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Saturday, Mar 15, 2003

Pride 25 Results

PRIDE 25 Results
Held March 16, 2003
Marin Yokohama Arena – Yokohama, Kanagawa-Pref., Japan

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PPV PREMIERE DATE: March 16, 2003
PPV (North America): March 16th 9:00 pm EST, 6:00 pm PST on DIRECTV, DishNetwork, Bell ExpressVu, Viewer’s Choice Canada

Belfort Getting Ready Again,
Bitetti Combat 2 Heating Up,
IVC Looking for a Return,
and Another Sad Case of Arrest in Brazil.

The Brazilian Beat:

Vitor Belfort training with Fernando Terere
Belfort (left) & Terere training

      As we’re waiting to PRIDE 25 to happen air on PPV and Bitetti Combat 2 to happen in the following days, we found space and time to deliver on more Brazilian Beat full of news on the Brazilian fighting scene. Iin this edition we have a lot of news for you, from Vitor Belfort’s training and likely next opponent, to Bitetti Combat 2 news, going through PRIDE expectations and unfortunate news involving NHB fighters, so enjoy the reading in a fast-paced Brazilian rhythm, with Full Contact Fighter providing the beat!

  • After his K-1 Brazil adventure Brazilian Top Team member Carlos Barreto is back to his training routine focusing in NHB and in his UFC dream. Barreto showed a clear improvement on his stand-up game at K-1 Brazil, despite losing on the first bout, and is continuing to train Muay Thai seriously with the intention to sharpen his NHB skills, as he told FCF "I thought my participation was excellent, and it went as we expected, I even thought I could win that fight in K-1. I think the most important thing, in fact, was the major step I did to come back to the top of the NHB circles. The next step is to resume my Submission Wrestling and Wrestling training for NHB, cause everyone knows I want that UFC belt!"
  • As reported in the last Brazilian Beat, BTT member Roan Carneiro is scheduled to headline the first major NHB event every held in the capital of Argentina, the city of Buenos Aires. However, according to reports by Brazilian TATAME Magazine, the event is on hold now due to political issues regarding our sport in Argentina. Since this is the first time an event of that nature is going to happen on the nation’s capital, politicians are creating problems for it to happen, so the organizers postponed the event, originally scheduled for March 15th, on a week and guaranteed it will happen. Carneiro is scheduled to face Antonio D’antone, a local Muay Thai champion.
  • Getting back to the subject of K-1 Brazil, after the first ever edition of the event in late February, promoter Sergio Batarelli told FCF he intends to create the K-1 Brazil Series, much like the K-1 Japan Series, holding three more events during the course of the year in Brazil, to select the group of eight fighters who will compete for a spot at K-1 USA in early 2004. The plan is to hold three or four heavyweight tournaments every year here in Brazil, giving stand up fighters a chance to compete regularly and incentive to pursuit their careers abroad.
  • Also on Sergio Batarelli’s plans is the return of the already missed IVC event to Brazil. Despite the fact that the promoter’s priority right now is to promote K-1 in Brazil, there are already talks going on for a possible IVC return to Brazilian soil, much likely in the state of Espirito Santo, located next to Rio de Janeiro, since NHB is temporarily prohibited in Sao Paulo, home of most of the legendary IVC editions. FCF will stay tuned for the developments.
  • Still on the K-1 Brazil subject, K-1 Brazil winner Jefferson Tank is already training hard for his May 2nd participation at K-1 USA in Las Vegas. Tank qualified himself for the American event winning the Brazilian tournament, and will appear on the K-1 USA brackets alongside with K-1 Brazil runner up Eduardo Maiorino. Tank is also an NHB veteran, with an appearance at IVC Venezuela, where he defeated PRIDE veteran John Renken, and ended up losing to MECA veteran Evangelista Cyborg. However right now Jefferson’s priority is indeed K-1 USA, but he consider the chance of doing NHB again still in 2003.
  • PRIDE 25 is about to happen and the Chute Boxe team left Brazil this past Monday to Japan, with high hopes of Anderson Silva pulling a win against former UFC Champion Carlos Newton. This fight almost happened as a UFC title bout in 2001, but due to contract issues Anderson ended up going to PRIDE and now both fighter are finally facing each other. Anderson is relaxed and very well prepared, and alongside with him on the trip are Chute Boxe coaches Rudimar Fedrigo and Rafael Cordeiro, as well as PRIDE Middleweight champion Wanderlei Silva.
