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Monday, Mar 02, 2020

Placing an MMA Bet? Read This First

As sick and sadistic as it may sound, there’s just something exciting and cathartic about watching two people beat each other black and blue.

That’s one of the main reasons why MMA, or mixed martial arts, has grown in popularity so much over the last couple of decades.

Despite what some people may think, MMA isn’t actually a brutal and barbaric sport at all. It is actually a very technical sport, which requires enormous amounts of physical fitness and technical ability, not to mention self-discipline and self-control.

If you really want to add an element of excitement to a big fight, or a big pay per view event, then why not place an MMA bet?

Here are some important things to know about placing an MMA bet.

You can bet on every fight on the card

Normally, whenever there is a big PPV event held, most people tune in for the main event. We know that there are certain fights on the undercard that can be hugely entertaining, but for the most part, people get the most excited about who is fighting in the main event.

When people bet on MMA, normally they’ll place a bet on the main event, and the main event only. If you want to make the event more exciting, and potentially increase your winnings in the process, why not bet on every fight? With betting websites like Findbettingsites.co.uk offers bonuses on endless amounts of bookmakers, bettors often choose to spread their bets amongst a number of bookmakers.

Betting on every fight is like creating your own accumulator, although you could always do that too, rather than placing individual bets.

Know your odds first

Unless you are a seasoned MMA fan, understanding the odds and favorites before each fight can be tricky. Different things factor into the equation, and of course, fighters can suffer lapses in form, as well as be suffering from a lack of fitness, or injury.

Before you place an MMA bet, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the odds of each fighter, and perhaps look online at a few MMA predictions for upcoming fights and events. That way, you get an idea of who to bet on, and what kind of returns you might receive.

Know what to bet on

When it comes to MMA betting, like other sports, you can actually bet on a whole variety of different elements that go above and beyond who wins and who loses.

You can bet on whether a fighter will bleed, you can bet on knock downs, you can bet on disqualifications, you can bet on whether a fighter will win via knockout, TKO, points, or submission, you can bet on a draw, you can bet on shots below the belt, and plenty more besides.

A nice safe way to ease yourself into betting on something more complex than who wins or loses, is to bet on who you think will win or lose, when you think it will happen, and how. For example, you could go with Jon Jones to win in the 3rd round by submission, or Conor McGregor to win in the first round by TKO.

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