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Saturday, Aug 26, 2000

Pride 10 Results

Pride 10 Results

For those who just can’t wait to see the taped PPV broadcast…

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Hammer House’s Newest Superhero…
Big Daddy

By Tom DeFazio

Rickson and Gary
"Big Daddy" Gary Goodridge is currently in Tokyo, in a few hours he will be fighting Gilbert Yvel in Pride 10. I got a hold of Gary to talk about the fight and his new training alliance with Mark Coleman.

FCF:   Big Daddy, what’s up? How are you doing?
GG:     I’m alright.

FCF:   How are you feeling for the fight with Yvel?
GG:     I feel great, just going over shit in my head watching Demi Moore in GI Jane.

FCF:   You’re watching Demi Moore and you’re thinking about the fight?!?! To each their own I guess, I’d be thinking about other stuff watching her. So, how’s the training going? You’ve been training with Mark Coleman. How’d that come about?
GG:     Well, you know what? We’ve been toying with the idea for a few years and he, as well as myself, noticed a hole in my armor. So I decided I needed to stop myself from being taken down, I need to learn that at an Olympic level. I need to learn that as much as I can, as well as utilize taking people down. For instance, when I’m fighting someone, maybe I’ll decide…Well, hell, it would be easier for me and safer for me to take them down and "GP" them…Ground-and-Pound them. So that’s how that came about. We’ve always kept in touch, we’ve always talked to each other, I’ve always called Mark and he’s always called me throughout the years. Before the Pride Grand Prix, I asked him to work together. I said, "Let’s start working together and join our forces, ’cause everyone else is." We’re on the same side of the globe, he lives pretty much just straight south of me. I said, "You know, you’re just 6 hours away, we could be training together." So, he didn’t want to before the Pride Grand Prix because he thought we’d be fighting each other. But yeah, I’m training with him and Kevin Randleman and Brandon Lee Hinkle and a couple other wrestlers that he has there.

FCF:   How long have you been training with Coleman?
GG:     3 weeks. But that’s 3 workouts a day for 3 weeks.

FCF:   I know his workouts are intense. Have you dropped weight from these workouts?
GG:     I dropped weight down from 252…I was in good shape before I started training with Mark. Actually, I was in good fighting shape. I went from 252 to 240 in 3 weeks.

FCF:   Are you pretty ripped?
GG:    I don’t think I could ever get ripped. [both laugh] I’m in pretty good shape.

FCF:   How do you see your fight with Yvel going?
GG:     With Yvel? You know, I’m really not sure how that’s gonna go. I’ll probably knock him out on his feet, because that is my strength, I’d like to do that. If I find that he’s just too busy with his legs and knees…and I want to stay away from his feet, because it’s easy to kick somebody out in stand-up, not being at a distance to punch…if I notice that’s what’s happening off the bat, then we’re going to the ground and I’ll crush him.

FCF:   You see no problem taking him down?
GG:     No, I don’t expect any problems taking him down.

FCF:   Do you see his style as at all similar to Rizzo’s?
GG:     Um, no, not really…I don’t know, I haven’t really watched this kid [Yvel]. I hear that he’s a really wild, spontaneous, non-thinking fighter…just go. I’ll have to wait and see what I’m given, whatever I’m given, I’ll have to work with. I really don’t see me losing, but you know, then again, anything can happen.

FCF:   Are you gonna continue training with Mark after this fight?
GG:     Yeah, we’ve talked about it. We came up with an agreement before we started training, we decided, "Hey, we’ll never fight each other if we’re gonna train together." Because I’m part of the Hammer House now; he inducted me into the Hammer House. The Hammer House has 3 superheroes now…Kevin RandleMAN, ColeMAN, and Superman [Big Daddy has a Superman Tattoo on his arm].

FCF:   So, you’ll keep training with Mark and the guys for your upcoming fight with Rizzo in the UFC?
GG:     The fight with Rizzo…I’m still waiting to solidify things with what I’m gonna be doing with Rizzo in the UFC. I hear and see all over the Internet, as well as in Japan here, that I’m fighting Rizzo…I’m waiting to sign an agreement, because the UFC is trying to marry me to only fighting for them and I can’t when I’ve already signed a 2-year contract with Pride. So there have been a lot of revisions made, and they haven’t been in touch with me since.

FCF:   You’re still waiting for an updated contract from the UFC?
GG:     I’m still waiting for an updated contract, I’m waiting to make sure that the money is there…and if we agree upon that…to me it’s a done deal, but I’m still waiting for certain things to be met…so it’s not a done deal because it’s not signed, see what I’m saying?

FCF:   Anything you’d like to add?
GG:     Hmmm, well, I’m looking for a sponsor in terms of a supplement sponsor that I can get supplements, so I don’t have to spend millions of dollars…I’m spending too much money on supplements. Plus I opened up my own business. Freight brokeraging, storage, import/export, stuff like that. I’d like to push the business, G & G Freight Systems located in Barie, Ontario. Phone number (705) 721-3363. E-mail address is GGLogistics@on.aibn.com.

More from Big Daddy in the upcoming issue of FCF.

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