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Monday, Sep 22, 2003

Pride Bushido News

From Koichi "Booker K" Kawasaki:


DSE/PRIDE announced 4 additional match-ups for PRIDE BUSHIDO today.

Date: October 5 Start: 17:00
Place: Saitama Super Arena

Mirko Cro Cop (Croatia / Cro Cop Squad Gym) vs.

Alexandre Emelianenko* (Russia/Russian Top Team) vs.
Assuerio Silva (Brazil /Chute Boxe Academy)
*younger brother of Fedor Emelianenko

Sergey Kharitonov (Russia/Russian Top Team) vs.
Jason Nobunaga* (New Zealand/elite Kick Boxing Gym)
*K-1 WORLD GP 2003 in Melbourne tournament 2nd Place

Akira Shoji (Japan / AMC Pankration) vs .
Mauricio Shogun (Brazil /Chute Boxe Academy)

During the announcement, Mr.Takada also made the following plea: "I want receive a call from somebody Japanese to want to fight Mirko, because this event’s title is BUSHIDO (Warrior’s Way/Spirit). So please contact me, I hope someone appears here in Japan."

Already announced:

Carlos Newton (British Virgin Islands/Warrior Martial Arts Center) vs.
Renzo Gracie (Brazil/ Team Renzo Gracie)

Dokonjonosuke Mishima (Japan/Cobra-kai) vs.
Ralph Gracie (Brazil/ Team Renzo Gracie)

Kazuhiro Nakamura (Japan/Yoshida Dojo) vs.
Daniel Gracie (Brazil/ Team Renzo Gracie)

Daiju Takase (Japan / Free) vs.
Rodrigo Gracie (Brazil/ Team Renzo Gracie)

Kazuhiro Hamanaka (Japan/Takada Dojo) vs.
Ryan Gracie (Brazil/ Team Renzo Gracie)

Conrgrats Hawaiian Style!

Congratulations to FCF’s own Mike Onzuka and his lovely wife Lisa on their newest addition. On September 19, 2003 at 7:39am, Lisa gave birth to a baby boy. Caleb Kamakana Bung Kuen Mitsuyo Onzuka weighed in at 7lb 1.5oz and measured 20 inches.

Mike and Caleb Lisa and Caleb
Mike & Lisa with Caleb

Tito and Kristen
The Carson Daly Experience:
Behind-The Scenes With Tito Ortiz

By Loretta Hunt

Mixed martial arts is once again on the upswing … it’s mere days before UFC 44 and the little-sport-that-could continues to garner attention on the broadcast and cable TV talk show circuit. Tonight, UFC light-heavyweight champ Tito Ortiz appears on Carson Daly’s Last Call (check local listings for airtime), where he’ll educate the MTV icon on the finer points of the sport.

Taped last Tuesday in New York City, FCF was granted a backstage pass to observe just how Ortiz and the UFC are making an impact in the mainstream media. Here are a few impressions:

