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Monday, Dec 23, 2002

Pick Up The December 2002 Issue Of Fcf Today!

Pick up the December 2002 issue of FCF today!

FCF New Issue
In this issue…

Outside The Lines… Out of Bounds? Dana White Speaks on the Outside The Lines Episode.

A Night To Remember: UFC 40 delivered big, we bring it to you live from Vega$

MMA Pioneer Marco Ruas talks about the early days of the UFC and PRIDE and discusses what he’s got planned for the future.

What ever happened to Jeff Blatnick? The Olympic Gold Medalist talks about what he’s been up to and why he’s no longer part of the UFC team.

There’s a new promotion on the Brazilian fight scene, Bitetti Combat brought NHB back to the city of Natal and FCF was there to bring you all of the action.

PRIDE.23 live from the Tokyo Dome

Highs and Low (Blows) – WFA: Level 3

Media Mess – The fights in the cage wasn’t the only action at WFA: Level 3. Get the inside scoop on how the press was booted from their cageside positions and the promoter was removed from his own event.

This month’s SHOOTO Report covers the November 15 show at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan.

SportFighting: Third Time’s the Charm – after two unsuccessful attempts, promoter Brian Cimins finally gets his first MMA show off the ground.

SuperBrawl 27: Jhun & Carter draw and Cabbage is crowned champ at the Blaisdell Arena in Honolulu, Hawaii

A New Star on the Rise; Some Tough Veterans on TrackMECA World Vale Tudo 7, live from Curitiba, Brazil

Grapple & Strike 6 – MMA Action in the U.K.

In his continuing series, Former AMC Pankration strength & conditioning coach Mark Ginther brings us his Drug-Free Training: Priming the Anabolic Environment – Part 1.

Tim "Superman" Sylvia BioFile: get insight into the 6’8" UFC Heavyweight contender, including his earliest fighting memory… Getting beat up all the time in high school.

Fight fans give their opinions ESPN’s OTL show on Mixed Martial Arts.

In our monthly columns…
In Matt Hume‘s techniques, Josh Barnett & Jermiah Futch demonstrate a Standing Achilles to 1/2 Crab; and in the Punchers Corner, champion kickboxer Derek Panza discusses Proper Weight Distribution for Maximum Power.

Every issue of Full Contact Fighter is jam-packed with fight news from the U.S. to Brazil to Japan. FCF travels the globe to bring the fights to you. Get yours today! Available at Tower Records stores around the world or by subscription…

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