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Tuesday, Sep 26, 2000

Press Release:dan Severn’s Comments On Ufc 27

From Dan Severn:


Dan Severn
I have waited to make my statement in order to view the UFC tape and to hear John Perretti’s comments he made about me first hand. His comments when being asked about me, "I don’t think he has ever shown much." "He does not have a finishing hold in his entire body." "A terrific take down and a slapping kind of side control". These are not the kind of comments that should come from a UFC representative let alone a matchmaker. I would be ashamed of John
Perretti if I owned the UFC and would send him packing his bags.

John Perretti
I tried to reach Perretti today, but all I got was an answering machine. I left a message for him to get back to me, but I don’t expect that to happen. I basically have one question for John Perretti, "What do you have against me?" The guy does not know me, so I don’t know where or who he draws his opinion from. I have my speculations, but until confirmed I will keep them to myself which is something that John Perretti might want to make note of.

To address John’s comments on not showing much in the UFC. I would like to take the time to state some facts:

1. I am the only triple crown winner in UFC history. They (UFC) even said I am the most decorated athlete ever in the UFC.

2. I am the oldest Champion the UFC has ever had.

3. I have beat some of the top fighters in an 8 man tournament setting. Lets see, Dave Beneteau, Oleg Taktarov, Ken Shamrock, Tank to name a few.

4. I have won Championship belts from a number of other NHB companies: WEF, Super Brawl, IVC, Continental Free Fighting Alliance. I have worked as the main event for many companies enabling them to provide their ticket holders with a "name" as their main event. Extreme Challenge, IFC, USWF, Rings, Pride, Danger Zone, and others that I can’ t even think of off the top of my head.

If memory serves me correctly most of those matches ended in some type of submission. So where do you get your information from? As for your other crappy comment that I should not of been in this match (against Rizzo), all i can say is that "I stepped up to the plate and accepted the challenge against the young gun". I have never ducked anyone in the fight game, and never will. It would have been interesting to see what great fighter would have stepped up at a 2 week notice. SEG was in search of an opponent for Rizzo since Goodridge had to take time out due to a recent knockout. Becky Levi called SEG and we came to terms for the fight with Bob Meyrowitz.

I knew going into this situation that Pedro would want to keep me on my feet. Our game plan was to clinch and take the fight to the ground. It is unfortunate of the outcome,(at least in my opinion) maybe not in John Perrettis opinion. The second kick that landed on my knee caused my knee to give out and stopped me from continuing the fight. I would have liked to have had the opportunity to of tested Pedro on the mat. But, it was not to be on this day. Congrats to Pedro, he is a great fighter and I hold nothing against him. I wish him the best in his future matches.

As for my addressing my age and being to old for the sport. Sure I am and I agree totally with all comments on this subject. I was past my prime before I ever entered the UFC. I was at the peak of my game from 1984-86 in the sport of amateur wrestling. My first UFC was in 1994. So, I was already 10 years past my prime.

Look for The Beast to continue to promote the sport positively and work for the many fight promotions throughout the world and the "smaller" companies to help them bring fans to their events and to give the fans the opportunity to see me in action in a live event.

Dan "The Beast" Severn

Dan Severn-Becky Levi
The Danger Zone Inc.

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