  • 6:00 PM- Tito Ortiz’s chauffeured car pulls up to the curb of NBC’s Rockafeller Studios. Despite the fact that audience members have been instructed to enter via an entrance all the way around the corner, a few determined fans seem to be in the know. They are ready, pens and cameras in hand, to mark the occasion. Ortiz obliges as best as he can until he is ushered inside. It’s far from a mob scene, but– hey, it’s definitely a start. I fold myself into the Ortiz posse and we’re off.
  • 6:05 PM- Once past security, we are escorted upstairs to a small dressing room stocked with complimentary food, drinks, and trendy parting gifts. Tito’s wife, Kristen, a vivacious sprite almost half her husband’s size, doesn’t leave his side. Tito plunks down in a reclining seat in the corner. No leather jacket for the champ tonight. He’s wearing a tailored gray suit with a fitted black shirt underneath. His shiny silver belt buckle reads, "PUNISH."
  • 6:15 PM- Jim Byrne of Team Services, the publicity firm that has facilitated tonight’s appearance, doesn’t waste any time in prepping Ortiz for what may lie ahead. There is concern that Daly might bring up the Toughman competition and somehow try to parallel it to MMA. Before Byrne can finish his thought, Ortiz dives into a detailed answer that immediately puts the room at ease. The champ has definitely done his homework.
  • 6:20 PM- Jason, a producer for the show, enters carrying the all-important cue cards. He sits down across from Ortiz and begins to go over the questions that will be asked. They all stem from a phone conversation the two had a couple of days earlier and in general, are of the lighter fare. In fact, the questions encouragingly leave much room for Ortiz to plug MMA and the UFC. Jason seems honestly enthused by the sport and even divulges that Daly has been training boxing as of late. Ortiz’s face lights up with the news. Jason also explains that Tito will be the second guest following an actress from NYPD Blue, a slot that will give the fighter a little extra TV time. Tito gives a jovial nod to show his gratitude. I silently wonder if this is something they say to all the guests.
  • 6:25 PM- Jason leaves the room and we all start to comment on the questions. I say I am concerned about a particular question focusing on a bar fighting incident from Ortiz’s earlier days. Kristen eases herself on the arm of Tito’s chair and they run a quick dialogue over how he will handle that. "You don’t know how many times I’ve lied awake in bed thinking of how I’d answer these questions," he finally announces to the room, fully aware that the weight of the sport lies on his shoulders in a few short moments. It’s obvious that Ortiz wants to make a good impression on the audience, not only for himself, but for MMA. His confidence makes him the man for the job tonight.
  • 6:30 PM- With still a half an hour to go, I take the opportunity to get some last minute thoughts on his pending clash with Interim champ Randy Couture. For the first time since we got there, Tito melts into his chair. He likes MMA talk. I ask him how much he’s weighing in right now. "218 to 220," Tito chimes back, his tone leaving little doubt that it’s right where he wants to be. He expects the fight to go all five rounds, thus the extended training schedule. By this time, Kristen is sampling some of the goodies left for us. Having arrived in New York at 6AM that morning, the two have been trying to catch up on their sleep all day. But, despite staying up the day before to film a segment for the Tonight Show with Jay Leno (which ran last Friday), Ortiz has still managed to get in his training by hitting the Big Apple streets for an hour run.
  • 6:35 PM- How’s training up at Big Bear going?, I ask. Ortiz has been up in the mountains for the last three months, spare some time on select weekends where he’s made the three-hour trip back to California to see his wife and year-old son Jacob. Ricco Rodriguez, Quinton Jackson, and Dean Lister (among others) have all taken turns training with Ortiz up at "the house" in the woods. I ask about Mark Kerr, who was rumored to be there as well. He says Kerr left after the first month without as much as a good-bye and hasn’t contacted him since. A twinge of disappoint escapes from his brow.
  • 6:40 PM- A technician remarks that he’s seen the stills of Ken Shamrock’s battered face in the control booth as he wires Ortiz for sound. He comments that he better not mess up the mic job or he’s sure he’ll get it too, but its obvious the man is slightly intimidated by Ortiz’s towering frame. It’s obviously not the first time Ortiz has heard this, as he briskly quips something back. The sound guy smiles and leaves.
  • 6:50 PM- The show starts in ten minutes and Tito looks a bit pensive to me, until I realize he’s actively rehearsing his answers over and over in his head. The TV monitor comes to life and although the screen remains black we can hear Daly warming up the audience. He announces Tito’s name and gets a solid reaction from the crowd. The excitement is mounting for everyone in the room. We all settle down in front of the screen and wait for Tito to be called.
  • 7:00 PM- The half hour show begins and a young woman comes to the door to gather Ortiz. She looks a bit awestruck. Tito looks a bit nervous. He kisses his wife and is guided down the hallway and out of sight. Kristen sits down in a chair beside me. "This is the part where I get nervous," she whispers, her eyes never leaving the screen. I can see why Ortiz opts to bring her along on trips like these. Kristen’s energetic demeanor brings a certain lightness to the surroundings.
  • 7:15 PM- When Tito’s name is announced, Kristen tenses up in her seat. It’s hard for me to imagine that she and Ortiz are only 28-years old, as the 6’2" MMA specimen walks onto the stage and into the viewership of millions of homes. Kristen lets out a squeal of delight as Daly gratefully takes one of her husband’s hats and puts it on to wear for the rest of the show. She has helped her husband launch the Punishment Athletic clothing line in the last few months and knows the power of advertising when she sees it.

