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Monday, Apr 30, 2001

Pelé And Vanderlei Set To Fight At Pride 14!

Pelé and Vanderlei set to fight at Pride 14!
By Eduardo Alonso

Pele Landi Vs. Dave Menne
      FCF was told today that not only will Vanderlei Silva be fighting at the next Pride event, but also Pelé Landi [Pictured kicking Dave Menne in WEF 9], another Chute Boxe sensation, will be fighting on the card. Pelé, who is known for his victories in Brazil and the USA, will now make his Pride debut, on May 27th in Japan. Pelé’s possible opponent will be no other than rAw team member Frank Trigg! Despite all the rumors about a fight between Pelé and Akira Shoji, it looks like Trigg may be Pele’s opponent for his Pride debut. However Pelé’s opponent is still subject to change. Vanderlei Silva will be also fighting in the event with his teammate Pelé, his opponent is likely to be Takada dojo’s own Daijiro Matsui. Vanderlei told FCF that he is training really hard, and will be in the best shape of his life for this next fight. Although the opponents for both Chute Boxe fighters can still change, the deal is done and both fighters WILL be fighting at the next Pride event, on May 27th.

From the event’s promoter:

IKF tournament

Mid South Kickboxing will present the International Kickboxing Federation and International Sport Combat Federation (Mixed Martial Art) Central South Regional tournament. The event will be held Saturday May 12 at 8:00 pm at he New Daisy Theater, on historic Beale St. in downtown Memphis, TN. The tournament will feature competition in amateur Muay Thai, Full Contact & International Rules Kickboxing, and Sport Combat (mixed martial arts). Divisional kickboxing winners and runner ups will qualify to compete in the IKF National Championship Tournament. Divisional MMA winners will be seeded in the ISCF National Tournament.
This event is open to all amateur fighters. Fighters must be registered by May 5. Registration fee is $35 and should be mailed to: Mid South Kickboxing, 7277 Winchester, Mphs, TN. 38125. Fighter weigh-in will be Friday, May 11 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.IKF representative will be Duke Roufus. Tournament director is 10 UFC judge and K-1 USA 2000 judge Jeff Mullen. Tickets are $15 & $20. For fight or ticket info call (901)757-0985 or e-mail: jmullen@memphis.edu.

From the event’s promoter:

The Danger Zone Champion Series April 28
Auburn, IN.

      This was the best fight card to date! The DZ Championship belt was on the line and these 135 lb fighters fought like gladiators!
      Itchaku Murata started the night off with a quick guillotine choke to end the fight against Joe Cuff. Steve The Weasel Hallock took it to Jeremy Bolt. This was a nail biter that in the end Bolt came out the winner. Back and forth it went with many submission attempts, reversing positions, and striking to open up the submissions. This was one of the best fights of the night! This was a phenomenal battle between two great fighters. Bolt won a decision in OT.
      Then came Matt Hamilton vs. Itchaku Murata. This was another tremedous batlle of postioning, reversals, and standing toe to toe and throwing bombs! This could have been a final match in itself. The Pink Singlet (Hamilton) was determined and in great condition for this tournament. This fight went to OT with Matt Hamilton winning the decision.
After an intermission to give the pros a breather, the next match was Travis Phippen vs. Jeremy Bolt. Phippen a two time All American Wrestler was going to try and take advantage of the time bolt had spent in the cage.The first 2 minutes Phippen had the advantage, but shortly after this Bolt caught Phippen in the corner of the cage, and worked to secure the ankle lock.
      This was another top of the line fight. There has not been antoher tournament like this one in the sport! These guys are now fighting in their own weight class, instead of fighting 20 lb. above. What skills these guys have!
      Everyone knows the finals are going to be a great one. Bolt has a huge heart considering all the time spent in the cage during his previous fights. Hamilton is looking to take it to Bolt being the hometown favorite.
This fight was an incredible display of reversals and changing of positions. Hamilton works for the choke while Bolt does a great job of denying it. Between punches and sub attempts, working to get out of subs, and trying to maintain the edge, Hamilton ends the fight with a choke. Hamilton had the offensive edge on this night. What a tremendous job to win this tournament! I would like to commend all the fighters and what a super job they did in preperation for this tournament!
Look for amatuer fighters Matt Shaw and Ben Rothwell to make their pro debuts in the near future. The amateurs came out and did a tremendous job. We hope to have to have them fight for us in the future. Lots of enthusiasum and improvements were seen in many of the fighters. This is where they develop their skills on their way to the pro ranks.
      Thank you to all staff for making this a great show and to all the fighters that train and put themselves on the line every time they step into the cage. Thank you!
From "The fighters Fight Promotion"
The Danger Zone

Pro 135 lb Championship Tournament, blind draw used on bracketing. Pro fights are two 6 minute rounds with 3 min OT if needed.

Fight 1
Itchauku Murata def. Joe Cuff – 1:05 choke

Fight 2
Jeremy Bolt def. Steve Hallock – OT Decision

Fight 3
Matt Hamilton def. Itchaku Murata – OT Decision

Fight 4
Jeremy Bolt def. Travis Phippen – 3:17 of Rd. 2 ankle lock

Matt Hamilton def. Jeremy Bolt – 5:22 Rear-naked choke Round. 2

Amateur Tournaments
135 lb below
Pablo Anchondo def. Frank Borges – 2:23 Armlock

Roli Delgato def. Tommy Hoover – 1:52 Ref stoppage

Delgato def. Anchando – 4:37 choke

Tony Emmanuel def. Mike Rooney – :32 Choke

Gary Owens def. Derek Bergey – 3:22 TKO Round 2

Emmanuel def. Owens – 1:57 choke

Josh Kaine def. Brian Densberger – 2:10 guillotine choke Round 2

No Finals due to injury to Kaine

Matt Shaw def. Kyle Craig – 4:34 choke

Andrew Neale def. Roscoe Ostyn – Decision

Matt Shaw def. Nathan Allen – :48 Could not continue due to strikes

No finals due to injury to Neale (foot) and Shaw (hand)

Jason Wallen def. Jeff Ignatawski – Ref stoppage
Chad Roarke def. Rusty Pontz

Barry Wickware def. Chris Skezypek – 3:34 round 1
Barry Wickware def. Chad Roake – ref stoppage 3:51 round 1

196-210 Final
Aaron Rafferty def. Chris Maddoz – :12 TKO

Ben Rothwell def. Tony Ferguson – 1:00 ref stoppage

Ben Rothwell def. Darren Block – :16 KO

Dan Severn-Becky Levi
The Danger Zone Inc.


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