California. We were waiting and waiting and we’re probably not going to get it legalized till the fiscal year. Probably not till July I believe so we’re just doing our own thing. You just have to run with the ball.

FCF:  What kinds of rules did you use for your shows in the past?
SM:   All my shows were open hand. The other guys I think have done all sorts of stuff, I haven’t been to all of them. Some of the west coast ones was like full contact. They were really good shows actually. They were a little bit pornographic to. They had exotic dancers there and the whole nine yards. It was kind of crazy. Tank took his pants off it was bad.

FCF:  What kinds of rules are you running for this show?
SM:   Basically we’re following the State Athletic Commission guidelines. No elbows and no head butts. Kicks and punches are legal. All submissions are legal. We have to have fingerless gloves but we have an extra pad. There’s a four-inch pad at the top of the knuckles.

FCF:  Earlier this week you said on Eddie Goldman’s show that X-Treme Warriors would run old style UFC rules. Why did that change in two days?
SM:   The change was when I told Eddie that, everybody bit on my ass and told me I was wrong and we’re running state guidelines. Chris (Peters) and other production people told me it was going to be like the old UFC but it’s not going to be like that now.

FCF:  The show is going to be run in a ring, do you prefer that to a cage?
SM:   I’ve been using a ring my whole life. I started kickboxing when I was 13 so I feel more comfortable there. In a cage the door slams and I feel weird like I’m in jail or something. It’s not that bad, I don’t want to sound like a wimp or anything. I just feel more at home in the ring. The ropes and everything feels homier.

FCF:  How about fighter safety. Does a cage provide that more than a ring?
SM:   I think it is because you don’t get that chance of guys falling out of the ring apron. If someone gets blasted with a double-leg and they end up sliding up under the ropes I can see that happening. Someone might break their ass if they slide out, it could be very dangerous. Everyone wants the cage but I’m a kick-boxer and I was happy when they got the ring. They were on the fence about doing the show for a long time. For a minute it was in a cage, for a minute it was old UFC rules so it’s been hard to keep those things straight to be honest with you.

FCF:  How did the producers get involved with the show? Did you go to them or did they come to you?
SM:   They came to me. I’m a friend of Christopher Peters. I did his first show the World Combat Championships. He contacted me about doing X-Treme Warriors and asked me if I had any guys who’d be interested in doing it. I said sure and that’s how it all came about.

FCF:  Tell me about some of the fighters on the show.
SM:   Well you have my brother, Justin McCully. He’s an excellent fighter. He was a Pancrase Neo-Blood runner up in 1998. He fought a lot of guys and his record is 10-2. His only legitimate loss was to Evan Tanner in Neo-Blood and I don’t know how legitimate that is. Evan had him in an arm-bar and Justin was escaping but they stopped the fight because Lober got his knee busted when he couldn’t get out of a leg-lock. Justin was escaping and they stopped. He’s a really good fighter and he’s up and coming, I think he’ll open some people’s mouths. Another local jiu-jitsu guy would be Beau Hershburger who’s a pretty well respected guy locally. He won the Pan-Ams one year, he won Joe Moriera’s tournament and he’s undefeated in Neutral Grounds from what I remember. Josh Dempsey, the grandson of boxer Jack Dempsey, is a top-ten heavyweight boxer who’s been training Royce Gracie for boxing.

FCF:  How did you find most of these fighters?
SM:   I find a lot of the same guys are all kind of rotating from Holland, Brazil, Japan and the United States so it’s hard not to get to know the guys and get to know their numbers. I get calls from guys all the time asking if I want to get involved in promotions so that’s basically how it works with me. It’s kind of word of mouth, everybody has to look out for each other in this sport.

FCF:  The show isn’t a typical MMA promotion. How is this different?
SM:   They’re going to have backgrounds on the fighters. They’re doing a lot with the production that I can’t tell you too much about because I’m in the dark. All I really know about is my fight, what I’m planning to do and what the guys who train with me are planning to do. Other than that I really can’t elaborate on what the production is going to be like.

FCF:  How has your training been?
SM:   Oh, actually it’s been a bitch. I’m in really solid shape but then I went to Holland last week and I caught a cold. I’ve been coughing and hacking since last week. The weather change kind of jacked me up. The doctor said I have a virus so I can’t antibiotic myself. I’m hoping I go out and kick this kid’s ass so I can call it an early night to be honest with you. My lungs are in bad shape right now.

FCF:  Well, good luck. The show sounds really interesting and I look forward to Friday.
SM:   Thanks. Take care.

Filming starts 7:00pm at
Santa Clarita Studios – 25135 Anza Dr.
Call LA BOXING for tickets at: (949) 722-3533

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