    Tito and fan

  • 7:30 PM- The segment goes well (no spoilers here) and Ortiz makes his way back to the tiny dressing room. His face is awash with relief. I ask him if he could get used to a bit more celebrity than what he has experienced in the world of MMA. A toothy grin from ear to ear is all I need for an answer. We pack up our things and head for the exit.
  • 7:45 PM- Downstairs, Ortiz is greeted by a slew of fans– young and old alike. I’m surprised to see quite a few young ladies approach Tito for an autograph or picture. It’s apparent his appearance has gone over well. I thank the Ortiz’s for their time and let them be for a late supper. It’s back on a plane first thing in the morning and Tito will be back up at Big Bear by that evening. A bit lighter in my step, I walk home dreaming about September 26th.

From Josh Hedges/UFC/Zuffa:

UFC logo

Ultimate Fighting Championship To Mark Its 10th Anniversary With An 8-Fight, All-Star Card LIVE on Pay-Per-View

Matt Hughes, Tank Abbott, Phil Baroni, Robbie Lawler To Compete In UFC’s Return To One Of Its Most Popular Arenas in Uncasville, Conn.

      LAS VEGAS, NEV., September 22, 2003….Tickets, $300, $200, $100, $60 and $30, will go on sale this Saturday, September 27, at the Mohegan Sun Arena box office in Uncasville, CN, and at www.tickets.com, for Ultimate Fighting Championship 45: Revolution, an eight-fight mega-star card that will be held Friday, November 21, at the Mohegan Sun Arena. Tickets also may be ordered by telephone by calling 1-800-477-6849 or 860-862-8499. All ticket purchases are subject to transaction fees.
      UFC 45: Revolution, which will celebrate the UFC’s 10th anniversary, also will be available LIVE on pay-per-view at 10 p.m. EST on iNDemand, DirecTV, Dish Network, Bell ExpressVu, TVN, Echostar and Viewers Choice Canada. The suggested retail price will be $29.95.
      The all-star card will feature UFC Welterweight Champion Matt Hughes defending his title for the fifth time, legendary heavyweight Tank Abbott meeting Hawaiian power puncher "Cabbage" Corriera, middleweight knockout artist Phil Baroni and welterweight star "Ruthless" Robbie Lawler. The entire card will be announced.
      The UFC’s first fight event, UFC 1: The Beginning was held November 12, 1993, at McNichols Arena in Denver, Colo. That night, Royce Gracie defeated Gerard Gordeau in the final match with a tap out by rear naked choke at 1:42 to become the first UFC champion. Other fighters on that first card included Ken Shamrock, Kevin Rosier, Art Jimmerson, Teila Tuli, Patrick Smith, Zane Frazier, Jason DeLucia and Trent Jenkins.

From the event’s promoter:

Danger Zone News

On November 8th The Danger Zone "Fight Night" series continues at the 101 Lounge in Angola, Indiana, bell time 7 P.M.

Boxing, kickboxing, submission grappling, and mixed martial arts (MMA) matches will take place. The 180-195lb weight class will be highlighted for the MMA Division into an 8 Man Tournament. First place wins $300 and a trophy with $100 and a trophy going to the runner-up.

Fighters who wish to participate in either the tournament or in a single match simply e-mail severndd@cbpu.com or call (517) 278-4908.

We have seven weight classes starting at 135lbs and under going up on 15 lb increments. You can find our rules, time periods, and such by going to our website: www.the-dangerzone.com. Fill out an application and send it in. Make sure you designate what category you would wish to compete in (boxing, kickboxing, submission grappling, or mixed martial arts).

If you have any questions, please call (517) 278-4908 or e-mail Dan at severndd@cbpu.com.

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