  • On the "Axe Murderer" subject, Wanderlei Silva has been reacting well to his comeback to training, and is feeling in good shape again, expecting to be ready for a PRIDE comeback sooner than expected. Silva has also been taking his time to take care of his clothing line and the coming of his new son in the middle of the year. Wanderlei will likely stay for a week more in Japan, after PRIDE 25, to shoot a comercial to be aired on Japanese Television.
  • The Brazilian Top Team crew also went to Japan this week, hoewever they left Brazil on Sunday, very well prepared for Rodrigo Minotauro and his brother Rogerio Minotouro’s participations. The "Zen Machine" Mario Sperry as well as UFC Champion Murilo Bustamante are part of the twin brother’s entourage, and both may comeback with news on their next fights and contracts.
  • The first ever STORM Grand Prix is now confirmed to the 12th of April at the gorgeous Opera de Arame in Curitiba, Brazil. The event, originally scheduled for April 5th, was postponed due to Chute Boxe heavyweight Assuerio Silva’s likely fight in Switzerland in very early April, so the Chute Boxe camp can give Assuerio support in his international event and also take care of all the details regarding the biggest STORM Muay Thai event ever. As soon as the Chute Boxe crew comes back from Japan the final details about the event, featuring two weight divisions, one below 85kg and another one above 85kg, and its card will be released.
  • In a sad piece of news Brazilian Top Team member Jorge Navalhada was arrested this week at Rio de Janeiro. Police allegedly found him with 2,800 Ecstasy pills on his car, as well as a 9mm Glock handgun. At the fighter’s house the police reprotedly found 500 more Ecstasy pills, and now Navalhada, who did not resist the arrest, will respond in court for drug traffiking as well as possession of an illegal (according to Brazilian laws) gun. Hopefully we’ll see NHB fighters appearing on the sports’ pages of local newspapers instead of the police blotters.
  • With Navalhada’s arrest his likely fight against Chute Boxe fighter Nilson de Castro at MECA 8 is highly unlikely, so now promoters will probably look for another opponent for Nilson, and news about it will probably be released after PRIDE 25. MECA is still set to go in May in Curitiba and promises to be the best MECA ever.
  • Bitteti Combat 2 is ready to deliver this March 20th in Natal, Brazil, and UCC, IVC and MECA veteran Claudionor Fontinelli is now confirmed at the event’s card! Fresh out of jail, Fontinelli will be facing Bitetti Combat 1 winner Rivanio Aranha, who has a style simmillar to Wanderlei Silva, in terms of aggression. Fontinelli has been training hard with Artur Mariano and is taking this chance to recover in life seriously. Bitetti Combat 2 is drawing a lot of attention in Brazil and Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Fernando Terere is also ready for his fight against Tibau this March 20th. Terere told FCF he is confident in his performance and is training a lot of stand-up with Vitor Belfort for this fight. FCF had the chance to watch a training session, and the BJJ Black belt seems ready to deliver, and we will be there covering all the action straight from Natal.
  • From
    Eduardo on Premiere Combate
    Friday March 7th to Friday March 14th PREMIERE COMBATE here in Brazil aired a Tito Ortiz special, including several of his UFC fights, where FCF’s own [Who happens to be writing this text] Eduardo Alonso did color commentary and spoke a lot about Full Contact Fighter’s work and history. It was a privilege to appear as a guest, and it’s more than great that channels devoted only to fighting are finally appearing in Brazil.

  • Speaking of the "Phenom", Vitor Belfort has been helping Fernando Terere’s training for Bitetti Combat 2 and the training sessions at his new team "Brazil Fight Club" has been very intense. Along with Belfort and Terere, names like MECA veteran Luis Azeredo, and Jiu-Jitsu Black belt Leonardo Vieira has also been training with the team, with high hopes for the rest of 2003. Belfort is already preparing for his UFC comeback, and it looks like his opponent will be KOTC veteran Marvin Eastman, probably at UFC 43.

From the event’s promoter:

Pankracio – Reto Maximo III
Official Results:

Ethien Rascon, 16, 154 lbs, 1 – 1
Lozano’s Submission / Pankration (Tijuana, B. C. – Mexico)
Wins over Angel Yocupicio, 16, 150 lbs, 0 – 2
Pentathlon / Associated Wrestling (Tijuana, B. C. – Mexico)
Via "Guillotine" choke at the minute 1:06 of RD1.

