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Friday, Jun 13, 2003

Preview Ofkotc 24

Schulte slams Guymon
Schulte slams Guymon

Preview of

By Keith Mills

Albuquerque, NM — King Of The Cage 24 takes place tonight with the headline fight being Dan Severn vs. Dan Christiansen [Pictured below kicking at Eric Pele], a rematch of their bout from Aztec Challenge in September which Severn won by decision. Christiansen went on to lose to Eric Pele for the Super Heavyweight belt in KOTC 23 last month while Severn went on to go 5-1-1 since then, most recently with a win over Shane Moore just three weeks ago.

Co-headlining is the KOTC Lightweight belt between Thomas Schulte [Pictured slamming Mike Guymon] and John Mahlow. This came as a surprise considering Alberto Crane won the belt in his fight against Javi Vazquez in February and hasn’t defended it since. According to Chris Cordeiro, "Crane’s not going to fight anymore for a while. He just wants to take time off so he’s giving up the title. Crane is going to be there and we’re all cool and love each other, he’s just not sure what he’s doing right now." Schulte only lost once and that was to Mike Guymon before Schulte and the rest of the team dropped down a weight class. Since then he has picked up two wins in KOTC. John Mahlow trains out of MASH and is said to be explosive and fluid on the ground. With both fighters mainly submission fighters expect this one to be very similar to the Crane/Vazquez fight from February.

Diego Sanchez’s original opponent Buddy Clinton is out, having suffered a brown recluse spider bite. Instead he is fighting Rene Kronvold who was originally supposed to fight John Cronk until Cronk injured his hand. All the other fights are on and everybody has mead weight.

  • Dan Severn vs. Dan Christiansen
  • Thomas Schulte vs. John Mahlow
  • Joey Villasenor vs. Joe Merit
  • Adam Durant vs. Paul Rodriguez
  • Keith Jardin vs. George Allen
  • Diego Sanchez vs. Rene Kronvold
  • Chris Luttrell vs. Santino DiFranco
  • Jimmy Westfall vs. Eric McElroy
  • Mike Mendoza vs. Victor Hernandez
  • Fletcher Seavers vs. Tyrell McElroy

KOTC 23: Christiansen vs. Pele
Christiansen vs. Pele

Super Brawl 30: Size Does Matter
Blaisdell Arena, Honolulu, Hawaii
July 13, 2003
By Chris Onzuka

Buck vs. Miller
Buck vs. Miller

The final eight fighters of the Extreme Challenge/SuperBrawl Middleweight tournament series went to battle and two very large gentlemen beat their opponents to put them on a collision course for a future match. As is the case with a lot of tournaments, fighters drop out for various reasons and are replaced. The objective of this tournament was to hopefully provide fighters for the UFC’s middleweight class. Currently there are very few top fighters in the UFC at that weight and they are in need of more depth in the line up. There were some favorites going in, but they were taken out early and a lot of people forgot about a fighter that has been quietly making a name for himself and honing his skills over the years, Joe Doerksen. Doerksen looked invincible, with the exception of a tough exchange with Brandan Seguin, Doerksen dominated the competition. Other stars of the tournament were fellow Canadian, Dennis Kang, whose timing, takedowns and grappling was impeccable. Another standout was local boy, Kaipo Kalama. Kalama knocked out Goulet and then had a war with Kang. Andre "The Chief" Roberts made short work of Jonathan Ivey, who to his credit, took the fight on days notice and when no one else would. Finally, Cabbage literally squeaked out a victory by the slimmest margins over a very tough Justin Eilers. Many of the Hawaii fans thought that Eilers should have won it with his devastating over hand rights that landed almost every time by booing when Cabbage was given the decision.

Doerksen vs. Miner
Doerksen vs. Miner

Extreme Challenge/SuperBrawl Middleweight Tournament: A Bracket Semi Finals
3 Rounds – 3 Minutes
Jason Miller def. Jay Buck
Split Decision [(29-28), (28-29), (29-28)] after 3 rounds.

Joe Doerksen def. Desi Miner
Submission via rear naked choke at 2:20 into R1.

Extreme Challenge/SuperBrawl Middleweight Tournament: B Bracket Semi Finals
3 Rounds – 3 Minutes
Dennis Kang def. Brendan Seguin
Submission via arm bar from the guard at 2:22 into R1.

Kaipo Kalama def. Jonathan Goulet
KO at 0:12 into R1.

Extreme Challenge/SuperBrawl Middleweight Tournament: A Bracket Finals
3 Rounds – 3 Minutes
Joe Doerksen def. Jay Buck*
*Jay Buck replaced Jason Miller due to a broken hand.
KO via kick to the head at 0:41 into R1.

Extreme Challenge/SuperBrawl Middleweight Tournament: B Bracket Finals
3 Rounds – 3 Minutes
Dennis Kang def. Kaipo Kalama
Majority decision [(29-29), (30-27), (30-27)] after 3 rounds.

Feature bout:
Andre Roberts def. Jonathan Ivey
Submission via tap out due to elbows from the cross position at 1:38 into R1.

Extreme Challenge/SuperBrawl Middleweight Tournament Finals
3 Rounds – 5 Minutes
Joe Doerksen def. Brendan Seguin*
*Brandan Seguin replaced Denis Kang due to a dislocated knee.
TKO via referee stoppage due to punches from the mount at 2:14 into R1.

Wesley "Cabbage" Correira (SuperBrawl Heavyweight Champion) def. Justin Eilers
Split decision [(30-29), (28-29), (29-28)] after 3 rounds.

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