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Saturday, May 26, 2001

Pride-14 Fight Summaries

Pride-14 Fight Summaries
By Aaron Crecy

We’ve added summaries of the fights to the results page…

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Pride Proves Prideless
in Wake of Media Controversy
American and Brazilian
Photographer not welcome

Susumu Nagao
Legendary Japanese fight photographer Susumu Nagao [pictured at right] was denied ringside credentials to Pride 14. The official Pride statement was that they no longer allow freelance photographers to work the event. However, sources from inside the Pride organization say that the ban resulted from a personal issue with the photographer. Nagao, who sells [for very little money] his photos to publications around the world, apparently incurred the wrath of Pride officials by profiting from his work. Unfortunately, Pride denied Nagao’s credentials just prior to the fight, leaving FCF and other publications with no ringside photographer. FCF representative Joel Gold made repeated calls to the Pride Organization in an attempt to resolve the situation, but his inquiries went unanswered.

Mr. Gold’s comments on the troubling incident:
Yukino Kanda
"I’m fearful that Pride is making a dangerous attempt to control the media. In the wake of Nevada State Athletic Commission open forum just last week, questions were raised about Pride and the concern of them having works in past events. The fact the questions were not raised during the meeting, but rather after, is of even more concern. This matter with a photojournalist can only be looked upon as yet another attempt of control of the event I fear. Pride has been great to our writers and I have had nice conversations with Pride representatives just recently about taking part in the upcoming season of Full Contact Fighter TV. They were very eager, that’s what makes their shortsightedness so baffling. Another question raised was that Susumu Nagao is the official photographer for the UFC, something that could have made some problems as Pride fight officials were on hand at the past UFC and witnessed the legend in action. It saddens me that the MMA community will be denied access to the wonderful pictures Mr. Nago provides free of charge at his website after each event he covers.

My major concern is the message Pride is sending to American and Brazilian followers of the sport–as Pride was well aware that Mr. Nagao was the only photographer shooting for American and Brazilian publications, yet they still would disregard this photographer’s importance.

Comments were made that Pride would send photos to the respected publications–that is something that does not sit well with FCF nor should it with the fans of the sport.

Mr. Nagao was on hand, but had to shoot from some distance.

Pride-14 Results
By Aaron Crecy

Some surprising results…

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HOOKnSHOOT "Masters"
Quick Results

by Joe Hall

Official Shooto
Class – B

Henry Matamoros vs. Andy Mockler
Matamoros by Submission – Arm Lock (round 2)

Keith Rockel vs. Ray Castias
Rockel by Ref Stoppage – punches on the ground (round 1)

Jerome Smith vs. Mike Delaney
Smith by Ref Stoppage – punches on the ground (round 1)

Jason Black vs. Eddie Miller
Black by Submission – Neck Crank (round 1)

Curtis Stout vs. Angelo Popofski
Stout by TKO – punches standing (round 2)

Seichi Ikemoto vs. Jay Buck
Ikemoto by Ref Stoppage – punches from the mount (round 2)

Class – A

Jutaro Nakao vs. Laverne Clark
Nakao by Submission – Triangle Choke (round 3)

Yves Edwards vs. CJ Fernandes
DRAW (split draw)

From RITC Writer/Statistician John Petrilli:

Rage in the Cage XXVIII – Results

A high energy, enthusiastic Memorial Day weekend crowd at Celebrity Theatre enjoyed 16 action packed bouts at RITC XXVIII. Highlights included a Main Event Female Title bout won by Michelle "GrappleGirl" Farrow and Super Fight victories by Kauai Kupihea and David Harris. The next RITC monthly event will take place on a Friday night (June 22).


Justin Timmons (178 lbs), JJ/Tae Kwon Do, Brausa Academy
defeated by TKO 1:17 Rd 1
Chris Custead (182 lbs), Freestyle, Team Custead

Javier Sanchez (156 lbs), Submission Wrestler, Team Red Dogs
defeated by submission (choke) :39 Rd 1
Damien Aguilar (156 lbs), Wrestler

Kris Yost (159 lbs), JKD Jiu-Jitsu
defeated by submission (fighter retirement) :27 Rd 2
Alex Havens (160 lbs), Streetfighter

Brian Ryan (235 lbs), JKD Jiu-Jitsu
defeated by TKO 2:03 Rd 2
Kevin Denz (197 lbs), Koshiki JJ, Savage Te Dawg Pound

Farrell Frisby (152 lbs), BJJ, Brausa Academy
defeated by submission (strikes) 1:33 Rd 1
Michael Kline (155 lbs), BJJ

Del Hawkins (135 lbs), Koshiki JJ, Savage Te Dawg Pound
defeated by submission (strikes) :33 Rd 2
Adam Alvarez (128 lbs), Streetfighter

Michael Barney (140 lbs), Submission Wrestling, Debrazil JJ
defeated by submission (choke)
Dominico Chagolla (138 lbs), Streetfighter

Joe Vigil (144 lbs), Wrestler, Savage Te Dawg Pound
defeated by TKO 1:46 Rd 2
Mark Lewis (123 lbs), Wrestler, Team Red Dogs

Ryan Roath (275 lbs), AZ Fight Club
defeated by submission (key lock) 1:16 Rd 1
Bill Rohlf (195 lbs), Freestyle, Todd Medina NHB Team

Santino Defranco (164 lbs), Submission Fighter, Brausa Academy
defeated by submission (choke) :29 Rd 1
Christopher Amado (165 lbs), Freestyle Wrestler

Gerald Perkins (179 lbs), JKD Jiu-Jitsu
defeated by decision (2-0-1)
James Upshur (162 lbs), Submission Grappler, Brausa Academy

Larry Robinson (201 lbs), Wrestler
defeated by decision (2-1)
Jorge Tellez (197 lbs), Submission Fighter, Brausa Academy

Andy McCormick (144 lbs), Wrestling/Jiu-Jitsu
defeated by submission (choke) 1:36 Rd 2
Jeff Custead (144 lbs), Wrestling, Team Custead

Super Fight
David Harris (188 lbs), BJJ/Boxing/Muay Thai, Ultima MMA
defeated by submission (fighter retirement) 3:00 Rd 2
Mike Berardi (183 lbs), BJJ, Brausa Academy

Super Fight
Kauai Kupihea (260 lbs), Kick Boxing/BJJ, Brausa Academy
defeated by submission (strikes) :35 Rd 1
Lendon Williams (249 lbs), Boxer, Sugar Ray Fighting Club

Main Event – RITC Female Title
Michelle "GrappleGirl" Farrow (135 lbs), JJ, Leininger Dojo
defeated by submission (arm bar) 1:47 Rd 2
Jamie Lynn Welsh (132 lbs), Muay Thai/JJ, Back Alley Camp

Next Event:
Rage in the Cage XXIX
Friday June 22, 2001

Tickets are available at all TicketMaster locations (480-784-4444) or at the Celebrity Theatre Box Office.

For more information, visit www.rageinthe cage.com or call 480-446-8127.

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