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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

“poor Performance” Mma Suspensions Enacted In New Jersey

"Poor Performance" MMA Suspensions Enacted In New Jersey
By Loretta Hunt

"Mismatch" can be a dirty word in MMA, a touchy subject that is often acknowledged when it happens, but quickly dismissed as an inevitable occurrence of a young sport still in the throws of development. The New Jersey State Athletic Control Board, however, has chosen not to perpetuate such occurrences in its own backyard. Following April 24th’s Ring of Combat 6 event held in Elizabeth, NJSACB Chief Inspector Sylvester Cuyler flagged two competitor’s performances as less than acceptable within its jurisdiction.

NJSACB Chief Inspector Sylvester Cuyler
NJSACB’s Sylvester Cuyler keeping
a watchful eye on the action at ROC 6

Straight Blast Gym Hamilton fighters Bret Perchaluk and Jon McCaffrey were placed on indefinite suspensions for "poor performance," a reflection of the NJSACB’s determination that these fighters might have been overmatched against their respective opponents that night. In an effort to alert additional regulatory bodies, as well as promoters in and outside the state of its findings and ultimately prevent reoccurrences in the future, the NJSACB has registered these suspensions with the central registry currently utilized by boxing commissions across the country to gauge a fighter’s readiness to compete. Explains NJSACB Counsel Nick Lembo, "Our primary goal with any combat sport is to do our best to attempt to ensure the health and safety of the competitors. Secondary, is also to ensure public confidence and trust that when they’re purchasing a ticket, they’re buying to see even-matched competitions, and I think that’s in the best interest of the sport for everybody involved." A first for the sport of MMA, Lembo says he hopes this registry of "checks and balances" will be adopted by others in the future. To find out more about this groundbreaking system enacted in New Jersey, check out the rest of Counsel Lembo’s exclusive interview in the current issue of Full Contact Fighter.

Bret Perchaluk (left) vs. Jesse Moreng Jon McCaffrey (bottom) vs. Jordan Pergola
Bret Perchaluk (left) Jon McCaffrey (bottom)

From the Department of Corrections:

In the WEC X results (posted May 22, 2004), there was an error in the results of the Mike Serr vs. Rafael Real fight. The correct result is "Mike Serr def. Rafael Real 2:19 R1 by submission to strikes." The original post has been adjusted to reflect the correct results.
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