Chris David, 21, 140 lbs, 1 – 0
Sierra College Wrestling (Rockwind, CA – USA)
Wins over Seth Phelps, 23, 140 lbs, 0 – 1
DTC Mixed Martial Arts (San Diego, CA – USA)
Via TKO at 2:08 of RD1

Victor Prado, 25, 150 lbs, 1 – 1
Pentathlon / Associated Wrestling (Tijuana, B. C. – Mexico)
Wins over Joe Felciano, 22, 148 lbs, 0 – 1
Perry’s Full Circle Sambo (Sonoma, CA – USA)
Via TKO gaining the mount and punching. Minute 1:41 of RD2.

John Sullivan, 19, 220 lbs, 1 – 0
DTC Mixed Martial Arts (San Diego, CA – USA)
Wins over Victor Alvarez, 21, 212 lbs, 0 – 2
Pentathlon / Associated Wrestling (Tijuana, B. C. – Mexico)
Via TKO cornering his opponent with a barrage of punches.
Time 0:33 seconds of RD1.

Kirk Grant, 24, 195 lbs, 1 – 0
Caique Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (Los Angeles, CA – USA)
Wins over Alex Ramirez, 190 lbs, 0 – 1
Todd Medina’s Freestyle (New Port Beach, CA – USA)
Kirk dominates the match with superior ground technique. Wins via the first decision of the night unanimously.

Justin Stanley, 21, 175 lbs, 1 – 0
Sierra College Wrestling (Rockwind, CA – USA)
Wins over Juan Manuel Aguilar, 26, 170 lbs, 0 – 2
Reyes Kick Boxing / Pankration (Tijuana, B. C. – Mexico)
Via TKO at the minute 1:49 of RD1. Justin gains the mount barraging punches.

Sean Ruiz, 25, 187 lbs, 2 – 0
Todd Medina’s Freestyle (New Port Beach, CA – USA)
Wins over Corey Bounicountri, 20, 185 lbs, 0 – 1
Sierra College Wrestling (Rockwind, CA – USA)
Via "Guillotine" submission at the minute 3:10 of RD1.
The only unsportsman conduct of the night shown by Bounicountri when throwing his medal, awarded to each defeated opponent in recognition to their courage and effort, out of the ring and to the ground.

Joe Kurzel, 30, 168 lbs, 1 – 0
Perry’s Full Circle Sambo (Sonoma, CA – USA)
Wins over Eduardo Gonzalez, 22, 167 lbs, 1 – 1
Cuellar’s Tjakai (Aguascalientes, Ags. – Mexico)
Via unanimous decision.

Akbarh Arreola, 19, 175 lbs, 3 – 1
Lozano’s Submission / Pankration (Tijuana, B. C. – Mexico)
Wins over Hector Carrillo, 19, 175 lbs, 2 – 3
JT Combat Grappling (Brawley, CA – USA)
Via "Triangle" submission at the minute 1:07 of RD1.

Mike Seal, 24, 187 lbs, 5 – 2
ODO Fight Club (Ensenada, B. C. – Mexico
Wins over Adam Rendon, 24, 200 lbs, 0 – 1
Todd Medina’s Freestyle (New Port Beach, CA – USA)
Via TKO gaining mount barraging punches. Minute 4:10 of RD1.

Enrique Cano, 200 lbs, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Caique BJJ Team (Los Angeles, CA. – USA)
VS Jeff Newton, 204 lbs, Freestyle
Todd Medina’s Freestyle (New Port Beach, CA – USA)
"Submission Only" special match that goes the distance to a Draw.

Main event:

Steven Bruno, 21, 173 lbs, 3 – 0
Charlie Kohler’s Fighting Team (San Diego, CA – USA)
Wins over Jorge Cuellar, 31, 165 lbs, 1 – 1
Cuellar’s Tjakai (Aguascalientes, Ags. – Mexico)
Via "Rear Naked Choke" submission at the minute 1:52 of RD1.

Event Sanctioned by:
The State Association of Pankration Athlima in Baja California – Mexico.

Friday March 14th, 2003
At "Tangaloo" club discotheque
Tijuana, B. C. – Mexico

Marco Antonio Perez Espinoza
State Association of Pankration Athlima
in Baja California, Mexico – President

Panamerican Confederation of Pankration Athlima

Pankracio – Reto Maximo

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